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Hellloooo Beauties…..

I have been working on heaps of blog posts which are in draft status on both yoga and beauty (make-up, etc), and I am trying to finish them as fast as I can. I am in the first semester of the year so I am a bit full and am doing a million things at once. I stopped beauty blogging for a while and was just yoga blogging but I’m starting to do a bit of both again. I have changed my menu around into a Yoga blog section and a Beauty blog section. I also made an Instagram which will be dedicated to beauty related posts, and the username for that Instagram is @keeleybellabeauty

I am also going to start writing some human anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) posts and will dedicate a section in my menu for medical blogging. At first, these posts will be introductions to basic anatomy and physiology and then will go into specific systems, etc. The anatomy blog posts I put in the medical section will really help the yoga viewers understand the body systems and muscles involved in specific asanas (poses).

Yoga Posts Coming Up

Journey to Eka Pada Rajakapotasana- I am in the process and have nearly completed a blog post that goes into detail about the steps and factors involved in successful execution of Eka Pada. Most tutorials only go into arm rotation technique but there are a lot of steps that need to be undertaken to facilitate this arm rotation.

Begginers Backbends- Includes beginners backbends and guide to opening up the spine and gaining flexibility.

+ more


Beauty Posts Coming Up

Best Lipstick/Liquid Lipstick: Nudes and Dark Neutrals Part 1– Feb,March 2016

Best Lipstick/Liquid Lipstick: Pinks Part 1– Feb,March 2016

Best Lipstick/Liquid Lipstick: Dark Colors Part 1– Feb,March 2016

Matte Lipstick vs Matte Liquid Lipstick

+ more



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