Best MAC Lipsticks, Part 1- 2016


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I have finally completed my first full blog post for 2016! I am in semester at university and am also doing a bunch of other stuff so it takes me a while to write full blog posts, especially since I’m basically OCD with formatting and creating good images and I like to write long , detailed posts instead of writing heaps of small posts. As I have said in a previous post I am starting to do beauty blogging but I will also continue to do yoga blogging and am working on the next part to my Asana blogs.   This post is about some of my favourite MAC lipstick shades

I made an instagram for beauty related content which I post on daily with product releases, sales, best products, etc and the products I post will end up here on my blog and be talked about in greater detail eventually. My username is @keeleybellabeauty

This post is part 1 of many blog post’s that I will be posting about MAC Cosmetics and their lipstick range. I am also going to be blogging about many other products and companies because there is so many out there. Here goes babes

Light Lipsticks by MAC 

 Myth by MAC 


Myth is my all time favorite nude ever.It is described by MAC as a pale muted peachy beige shade. It is ‘Satin’ in texture, is highly pigmented and feels comfortable on the lips.

Fleshpot by MAC


Fleshpot is another really good nude shade. It is described by MAC as a Pale Nude Beige shade. It is Satin’ in texture, is highly pigmented and looks a lot like Myth except that it’s more pale beige than peachy beige.


Please me by MAC


Please me is such a beautiful neutral shade.It is described by MAC as a muted rosy tinted pink shade which is slightly darker than the normal color of the lips and is kind of a combination between light pink and nude. Note- the picture looks darker because it’s so close up so it is more pink than red. Scroll to bottom of post and look at the swatch of the pinks for a more accurate view of Please Me

Saint Germaine by MAC


Saint Germaine is a beautiful classic, light pink shade and is one of MAC’s most popular regular lipstick shades. It is described by MAC as a clean pastel pink and is Amplified in texture. It delivers high pigmentation and stays creamy and moist on the lips.

Candy Yum Yum by MAC 


 Candy Yum Yum is described by MAC as a neon pink shade. It is  one of MAC’s most popular shades. It is ‘Matte’ in texture, is highly pigmented and also feels heaps comfortable on the lips.

Pink Pigeon by MAC 


Pink Pigeon is described by MAC as a bright pink shade. It is similar to Candy Yum Yum and is  ‘Matte’ in texture. It is slightly more dark than Candy Yum Yum and has more of a purple-pink tinge.

Steady Going by MAC


Steady going is a described by MAC as a light pink shade and is ‘ Retro Matte’ in texture. This shade is so pretty!

Darker Lipsticks by MAC

Russian Red by MAC


Russian Red is a dark red shade and is ‘Matte in texture. It is described by MAC as an Intense bluish-red shade.

So Chaud by MAC


So Chaud is a orange red color. It is Matte in texture and is described by MAC as an ‘Intense reddish-orange shade. 

Diva by MAC


Diva is a dark purple color with a slightly pink tinge. It’s ‘Matte in texture and is described by MAC as an ‘Intense reddish brown burgundy’ shade.

Shade Comparisons


Some more Pink MAC Swatches


Buy MAC Cosmetics 

I’m going to list some official stores that stock MAC cosmetics. In the past, I have seen a lot of fake Instagram accounts created by scam artists that claim to sell mac cosmetics makeup. Never trust these accounts and always go to official sites and stores that stock it.

Buy in Australia

Official MAC Cosmetics Site online Australia –

David Jones Online-

David Jones In Store-  There are 12 David Jones stores in Australia that sell MAC Cosmetics , use this link to see a list of all David Jones store locations that stock MAC  ,

Buy in USA

Official MAC Cosmetics Site online USA-


Buy in UK

Official MAC Cosmetics Site Online UK-

Buy in Brazil

Official MAC Cosmetics Site Brazil –

Buy in Spain 

Official MAC Cosmetics Site online Spain-

Buy in Italy

Official MAC Cosmetics Site online Italy-

Any other country can buy MAC by searching ‘Mac Cosmetics and your country’ . If anyone has any trouble locating stores that ship to their country let me know in the comment section below and I will do some research :)

There is so many lipsticks (and other products) and this post has barely scratched the surface so, stay tuned for Best MAC Lipsticks Part 2

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