Morphe Montly Brush Subscription, April 2016

This month was the first month I received my MorpheMe monthly brush subscription run by Live Glam, having signed up on April 11th 2016.  I signed up for the monthly subscriptions and chose to pay monthly. You can either chose monthly or can pay an upfront yearly payment (which includes added extras).   img_0766

The MorpheMe monthly brush subscription is $19.99 USD a month with free shipping.

For people in Australia, it is $26.02 AUD per month with a shipping fee of $12.41 AUD, so that’s $38.16 AUD per month.

With the subscription, you get $30+ USD and $38.85+ AUD worth of Morphe brushes sent to you monthly. These consist of popular brushes and the newest brushes in the ranges they constantly come out with. Each month the brushes are different, and  vary between all brush types, such as eyes, face, etc. You can sign up anytime before May to receive the April brushes.

You can cancel the subscription any time before the next date you purchased, so if I wanted to cancel my subscription I would do it before May 11th (April 11th being the day I signed up)


Subscription Cost Per Month

 $19.99 USD (no shipping cost for USA or canada) per month

 $26.02 AUD (and a $12.00 AUD shipping fee) = $38.02 AUD per month.

So, if you want to save for this, you can put away $19.01 every fortnight (2 weeks), or $9.50 per week 

Note: if anyone is wondering, the price difference between USA and AU is because AUD is higher than USD, so when your shopping on USA based sites make sure you convert final numbers to your own currency (AUD) or anywhere else.

The money is taken out of your account on the exact day the next month to the date you signed up. For example, I joined up on the 11th of April, meaning money will be deducted from my account that day and sent to me.

April 2016 Brushes with MorpheMe Subscription


This month the subscription included five eye brushes, including;

M330- Crease Blender Brush (x2) , value $5.99 USD $7.77 AUD (x2)

M505- Tapered Blender Brush, value $5.99 USD, $7.77 AUD

M510- Pro Rounded Blender Brush, value $7.99 USD,  $10.36 AUD

M508- Smudger Brush, value $3.39 USD, $4.40 AUD


April, 2016 Package Value for $19.99 USD and  $38.18 (which includes a $12 shipping free) AUD

$37.34 USD , so $7.34 free brushes w subscription in USD

$48.40AUD , so, $18.40 worth of free brushes w subscription in AUD


If anyone wants to buy these brushes separately without signing up for a subscription, go to Morphe brushes site and type in the brush type

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