My time with a beautiful Japanease  student who came to UoN to study English

Helllllooooo Beauties

This is the first part of many blog posts that I will be writing about my amazing and very valuable time that I get to spend with the international students from all around the world.

I am going to give you a bit of a background on what I do before I go into my post about a beautiful Japanese girl called Yurika

I am an International Leader at my University which means I interact with students from alllllll around the world when they come to UoN to study English. I really love this, and I truly truly love these people with every inch of me, and want to make their time here the best that I can.

The fact that I am one of the first and very limited people who get to meet, talk to and interact with these students is something that I hold very close to my heart, and always will.

During my time being an International Leader (which I just began at the start of the year), I have met and talked to people from all around the world and from all walks of lives.

I have learned so much about culture, culture differences and most importantly – I have learnt that even though we do have lots of differences, at the core of us- we are all the same. The beautiful students I get to spend time with will always have a very special place in my heart, and when they get ready to go home, I find myself getting very emotional. However, even though it is sad to see them go , I know that I will always be able to keep in touch with these beautiful people over social media, and one day, I might even get the chance to see them again

So now I am going to talk about one of the absolutely beautiful, beautiful Japaneses girl called Yurika that I was blessed enough to have the chance to meet and spend time with

I met Yurika in one of the conversation classes that we have to help the International students learn English more and actually get a chance to learn how we interact and converse over here. At first, it can be difficult to get past the language differences, but at this point , I am pretty  much a pro at it. Social media also really helps!

Me and Yurika got talking during a conversation class and I showed her my Instagram – and we came across a picture of me out to lunch. Yurika got so excited when she seen this, and I asked her if she would like to meet up on one of her study breaks to have lunch at one of the Universities Bars. She immediately got sooooo excited, so we arranged a day and time to do this.


Our first meeting, we went to the University bar and we ordered pizza and we both had a corona as we were eating! It was so fun, and so chilled and Yurika loved the food and also loved the fact that we have a university bar when we can eat lunch and chill! Yurika is not a big drinker (like we are here in Australia), so she only had one and I of course had two.


Yurika loved our meeting so much, and she only had two more weeks left in Australia. I wanted to meet with her before she went, so we arranged another meeting for lunch!

On this meeting, Yurika really wanted hot chips before she was going home, and the whole way to university in the car I was craving greasy food, so when Yurika asked me if we could go get hot chips I immediately agreed. We got hot chips and went and sat at the university bar again, but since Yurika isn’t a big drinker she just got a coke, I had two vodka and raspberry . This meeting was so good, and when I started to think that she was leaving, I got very upset. Just as we were about to pack up and go to our conversation class, Yurika handed me a card. It was a beautiful, thank you card, and I had to hold it together enough not to start crying.


The card Yurika gave me will always be with me, I will never ever ever let anything happen to it. I am even going to get it laminated and put away so I never ever lose it. I love Yurika so much, and the only thing that keeps me from crying is that I get to stay in touch with her on social media!

I didn’t even think to make cards- but from now on I will be making my own cards for every student before they leave.

I love Yurika so much and she touched my heart in a way I cannot begin to explain.




And when Yurika was at Sydney airport – she wrote this status- and at that point, I could not hold back my tears, but they were tears of happiness that I got to meet this beautiful beautiful human being.


I love people from all around the world, I do not care about differences, we all have something in common



Stay Tuned for my next Blog about International students, and my ones on beauty, yoga, fashion and more

 Loveeeeeeee Always,



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