My Fitness Essentials- Part 1: May 22nd

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I Thought I would write a post telling you about my favorite fitness essentials! I will do this post in parts for when I find new fitness essentials ! In the fitness world, there is so many supplements available and you kind of pick them in terms of what your goal is and what gender you are. I don’t weight train to compete, I just weight train to build strength in my muscles for yoga and I mainly focus on leg day.

I am hunting for independent fitness bloggers so I can provide a wide range of variety to people! As I said, everyone uses and prefers different supplements that will help them reach their goal.

The supplements I use are more for just staying in shape, getting energy for long fitness sessions and loosing weight/building some muscles (not bulking and shredding for competitions). As I said I am hunting for different kinds of fitness bloggers to cater to all types of people. ALSO the supplements I use are probably more suited to girls because they are not as strong, but males can also use the supplements I mention!

‘Beats’ by Dr Dre

My Dr Dre Beats are my life!! I love these headphones so much. I have always used Dr Dre beats and while they are quite expensive, they seriously last so long and are worth every cent. My last pair lasted me five years before I got new ones, and I could of got way longer out of them and they do still work perfectly, I just wanted to upgrade.

There are various types of Dr Dre Beats, and the price you are willing to pay determines what sort you get! Obviously, the higher the price the higher quality sound, but mine are deffo not one of the most expensive ones and they work amazingly! It just depends on you and what your willing to spend

My Dr Dre Beats Price


Buy From: Apple Store Online or in stores, Jb Hi-Fi Online or in Stores (links at bottom of post)

‘Dfine8Zero by MuscleWerks’ Pre -Energy Supplement

I have used this pre-energy ever since I started fitness. DFine8 Zero (previously ‘Dfine & Define’) by ‘MuscleWerks’ is a medium strength pre-energy that I really like because it isn’t so strong. They have created a new one called ‘DeFine8′ , still by ‘MuscleWerks‘, but this one is still available from Mr Supplements! It’s pretty much probably just a slightly new formula and packaging change – it kind of annoys me how they keep changing the name but anyway (I will add a new picture of the new DeFine8‘ at the end of the post and will do another full review on it like this once I get it, I am due for new pre-energy).


I think this product is more suitable for girls because some pre-energy that males use are strong as and kill me, but males might like it to- they just might prefer a stronger product. DFine8 Zero comes in seven flavors, but it’s better to order online if you want to chose from all flavors – I like Mr Supplement – because sometimes in store supplement stores only have a few flavors, usually green apple and Raspberry Burst


 1• Redberry Burst           2 • Watermelon           3 •  Green Apple                 4 • Pink Lemonade

5• Lemon Twist          6• Mango           7• Pineapple

Quantity/ Price of DFine8Zero


In a single DFine8 Zero tube , you get 270 grams. The original price is $89.95 but on Mr Supplement (and probably on most supplement stores) it is marked down to $59.95 

I am definitely going to take advantage of the sales for clearance because I really like this supplement, and as I said, the new version of it probably only has a slight formula, packaging and name change (and trust me when I say they have changed the name probably 30 times lol)


Note: Due to the fact pre-energy raises your heart rate, the really strong ones tend to give me a feeling of anxiety, so I stick to this one. Although this is slightly less potent than some, it still does give you a really big energy hit and when you first start taking it, your body might take a while to get used to it.

There are both pro’s and con’s to using pre energy and you should be well educated about what is in them and how they work.

The New Define8

img_5507Buy From: ASN online or in stores, Mr Supplement Online (stocks both the old and new Define8). I really like Mr Supplement online and I usually buy everything from there!

Review on the new DeFine8 Coming up when I try it

Oxy Shread by EHPLabs

I absolutely love Oxy-Shread by EPHLabs! This speeds up fat metabolism, assisting in weight loss and maintenance. Out of all supplements, even pre-energy, OxyShred is my favourite. I usually drink this over pre-energy, and it is defffffo one of my all time favourite supplements.


OxyShred comes in 6 flavours

1• Guava Paradise       2•Wild Melon       3•Kiwi Strawberry

4• Pink Grapefruit    5• Passion Fruit      6• Mango



Buy From:  Supplement Mart (online), ASN both online and in-store, EHPLabs Online (links at bottom of post)

‘X-50 Skinny Protein by X50 Tribecca’ 

I have a protein shake after I have just finished an intense weight session, particularly after leg day. I also might have a little protein shake after I have did 65+ minutes of cardio because when I do cardio I like to do long distance and just freak out about muscle loss. This protein is low in carbs, low in calories etc and is good for not gaining weight and is specifically good for girls who don’t compete or ‘shred and bulk’.


Girls when you are choosing a protein supplement make sure you don’t pick up one that specialists in ‘bulking’ – because you can gain weight through that (if you have too much protein you gain weight either way, but some protein supplements are specifically for competitive weight trainers or males who want to bulk up quickly). I remember when I was steeling some of my brother’s protein powder here and there cause I had none left-  and he said to me ‘ I hope you haven’t been taking my protein cause that;s for bulking and you’ll probably gain weight’ – and I was just happy I didn’t have too much only added a scoop here and there!


1• Chocolate       2• Vanilla    3• Cookies and Cream

Quantity/ Price


Where to Buy: ASN (online or in store)


Where to Buy Links

Dr Dre Beats > Apple – iPhone – Accessories + Jb Hi-Fi

Dfine8Zero Pre Energy> Mr Supplement Online ASN (In-Stores or Online) , Any other supplement store

OxyShread > ASN Online or In-Store

Skinny Protein> ASN Online or In-Store

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