Gerard Cosmetics Traditional Lipstick, Review, Swatches (Whole Collection)

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Gerard Cosmetics has a wide variety of both traditional  lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. I am going to run through some of the Traditional Lipstick shades I have today . I don’t have time to do a full blog on both the liquid lipsticks and traditional lipsticks, so this post will be centered more around the Traditional Lipsticks, but I will get around to the liquid lipsticks very soon.

This post will be done in parts as I review and show you the Liquid Lipsticks by GC , Glosses and as Gerard Cosmetics  releases new shades for both their tradition lipsticks, their matte lipsticks , glosses and other new products


Traditional Lipsticks by Gerard Cosmetics


Gerard Cosmetics Traditional Lipsticks come in Multiple Shades. I am going to go over the shades I have, and my girl Sherri is going to go over the shades she has, and eventually we will both do full blogs on every shade! So these blog posts regarding GC will be in parts as they add new shades and products.

GC Traditional Lipstick in Shade ‘French Toast’


Texture- Cream

GC describes this lipstick shade as ‘Decadent, warm with a rich delicious undertone‘ . It is kind of a neutral color, and goes with any skin tones.

GC Traditional Lipstick in Shade ‘Tequila Sunrise’


Texture- Matte

GC Describes this lipstick as a ‘A fresh and fun Peachy Coral lipstick that is ultra pigmented and long-wearing but so festive and flirty’

GC Traditional Lipstick in Shade ‘Fire Engine’ 


Texture- Matte

GC Describes this lipstick shade as a classic Red Hot shade

GC Traditional Lipstick in Shade ‘Peachy Keen’


Texture- Satin

GC Describes this shade as a ‘pretty coral with an infusion of peach

GC Traditional Lipstick in Shade ‘Merlot’


Texture- Satin

Gerard Cosmetics Describes this Shade as ‘ Notes of Berry and Red blended to create this full bodied vampy hue

GC Traditional Lipstick Shade in ‘Buttercup’


Texture-  Cream

Gerard Cosmetics describes this shade as a ‘Perfect Nude Lip with a creamy and luxurious finish”

GC Traditional Lipstick Shade in ‘All Dolled Up’


Texture- Matte

Gerard Cosmetics describes this shade as a ‘ Pretty in pink lipstick is a pigmented and playful way to finish your look.Feminine and flirtatious’

GC Traditional Lipstick Shade in ‘Fairy Godmother’


Texture- Matte

Gerard Cosmetics describes this shade as ‘Created for all of our princesses in training, this perfect baby pink lipstick pairs pastel and flattering blue undertones for the ultimate girly hue’

GC Traditional Lipstick in Shade ‘Mystic Moon’


Texture- Satin

Gerard Cosmetics describes this shade as ‘A pale grey with mauve tones, we created this lipstick to mimic the beauty and wonder of the moon’

GC Traditional Lipstick in Shade ‘Under Ground


Texture– Satin

Gerard Cosmetics describes this shade as a ‘ perfect blend of warm earth tones and cool grey with a touch pink’

GC Traditional Lipstick in Shade Nude


Texture- Matte

Gerard Cosmetics describes this shade as a ‘stunning neutral/nude hue that can be mixed with any lip color to create the perfect lip color’

GC Traditional Lipstick in Shade Kimichi Doll 


Texture- Satin

Gerard Cosmetics describes this shade as a ‘perfect baby doll pink and peach nude for the modern fashionista.’

Swatches of GC Traditional Lipsticks in the Shades I have





Note: There are more shades of GC Traditional Lipstick’s and when I get my hands on them I will do another blog like this. Also, I am going to fully describe, swatch and review their hydra matte liquid lipsticks (I was going to do that today in this post but I don’t have time), but stay tuned for that :)

Review of GC Traditional Lipsticks

I absolutely love Gerard Cosmetic’s Traditional Lipstick Range! While Liquid Lipstick is very popular and I love them, I still really like traditional Lipsticks. Firstly, when I am going somewhere where I don’t want to constantly check and re-apply liquid lipstick (with a mirror), I opt for a traditional Lipstick, which is so easy to reapply and touch up without a mirror!

Secondly, While I love liquid lipstick, traditional lipstick just does not go as dry and clumpy by the end of the day like Liquid Lipstick does, and instead kind of wears of your lips, whereas liquid lipstick tends to wear of in certain places – and you can tell you need to reapply (and anyone that talks to you can also see this).

Gerard Cosmetics have a large range of shades in their Traditional Lipstick collection, and there are more than one shades that suit each and every skin type, and also a wide variety of shades to chose from to cater to your skin type. All in all, Gerard Cosmetics traditional lipsticks are really really good quality, and every texture (Cream, Satin & Matte) is really good in terms of pigmentation and quality. I recommend GC Traditional lipsticks to anyone, and I will keep buying them!

My Favourite(s) Traditional Lipstick Shades 

My favourite GC Traditional Lipstick Shades are the Nudes ‘Buttercup’ and ‘Kimichi Doll’ . I also really like Underground

Where to Buy Links

Gerard Cosmetics Site which Ships Worldwide – Official Gerard Cosmetics Site Link

Crush Cosmetics AU-Crush Cosmetics Official Site Link

As I said, descriptions,swatches and reviews are coming up for the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick along with more of the Traditional Lipstick shades, and new products from GC

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