My Favourite Perfumes Lately , Part 1- May 24th 2016

Hey Beautiessssss

This post is going to contain my favourite fragrances and perfumes lately (May 25th). I buy all my perfumes from Chemist Warehouse online – which is literally one of the best shops for perfumes. They are so cheap and you can get heaps because of how good the prices are! I will continue to do this blog in parts as I get new favorites because I have a massive perfume collection :)

I am going to try my hardest to explain the smell of these perfumes and will google descriptions, but it’s a bit hard to describe- however, these are all really nice smelling perfumes!


‘Lollipop Bling Ribbon Blue’ by Mariah Carey


Amount- 100 ml

Price- $19.99

Review- I love the smell of this perfume. It is described as a ‘Floral Fruity Fragrance’ and is such a beautiful perfume. I will continue to buy this when mine runs out.




‘Lady Million’ By Paco Rabanne 


Amount- 50 ml

Price- $69.99

Review-  This is like my all time favourite perfume ever! It is one of the more expensive perfumes, but it is honestly sooooo worth it. I absolutely love it and will continue to buy it !





‘Fantasy’ by Brittany Spears


Amount- 100 ml

Price- $19.99

Review- Fantasy by Brittany Spears is one of the best, classical perfumes ever! I love every single one of Brittany’s perfumes, but Fantasy is my favourite this week. I will always buy this perfume it is absolutely amazing.




Heat Wild Orchid by ‘Beyonce’ 


Amount- 100 ml

Price-  $18.99

Review- This Perfume by beyonce is also amazing! It kind of smells like Fantasy but different. It’s so hard to explain the smell- but it is absolutely beautiful





Where to Buy

Chemist Warehouse- Chemist Warehouse Official Site Link

Stay Tuned for more Fragrance/Perfume Reviews :) 

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