Best Foundation Review Part 1 2016 – Ella Bache Sunguard SPF 40 Foundation Review

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Ella Bache Sunguard 40 Foundation is my ALL TIME favourite foundation and has been for years and years. I just can’t seem to find a better, higher coverage foundation and and I just do not think there is a higher coverage foundation on the market. Ella Bache Sunguard Foundation is made for summer, meaning it does not budge from your face – and is one of the only foundations that can be worn in summer and around the pool without sliding off your skin heaps easy.


Available Shades

Ella Bache SPF Sunguard Foundation comes in three shades, Light Beige, Medium Beige and Dark Beige .  I usually mix the shades to get a higher coverage especially when I have fake tan on and ‘Light Beige’ is too light for my face (I usually mix a bit of light beige with medium beige). In regards to shades I do think they could cater more to dark skin tones.

Shade Comparisons



Note: For some reason on my arm Dark Beige looks way lighter than it is, take into consideration is it darker than medium beige


Very Thick and Creamy

The consistency of Ella Bache Sunguard Foundation is very thick, which is why it is so high coverage. The consistency of this foundation is cream and it is by no means a liquid, which I love.


This Swatch that I also put above ^ shows the thick consistency of Ella Bache Sunguard 40 Foundation  (note: I have a fake tan on my skin so it kind of looks a bit shimmery, but that’s only because of my fake tan)


High Coverage


You simply WILL NEVER find a foundation with higher coverage than Ella Bache Sunguard foundation. Due to it’s thick consistency, it is the best foundation for high coverage and makes your skin look absolutely flawless. You do not have to go overboard on this and it is smart to start off with a little bit because a bit of it goes a long way – but it is build-able. Back in the day I did pack a little bit of this on too much so do be careful with how much you apply because the overall look you want to get is high coverage not a greasy mess. Start of with a little amount and build as you need.

Also, it’s good to apply a bit of white setting powder if you do go slightly overboard and have a bit of a shine, it will take it away asap. It will not only eliminate shine, but will pack your foundation into your skin – giving you a longer wear (although Ella Bache Sunguard foundation stays on all day). Additionally, you can apply Ella Bache evenly with your hands or by using a flat Kabuki Brush that will pack it in.

Lasting Power

Extremely Long

Ella Bache Sunguard Foundation will last on your face for extended periods of time. The foundation is designed for summer and sweat, so it is specifically formulated to last ages on your skin. You could even go lightly swimming with this on and probably would come out with some still on!

Amount in Bottle 

The tubes Ella Bache Foundation comes in have 30 ml of product in them


Overall Review

Ella Bache Sunguard Foundation is my all time, absolute favourite foundation. It is the highest coverage foundation you will ever get, and it has a nice creamy, thick, non-liquid consistency. It is a sun care product and has sun screen built into it because as I said, it is a foundation made for hot, sweaty conditions such as days at the beach in summer and is one of the only foundations that will not slide of your face in the middle of summer – which just proves how high of coverage it is. I have bought this foundation for years and have never found a better one, and I keep going back to it time and time again! I will never stop using this foundation, it is amazing!


$48 AUD

Ella Bache Sunguard Foundation is $48 AUD per bottle, but it is so worth it and last’s ages. Something I love about Ella Bache is that it is in a plastic bottle, so when you run out of product to squeeze out you can cut the top and get all of the foundation out, which is so good in regards to getting heaps out of it. When I am at the end of the bottle, I cut the top and it lasts me another 1-2 weeks.



This foundation has been my all time favourite for years and years and I cannot and will not find a better foundation, nor one that provides more coverage.

Where to Buy 

Ella Bache Official Stores all around the world both Online and In-Store (Ella Bache has a specific site for each country – Just search into google ‘Ella Bache’ and it should come up with the Online Store in your country). For Australians, David Jones stocks this (and also ships worldwide- as do most of the Ella Bache Country Sites)

Note: Go to Products > Suncare and then Foundations and the Sunguard 40 Foundation. Make sure you get the Sunguard 40 foundation and not the 30+ versions as they are not as high in coverage

Ella Bache Online Store Australia –

David Jones Online and In Store-

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