RCMA VK Cream Foundation/Contour Palette in KO #10 Review 

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Today I am going to talk about and review the RCMA VK foundation/contour palette in KO #10. RCMA is a really good brand that makes awesome contour products. I am also going to talk about the other shade of the RCMA foundation/contour palette and the cheaper highlight/contour palette (which I had but ran out of, so I use the RCMA VK foundation/contour palette now- when it runs out of my favourite colors I might get the highlight and contour palette again).

Foundation/Contour Palette in KO #10 

I love this contour palette! Along with being a contour palette, it is a foundation palette. It is great for make up artists who deal with people of different skin colors and provides you the ability to both contour and apply foundation to different skin tones. I love this palette because it gives you a wide variety of colors to highlight and contour with. Both the foundation/contour palettes are so pigmented, which is why they can be used for both foundation,concealer and contouring.  The price of this palette is a bit high but it is so worth it because it lasts forever




Foundation/Contour Palette in KO#10 Swatches

Row 1 RCMA KO#10 Palette- Fair Shades

RCMA KO#10 Palette Row 1 Swatches

Row 2 RCMA KO#10 Palette- Medium Shades

RCMA Row 2 KO#10 Palette Swatches

Row 3 RCMA KO#10 Palette- Dark Shades

RCMA KO#10 Row 3 Swatches

RCMA KO#10 Row Comparison Swatches

RCMA KO#10 Palette Swatches

Other RCMA Foundation/Contour Palettes

Foundation/Contour Palette in SHINTO #11


Price of the KO #10 and the SHINTO #11- $96.31 AUD

Highlight and Contour Palette by RCMA


This contour palette is awesome, has the best basic colors for contouring for all skin types and takes forever to run out!

Price of Highlight + Contour Palette – $40.13 AUD

Where to Buy RCMA Foundation Palette???

Camera Ready Cosmetics >

Adore Beauty- Adore Beauty Online Link

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