Coloured Raine Liquid Lipstick in MarshMellow vs Sugar vs Mars Review and Swatches

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This post is about the three Coloured Raine liquid lipstick shades in 1) MarshMellow, 2) Sugar and 3) Mars. I am going to go through the three colors, and then like always, at the end will do swatch comparisons and an overall review, so make sure you read until the end!

 Sugar by CR


Sugar is a beautiful nude color with minimal pink tones (or not as much as other pale nudes). I did a post on Sugar by CR vs I’m Nude by JS, so if you want to see that post, here it is, Jeffree Star in ‘I’m Nude’ vs Coloured Raine in ‘Sugar’ – swatches and reviews , June 2016. Sugar is an amazing shade and like I stated in the JS vs CR post, I will continue to buy it when mine runs out.


MarshMellow by CR


MarshMellow is a beautiful brown color. I am going to compare this to ‘posh spice’ by JS in an upcoming post but it is very similar and is overall just an awesome color. I love brown shades so again, when I run out of this I will buy another.


Mars by CR


Mars is a beautiful nude/neutral color that kind of mimics the look of the natural lip. It is more of a dark nude as opposed to pale but it is absolutely beautiful.


Swatch Comparisons



Overall Review

I love colored Raine Liquid Lipsticks. They offer an awesome range of shades and are good quality. The Applicators/Brush’s are really good (attaching an image below), and I do recommended Colored Raine’s products!!

Brush’s/Applicators of Coloured Raine Liquid Lipsticks


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