Posie K by Kylie Cosmetics vs MAC Please me vs MAC Steady Going

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Here is a review, swatches and swatch comparisons of Posie K by Kylie Cosmetics, MAC in Please Me vs MAC in Steady Going. Posie K by Kylie Cosmetics is a Matte Liquid Lipstick and the MAC Lipstick’s are traditional lipsticks, so you will also see the consistency difference. I like both types of lipstick’s because there is an occasion for both, but liquid lipstick’s are more popular these days. As always, I go through and describe/swatch the color and then include swatch comparisons at end so make sure you read until the end!


Posie K by Kylie Cosmetics


So as I have mentioned in previous blogs, Posie K is a nice kind of deep/dark light pink by Kylie Cosmetics. I really love the color of Posie K and as I said it is like a dark light pink which kind of mimics the color of the natural lip. As you will see, Posie K is a more dark color then both Please Me and Steady Going.


Please Me by MAC


Please Me by MAC is a beautiful nude light pink color that kind of looks like the natural color of the lip but a bit brighter. Please Me is yet another beautiful pink lipstick by MAC


Steady Going by MAC


Steady Going by MAC is a of a brighter and lighter shade than Please Me and it is a really pretty pink color with a tiny bit of a purple tinge. I am going to compare Steady Going to Saint Germaine by MAC because it looks quite similar, but is different!


Swatch Comparisons



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