Morphe 35T Taupe Palette Review, Swatch

Hey Beautiesss

Here is a review and swatch of the 35T Taupe Palette by Morphe

The 35T Taupe Palette has 5 rows of 7 eyeshadows, meaning it has 35 eyeshadows in it. The shades in the palette “range from metallic copper to peachy nudes and matte beige” and there are soo many nice, beautiful colors which can be combined in endless ways to create beautiful eyeshaddow looks. Morphe palettes are so big and honestly take so long to run out and they are super pigmented!

I love the 35T Taupe Palette, it is so beautiful and I really love having it in my collection. It is for sure one of my all time favourite eyeshaddow palettes.



Morphe 35T Taupe Palette Swatches

Row 1 in Palette

Row 1 Finger Swatch


Row 1 Brush Swatch


Row 1 Brush vs Finger Swatch


Row 2 in Palette

Row 2 Finger Swatch


Row 2 Brush Swatch


Row 2 Brush vs Finger Swatch


Row 3 in Palette

Row 3 Finger Swatch


Row 3 Brush Swatch


Row 3 Brush vs Finger Swatch


Row 4 in Palette

Row 4 Finger Swatch


Row 4 Brush Swatch


Row 4 Brush vs Finger Swatch


Row 5 in Palette

Row 5 Finger Swatch


Row 5 Brush Swatch


Row 5 Brush vs Finger Swatch


35T Row Comparison Swatches

Finger Swatches

Morphe 35T Taupe Palette Swatches

Brush/Blended Swatches


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Where to Buy Morphe 35T Palette?

Morphe Online> Morphe Official Site Link

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