NYX in Embellishment vs Gerard Cosmetics in Ecstasy vs Gerard Cosmetics in Gravity

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This post is a review, swatch and swatch comparison of NYX Lip Lingerie in ‘Embellishment’, Gerard Cosmetics in ‘Ecstasy’ and Gerard Cosmetics in ‘Gravity’ . These three shades are all purple ones but they are very different. As always, I run through the shade individually and at the end compare them all, so make sure you read until the end! I also compare the applicators of the NYX and Gerard Cosmetics at the end.

Embellishment by NYX – NYX Lip Lingerie 


Embellishment is a beautiful purple shade from the NYX Lip Lingerie range. I really love this shade and think it is one of the best shades in the NYX Lingerie Line. This purple color is like a deep purple shade which is darker than Ecstasy but lighter than gravity. I love love this color!


Ecstasy by Gerard Cosmetics


Ecstasy is another beautiful deep purple colour. It has more bright tones than the other two and stands out as a light kind of purple color. It is the brightest color between Embellishment and Gravity and it is a really beautiful color.


Gravity by Gerard Cosmetics


Gravity by Gerard Cosmetics is a beautiful, deep, deep purple color. It is kind of like a blackish purple and is very deep. Gravity is darker than both Embellishment and Ecstasy and is a beautiful beautiful color.


Shade Comparisons 





The Applicators on the NYX lip lingerie’s and Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick is different. The NYX applicator is more long and narrow, while the Gerard Cosmetics applicators are shorter and have more soft, wide bristles. In regards to my preference, I like the Gerard Cosmetics applicator better.

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