BYS Blush Trio in ‘On the Bright Side’ vs ‘Heart Skipped a Beat ‘ vs ‘Endless Summer’ Swatch, Review and Swatch Comparison

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So I did an individual blog on the BYS blush Trio in ‘On the Bright Side’ and I said in that post that I was so happy with the product I was going to buy it in more shades, and I did.The three shades of the BYS Blush Trios I have are ‘On the Bright Side’, ‘Heart Skipped a Beat’ and ‘Endless Summer’. These blush trio’s are absolutely amazing quality and so pigmented for such a low price.  I am sooooo obsessed with blush lately so be prepared for more blush blogs in the future haha :)

I am going to review and swatch each blush trio palette individually – including ‘on the bright side’ which I have already done a blog about- and then at the end I will include comparison photos and swatch comparisons of all palettes, so make sure you read until the end babes!


BYS Blush Trio in ‘On the Bright Side’


The BYS Blush Trio in the shade ‘On the Bright Side’ is an absolutely beautiful pink blush palette with three different shades of pink. Each color is soooo pretty and sooo pigmented, I absolutely love this blush palette!

On the Bright Side Swatches

On the Bright Side with Flash

On the Bright Side No Flash

BYS Blush Trio in ‘Heart Skipped a Beat’

The BYS Blush Trio in the shade ‘Heart Skipped a Beat’ is an absolutely amazing. It comes in three shades of pink with the last shade being a kind of lavender purple pink shade. The shades are super pigmented and only a little amount is needed to get a nice flushed look! This palette is absolutely beautiful and it is one of my fav palettes ever for sure!

Heart Skipped a Beat Swatches

‘Heart Skipped a Beat’With Flash

‘Heart Skipped a Beat’Without Flash 

BYS Blush Trio in Endless Summer


The BYS Blush Trio in the shade‘Endless Summer’ is a nice dark pink and coral shade. It has three colors of coral pink that are different from each other. This palette doesn’t seem as pigmented as the rest because the colors are not as bright but it is still nice!

Endless Summer Swatches

Endless Summer with Flash

Endless summer without flash

 Comparison Photos/Swatch Comparisons





$7.95 AUD each

Where to Buy

BYS Online- BYS Official Site Link

Fashion Addict- Fashion Addict Official Site Link

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