D.Benoit Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches in ‘In the Bare 2’ and ‘Mon Cheri’

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I finally got the  D.Benoit Liquid Lipsticks and I am inlove. I am going to review the formula/product, run through the shades I got separately and then include swatch comparisons at the end, so make sure you read until the end babes!

Formula / Product Review

The D.Benoit Liquid Lipstick formula is absolutely amazing. The formula is super comfortable and feels light on the lips. The brushes are kind of long and thin,  which makes it easy to fill in the lips with precision and makes a lip liner less necessary. The formula dries quick but slow enough to be able to apply multiple layers to get the pigmentation you want. The formula is smudge proof, meaning yes, you can kiss with it on! All in all I have nothing but good things to say about this formula and the brand as a whole, definitely recommend them!

In the Bare II

In the Bare II is a beautiful light pink shade. I absolutely love the color of this shade and am a sucker for pink shades so this shade is for sure one of my favorites.


Mon Cheri

Mon Cheri is an absolutely beautiful dark pink/pinky purple color. The shade is absolutely beautiful !


Swatch Comparisons



Where to Buy

Official D.Benoit Site > D.Benoit Official Site Link

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