Sleek Blush By 3 in ‘Pink Spirit’ Description, Review and Swatch

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This baby is the Sleek Blush By 3 in the shade ‘Pink Spirit’. As always with my description/review posts, I go through and describe + review the product, then provide swatches.

The Sleek by 3 Palette in the shadePink Spirit’ is a beautiful powder blush palette with 3 different pink colors, including a dark red type shade, a bright hot pink shade and a darkish pinky-purple shade. The blushes are pigmented and you will only need a little bit on your brush to get a bright result (so do be careful) but this is good because it means it will last you sooooo long. The blushes come with individual names which I think is really cool for a palette to do and just makes it more professional, especially for YouTubers or people who want to describe how they achieved a certain look. The whole palette contains 20 grams and 0.68 oz of product. The Sleek by 3 palettes come in 7 colors including Pink Spirit which gives you a wide selection. Overall, I really love this Sleek Palette!





$23.00 AUD

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Where to Buy Sleek Palette

Crush Cosmetics >  Crush Cosmetics Official Site Link

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