Morphe Me Monthly Brush Subscription- July Brushes 2016

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My July MorpheMe brushes arrived today and as always, I write a post showing you guys what brushes were included this month. If you want to learn more about the subscription service, go to my April Brushes post which goes into detail about the subscription – Morphe Montly Brush Subscription, April 2016 .

As always, I show you the July brushes, and then I run through each individually. I then include bristle comparisons and links to Morphe online and Live Glam.

Sooooo, now lets talk about the MorpheMe July brushes!

July 2016 Brushes with MorpheMe 


This month the subscription included two face brushes and three eye brushes, meaning you get five new brushes.

July Brushes

1• Morphe EE48- Mini Pointed Powder Brush

2• Morphe M310- Large Soft Fan Brush

3• Morphe EE22- Pointed Blender Brush

4• Morphe EE18- Round Crease Brush

5• Morphe M432- Flat Liner Definer Brush

July Face Brushes

1• Morphe EE48  – Mini Pointed Powder Brush



The Mini Pointed Powder Brush is used for applying highlight and setting powder. It can also be used to apply contour, or even blush.

2• Morphe M310 – Large Soft Fan Brush



The Large Soft Fan Brush is used for highlighting and cleaning any fall outs. This means if your shadow falls onto your face during application, you can use this baby to clean it up. This brush could be used for many things so it is extremely versatile.

July Eye Brushes

3•Morphe EE22-  Pointed Blender Brush



The Pointed Blender Brush can be used for applying crease colors and blending your transitions.

It can also be used for overall blending and a lot of others things. Definitely a useful, versatile brush to have

4•Morphe EE18- Round Crease Brush



The Round Crease Brush can be used for applying precise highlight points, smoking the lash or defining the crease.

This brush is a super useful brush to have and you really can’t have enough of them. I love detail brushes and this is an amazing brush.

5•Morphe M432- Flat Liner Definer Brush



The Flat Liner Definer Brush can be used to create a clean, sharp line with liquid liner or gels. It can also be used as a detail brush in the crease.

You could even use it to shape your brows or do under eye eyeliner. This is also a very versatile brush that can be used for a lot of thing.

Bristle Comparison

Mini Pointed Powder Brush, Large Soft Fan Brush, Pointed Blender Brush, Round Crease Brush, Flat Liner Definer Brush

You can  buy these brushes individually without subscribing on the Morphe Store .

I have to say though, the MorpheMe brush subscription service is such a good service and I 100% do not regret it…ever haha! I will be subscribed forever. As I said, I have wrote a bit about the service in my April Brushes Post which includes costs in AUD (and USD),  so I will link that below. Also check out the Live Glam site that you subscribe through, they provide more information too!

Morphe Montly Brush Subscription, April 2016

If you wanr to see all my MorpheMe posts, go to me menu under beauty and there is a link to all my MorpheMe posts!

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