Jeffree Star Skin Frost in ‘Ice Cold’ Review,Swatch

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The Jeffree Star Skin Frosts are a relatively new product by Jeffree Star Cosmetics and even though I am a bit late, I finally got one yay!  As always, I go through and describe/review the product, provides swatches and links to where you can buy!


The Skin Frosts by Jeffree Star Cosmetics are highlighters that come in four shades. The shade I got to start with is Ice Cold, which is the lightest one that has a near full white color. Jeffree Star Skin Frosts are vegan and cruelty free and are made in USA (no animal testing). They are long lasting and highly pigmented. The product is so pigmented that there is a bit of fall out (as you will see in my non-flash swatch) and you have to buff the product into your skin with a brush or it will look wayyyyyy to harsh.

The pan is realllllyyy big and it comes with 15 grams (0.53 oz) of product which is literally soooooo much product. I really have not ever found an individual highlighter with this much product and I certainly think Jeffree Star is the first brand to do highlighters that weigh so much ( I will provide some comparisons of highlighters at the end). Each highlighter costs $38.53 AUD  ($29.00 USD) each , which is a reaalllly good price for the amount of product your getting.

Ice Cold looks really white without flash but when you add the flash you see the product has a yellow tinge, which means it’s not completely white, which is good. Here are some pictures that show this;

The first picture is without flash and the second picture is with flash. Ice cold is white but has a slight yellow tinge to it which is good because you don’t want a really white pigmented highlighter on your face.

Ice Cold Swatches

Ice Cold Skin Frost by JS With Flash.
Ice Cold Skin Frost by JS Without Flash (see how there is a bit of fall out/clumps)

Weight/Price Comparisons of other Highlighters vs JS

Jeffree Star Skin Frost –  Weight: 15 g

Price: $38.53 AUD  ($29.00 USD) each

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators– Weight: 9 g 

Price: $37.21 AUD ($28.00 USD) each and 6 grams less than JS

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter – Weight: 8 g 

Price: $60 AUD ($45.16 USD) and 7 grams less than JS

These are just some highlighters and JS Skin Frosts will be a larger than most highlighters.As I have said I have not found a highlighter that weighs as much as JS. Individual highlighters usually weigh  7-9 grams, so Jeffree Star has really changed the game with these Skin Frosts and hopefully other brands follow the leader!!

Will I buy the other shades of the Jeffree Star Skin Frosts?

I will certainly be buying more shades. I really like Peach Goddess and King tut so when they restock I will try and get my hands on it. All in all, I do like these Skin Frosts by Jeffree Star!

Thanks for reading beauties and I hope you babes liked this post!!

If you have tried a Skin Frost let me know how you liked it in the comments, and what shade your favourite is!!!! If you haven’t tried it, let me know if your going to and what shade you will buy first!!!

Where to Buy

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Site >  Jeffree Star Cosmetics Site Link

Morphe Brushes Online > Morphe Brushes Site Link

Just so you know babes, you might have to follow Jeffree Star on Instagram, or the Jeffree Star update accounts, to know when these babes become available because as you will see, they won’t be in stock at the moment (19-7-2016). As soon as they come in stock they tend to go quick, so you have to be on the lookout.

Here is my all time favourite JS Update Instagram Account , Link to my Fav Jeffree Star Updates Instagram . Note: Turn on push notifications to be notified every time the update account posts!!

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