Best Glue on Nails Part 1- Nail Hur in Playful & Lavender Love

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Nail Hur is a company that specializes in Snap on (glue on) Instant Manicures. Each set comes with 24 nails of 12 sizes, a nail file and glue. There are so many different styles of nails in every shape, including square, stiletto, etc and all the nails are reusable. They cost $18.33 AUD ($13.99 USD ) per set and Nail Hur ships worldwide.


In regards to staying on, I will say that they don’t stay on for that long. Nothing will ever beat getting acrylic nails at a local nail salon because they will always have a way longer staying period than glue on nails will. However, this can be a good thing especially if you don’t want them to stay on heaps long. They are absolutely perfect for a night out and don’t take long to apply. I love having these nails around for when I can’t get my nails done, and in general.

Now, I am going to be show you the Nail Sets in Playful and Lavender Love. 

‘Playful’ Set by Nail Hur 


Playful Nail Set by Nail Hur includes Soft Pink Glossy nails and some Rhinestone nails. It comes with more soft pink nails but does have a few rhinestone ones and they are reusable. Playful comes in the ‘Stiletto’ or pointed shape but as you can see on the picture below, I squared the light pink nails up and just left the Rhinestone nails stiletto shaped.

Playful by Nail Hur

‘Lavender Love’ Set by Nail Hur


Lavender Love  Nail Set by Nail Hur includes nails with light purple tips that extend halfway down the side. Lavender Love is a stiletto shape set (pointed) but you can square them down if you want. This set is sooo pretty when on, I love it.

Lavender Love by Nail Hur

Where to Buy

Nail Hur Online > Official Nail Hur Site Link

Nail Hur Instagram > Nail Hur Instagram Link

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