Concealer Review Part 1- LA Girl HD Pro Concealer Review, Full Anlysis + Swatch

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The Pro HD Concealers are a range of affordable concealers by LA Girl Cosmetics. In this post, I am going to show you some swatches of the product and then go into information about the applicators, available shades, shelf life, lasting power and wear,  chemical formula information and an overall review on the product,  along with providing where to buy links!!

Some LA Girl Swatches

Swatches of  LA Girl HD Pro Concealers in shades Porcelain, Light Ivory and Toast


The applicator of the concealers is really good and you can easily get it onto your face with the thin tip. I really love the tip of these concealer , it makes everything much easier and it applies colour so good.  The applicators are also exceptionally good applicators for when it comes to contouring because the tip is just the perfect size for dispersing product on the skin.



Creamy, Medium-High

The consistency of the LA Girl Pro HD Concealers is creamy and thick (as you can see swatch picture). They are not full liquid and are creamy. I like the consistency of these concealers.

The coverage of the LA Girl HD Pro Concealers is medium-high. I found that they hide imperfections and have a nice finish. You can certainly build these up to high coverage. The thick consistency makes the coverage really good and overall, I like the coverage.

Available Shades

24 shades

The LA Girl HD Pro Concealers have a massive shade range, consisting of 24 shades. This means there is will be a shade for every skin tone to use for concealing and also a shade for every skin tone to use for contouring. I like how large the shade range is, even though it can make it hard to choose a shade, it gives people variability.

Shelf Life

18 Months

The Shelf Life of LA Girl Concealers is 18 months. The 18 month shelf life is a result of preservative chemicals, which prevent microorganism growth and extends the shelf life.  18 months is a pretty good shelf life length for a concealer that is used nearly everyday, so you have a year and a half to use it before becomes susceptible to microorganism growth.

Lasting Power + Wear Test


In order to test the lasting power, wear and overall quality of the LA Girl HD Pro Concealers, I conducted a wear test in which I checked up and described the wear. I looked in the mirror and described what I saw every 2 hours 4 times, equaling 8 hours of wear. For this test, I wore the concealer over Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and no other powder or liquid products were applied to get a better analysis of the quality of the concealers by themselves.


Concealer Application Time- 12.29 PM

Thoughts Upon Application >  I used both a dark concealer (toast) for contouring and a light concealer (Light Ivory) for applying concealer under the eyes. The concealer blended out good with a beauty blender but I had to use a flat kabuki brush to blend the dark contour because it went everywhere with a beauty blender.

The Dark concealer  (toast) sets really good and works well for contouring because even though it does blend fully into the skin it also leaves a visible darkness/definition to the face, unlike many dark liquid products for contouring that buff right into the skin leaving hardly any definition.

The Light Concealer also blends out and sets really good. It fills the eyes in and concealers darkness, after application there is still a tiny bit of darkness still but not much. The good thing is only a small amount is needed to get coverage. The LA Girl Concealer makes the Too Faced Born This Way foundation look better and gives it a higher coverage.The only thing is when I push on the concealer tube, it feels like the tube will run out quick.

First Check Up 2.29 PMtwo hours laterLight Concealer> On the first check-up 2 hours later, the light shade I applied under my eyes is still filling in the eye and there is no visible rub off or loss of coverage. There is no creasing or settling into the skin and no visual lines. All in all, this concealer looks good after two hours.


Dark Concealer> On the first check-up 2 hours later the dark shade I applied for contour in my cheeks is still pigmented and there is only a bit of rub off. It hasn’t settled really bad into the cheeks and there is no creasing or lines. All in all, the dark concealer is also good after 2 hours of wear.

Second Check Up 4.29 PM- four hours after applicationLighter Shade– Little bit of creasing under the eye and some has worn off and settled. Nothing is really noticeable at all unless when under a brighter light. So far the concealer has worn well.

Dark Concealer> There is hardly any rub off of dark product. It’s a bit muddy on the cheeks but you can hardly tell and it hasn’t settled really bad on the cheeks. There’s no creasing or lines. All in all, has worn well.

Third Check Up– 6.29 PMsix hours after application– Light Concealer> The concealer is still on and there is slight creasing but you can only really see under a bright light. Nothing is horrible though and the coverage is still good.


Dark Concealers> The dark concealer has gone a bit muddy, nothing too bad but muddiness is there on the cheek. The definition and pigmentation is still there lightly and you can tell it’s on. All in all, everything has worn well after 6 hours, there is slight muddiness but nothing too crazy

Fourth Check Up 8.29 PMeight hours after application Light Concealer> The concealer under the eye is off but it’s still on the cheeks and other places I applied. It still looks good after 8 hours and is still providing coverage.

Dark Concealer> The dark is still on and you can see definition still. It is a bit muddy of course but nothing really bad and not much worse than the last check-up. Other than slight muddiness, the dark concealer has worn very good after 8 hours. It has certainly passed my wear test.

Lasting Power/Wear Conclusion

The lasting power and wear of this concealer is good. For the price, your getting a high quality concealer that lasts nearly all day. I found it wore pretty good and had minimal creasing, except at the end of the day (8 hours later).  All in all, the lasting power and wear of this concealer is pretty good and it passed my 8-hour wear test.

Chemical/Formula Analysis

I analysed the chemical formula of the LA Girl HD Pro Concealer like I am doing with all products and categorized chemicals based on what they do in the product. I did a full report on this product in an individual document like I do with all products but I am only going to write about and include relevant things for my blog posts.



The LA Girl HD Pro Concealer formula is ranked by the Cosmetic Analysis Database as an ‘Average’ formula. The Cosmetic Analysis Database analyses all chemicals in the formula and ranks them in terms of the safety and functioning of all individual ingredients. The database then ranks chemicals into 5 categories including ‘Should be Avoided’ which is the worst reading, ‘Not Recommended’ which is the second worst reading, ‘Average’ which is the middle reading, ‘Recommended’ which is good and ‘Particually Recommended’ which is really good.

As I said, the LA Girl HD Pro Concealer Formula has been ranked by the Cosmetic Analysis Database as ‘Average’. But If one more chemical was classed as ‘Not Recommended’ or ‘Should be Avoided’ or even ‘Average’, the formula would have come back with a ‘Bad’ reading, so this formula literally just passed the test.


This ‘Average’ formula reading of the LA Girl Concealers is a result of 5 ‘Should be Avoided’ chemicals including Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben and Isobutylparaben which are used as preservatives and 3 ‘Not Recommended’ chemicals including Isododecane, Cera Microcristallina and Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone. The ranking takes into consideration 1 ‘Particually Recommended’ chemical, 13 ‘Recommended’ chemicals and 5Average Chemicals’ that have no positive or negative effect to return a ‘Bad Formula’ reading.


The ‘Should be Avoided’ chemicals used in the LA Girl Concealer formula contribute the most to the ‘Average’ Formula reading. As I said, these chemicals include Butylparaben, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben and Isobutylparaben, which are all paraben based chemicals. These chemicals have 2 ‘Extremely Bad’ characteristics including hindering enzymatic activity in the skin and body and they have been shown in the remnants of breast cancer. They have 2 ‘Bad’ characteristics including the fact that they can cause allergies and that their perfume belongs to the 20 most frequent allergens. These chemicals have 1 ‘Good’ characteristic which is their ability to prevent the growth of microorganisms in cosmetics.

The ‘Not Recommended’ chemicals used in the LA Girl Concealer also contribute to the ‘Average’ formula reading. These chemicals include Isododecane, Cera Microcristallina and Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone.

Isododecane is used in LA Girl as a solvent and emollient and has 8 ‘Bad’ characteristics including the fact it builds a waterproof layer, promotes comedone construction, can lead to heat build-up, dries the skin, prevents skin breathing, has an occlusive effect, promotes wrinkle construction and can accumulate in the liver, kidneys and lymph nodes. It has 1 ‘Good’ characteristic including its ability to soften and smooth the skin which is why it’s used as an emollient (skin softening) chemical in the formula.


Cera Microcristallina is used as a viscosity control and emulsion stabilising chemical in the LA Girl Concealer.  It has 8 ‘Bad’ characteristics including that it can accumulate in the liver, kidneys and lymph nodes, dries the skin, promotes wrinkle construction, has an occlusive effect, builds a waterproof layer, promotes comedone construction, prevents skin breathing and can lead to heat build-up. Cera Microcristallina also has 3 ‘Average’ characteristics including reducing the transparency or translucency of cosmetics, increases or decreases the viscosity of cosmetics, helps the process of emulsification and improves emulsion stability and shelf life and provides cohesion in cosmetics. These average characteristics contribute to the ability of Cera Microcristallina to act as a viscosity controlling agent and emulsion stability chemical in LA Girl Pro Concealer.

Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone is used as an emulsifier in LA Girl Concealer. It has 3 ‘Bad’ characteristics including the fact that it can make the skin more porous, and through this allow the absorption of hazardous materials, it acts as a skin irritant and is irrelevant to the environment. It has 1 ‘Good’ characteristic including its ability to keep the body surface clean

In summary, there are 5 ‘To be Avoided’ chemicals, 3 ‘Not Recommended’ chemicals, 4 ‘Average’ chemicals, 13 ‘Recommended’ chemicals and 2 ‘Particually Recommended’ chemicals. This makes this formula average, but in the same token it is a pretty harsh formula and is certainly one of the more risky, harsh formulas which might have something to do with its price.



Also, the formula contains beeswax which is an animal chemical listed by PETA used for viscosity control, as an emollient and as an emulsifier-  meaning the formula of LA Girl HD Pro Concealer is not completely vegan or cruelty free, however, it is not tested on animals. LA Girl advertise the product as ‘cruelty free’ on their site but they are referring to the fact it’s not tested on animals because as I said, it contains beeswax and not the synthetic version of beeswax ,so again, it’s not a completely vegan product.

Overall Review of the LA Girl HD Pro Concealers


The LA Girl Pro HD Concealers are really good, high quality products for the price. They are very affordable, costing $11 .00 AUD ($5.00 USD) and containing 8 grams (0.28 ounces) of product. The applicators are really good and allow you to precisely put the product onto the areas you want to. You can get a medium-high coverage with them and they have a nice creamy, thick consistency. They are available in 24 shades, making them very versatile and there should be a shade for every skin tone.

The shelf life of the concealers is 18 months, meaning you have half a year to use 8 grams of product before it goes bad and becomes susceptible to microorganism growth. The 18 month shelf life is a good length of time for concealers to last for. They have a long lasting power , they passed my 8 hour wear test, and I found that they wear pretty good. The chemical formula of the product is rated by the Cosmetic Analysis Database as ‘Average’ and it does contain harsh chemicals such as parabens and other chemicals. It also contains beeswax, which means the formula of the concealer is not completely vegan free. 

All in all, the LA Girl HD Pro Concealers are a really good for the price!

The LA Girl Concealers are $11.00 AUD ($5.00 USD) each and come with 8 grams (0.28 oz) of product

Where to Buy LA Girl Concealers?

LA Girl (USA) > LA Girl Official Site Link USA

Crush Cosmetics (AU) > Crush Cosmetics Official Link

Beauty Bay > Beauty Bay Official Link

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