What To Do With Expired or Unused Lipstick?? DIY Glitter Lipstick

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It’s no lie that Traditional Lipstick can accumulate in your vanity and expire before you have even used it, or maybe you have too many lipstick’s than you know what to do with, or maybe you just want to sacrifice a lipstick to the glitter gods!!

I did some of my lipsticks today and omg, I cannot stop staring at them!! They are absolutelllyyyy BEAUTIFUL! 


How to add Glitter to your lipstick’s??

Adding glitter to your lipstick is so simple. All you need is the following;

1• Loose Glitter (any brand)

2• Hairspray

3• A Lipstick (any brand)

Glitter Lipstick DIY- All you need is loose glitter, hairspray and a lipstick

DIY Glitter Lipstick Steps

1• Open your lipstick and clean the top with your fingers or a wipe, or swatch on your skin to get any  clumps off the top

2• Spray some hairspray onto the lipstick on all sides

3• Open your glitter, and dip the top of the lipstick into it. You can also chose to tip the glitter over the lipstick instead of dipping it in. I did this step out on the grass outside because it can get messy.

For Reference, I used MAC Loose Glitter in Sequin which is a beautiful pink glitter. I used Sequin over some Pink MAC Lipsticks.

4• Now, you have a beautiful, glittery lipstick!!! Simple as that. You might also want to wipe off excess around the tube (read on under photo)



You cannot wear the lipstick after this, it is basically all for show and for doing something with lipsticks that are expired and that you won’t wear again.

Firstly, loose glitter is clumpy and if you applied it would feel like you applied sand to your lips, and loose glitter is NOT approved for safety on the lips, or mouth (it can be ingested, which isn’t good).

Secondly, because you apply hairspray to make the glitter stick, it becomes unwearable because who wants hairspray on their lips and mouth?? This is why you should chose a lipstick you won’t use again or one your okay with sacrificing.

Remember, do NOT apply the lipstick after you have added glitter, make sure you chose one your fine with loosing for wear.


More Pictures of My DIY Glitter Lipsticks

MAC DIY Glitter Lipsticks
MAC DIY Glitter Lipsticks
MAC Loose Glitter in Sequin
MAC DIY Glitter Lipsticks
MAC DIY Glitter Lipsticks
MAC DIY Glitter Lipsticks
MAC DIY Glitter Lipsticks

Video of My Glitter Lipsticks

Press Play to Preview Video


Where to Buy Mentioned Products??

MAC Lipstick- MAC Cosmetics Online AU Link , MAC Online USA Link

MAC Glitter- MAC Cosmetics Online AU Link , MAC Online USA Link

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