Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review, Swatch + Restock News

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I wrote this post when the Modern Renaissance palette first come out but seeing that it is restocked, I thought I would re post it and let you all know that it’s finally available again!!!As always, I am going to describe and review the palette and then provide full swatches of the palette (both finger and brush swatches).


The Modern Renaissance Palette comes with 14 individual eyeshaddows. The variety of different shades means you can create sooooooooo many different looks, meaning you will certainly get use out of this palette. I really love all these colors and they go so well together. The shadows are pigmented and I love that the palette comes with a brush. Each individual shadow weighs 0.7 grams (0.02 oz) each .

 The packaging is pretty and the top of the palette features a velvet light purple material, which can be good and bad. Bad because it’s easily discolored, so make sure you have no foundation on your hands when touching it haha. The good is that it is so pretty and unique! I got my Modern Renaissance Pallette  from Beauty Bay for $68.10 AUD. 

The formula of the shadows is beautiful, there is a bit of fall out and they are tiny powdery but they are still really good shadows. They blend so good and apply really well.

RESTOCK UPDATE (October, 2016)!!! 

The Modern Renaissance Palette has been unavailable for months but has finally restocked, so for anyone who wants to get their hands on it, now is the time!!

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette
First Half of the Palette
Second Half of the Palette

Full Modern Renaissance Palette Swatch

I am going to swatch the palette by rows, so I will swatch the top seven shades together and then the bottom seven shades together. I will then compare the two rows under that.

Row 1 in Palette

Shade Descriptions Row 1 ( Top 7 shades)

Tempera- Light Beige with Peachy Tones shade.

Golden Ochre- Muted Medium Yellow shade

Vermeer- Bright Light Peach Shimmer shade

Buon Fresco- Muted Medium Purple Mauve shade

Antique Bronze- Muted Dark Brown Shade with Reddish Undertones shade

Love Letter- Muted Dark Berry shade

Cyprus Umber- Deep Taupe Brown Shade

Row 1 Modern Renaissance Palette

Row 1 Finger Swatches

Modern Renaissance Palette Swatches Row 1 (Finger Swatches)

Row 1 Brush/Blended Swatches

Modern Renaissance Palette Row 1 Brush/Blended Swatches

Row 1 Finger vs Brush Swatch

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Swatches Row 1 Finger vs Brush/Blended Swatches

Row 2 in Palette

Shade Descriptions Row 1 (Bottom 7 shades)

Raw Sienna-Light Medium Brown with Gold Undertones shade

Burnt Orange- Muted Orange Brown shade

Primavera- Peachy Gold Shimmery shade

Red Ochre- Muted Red Brown shade

Venetian Red-Medium Dark Red shade

Warm Taupe- Medium Taupe Brown shade

Realgar- Muted Orange Brown shade

Row 2 Modern Renaissance Palette

Row 2 Finger Swatches

Modern Renaissance Palette Swatches Row 2 Finger Swatches

Row 2 Brush Swatches

Modern Renaissance Palette Swatches Row 2 Brush Swatches

Row 2 Finger Swatches vs Brush Swatches

Modern Renaissance Swatches Row 2 Finger vs Brush

Row 1 vs Row 2 Swatch Comparisons

Row 1-2 Finger Swatches

Modern Renaissance Palette Row 1 and 2 Finger Swatches

Row 1-2 Brush Swatches

Modern Renaissance Palette Swatches Row 1-2 Brush Swatches
ABH Modern Renaissance Palette
Me wearing shades from the Modern Renaissance Palette as well as an Illuminator from the ABH Glow Kit in Sun Dipped

Thanks for reading beauties and I hope you liked this post!

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Where to Buy???

Anastasia Beverly Hills Official Site > ABH Store Official Link

Beauty Bay > Beauty Bay Store Link

Note- I’m not sure if retailers are getting stock from this restock, I will update here when I know. You can deffo get it from the official ABH site though.

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      OMG yes it is such a beautiful product! And I can’t believe how big it is, so worth it. What other shade have you got babe? Im tossing up whether to get one of their newest palettes they are so pretty!!

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