Beauty News + Announcements May 2017 Part 2- Too Faced, Huda, Jeffree, Shaaanxo + More

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Today I am going to be part 2 to my May 2017 Beauty News and Update posts. Make sure you check my first post so that you don’t miss out on anything (link at end)!! Here are some new updates and news, I really didn’t think these post’s would be so frequent but they might be because so many products are being announced and released all the time.


Shaaanxo Announces First Makeup Product to Her Line + Shows Swatches

The Youtuber Shaanxo has announced that she is releasing lip products into her Beautyxo line! There are going to be 5 traditional lipsticks and 4 liquid lipsticks. The traditional lipsticks come in 3 matte shades and 2 cream shades. All of the 4 liquid lipstick shades are matte. The products are Made in Italy, and ship from New Zealand. She swatched all of the shades on her youtube, so head over and check it out (just search Shaaanxo).

Product Price

$24.15 AUD , $17.82 USD each

Launch Date

Monday 15th May 2017 on xobeautyshop online

Picture Credit- Trendmood 


Jeffree Star Releases More Photos of Summer 2017 Collection

I mentioned in my Beauty News May 2017 Part 1 post that Jeffree Star is launching a bunch of new products for his Summer 2017 Collection. He has released a few more photos of the products, and has announced that he is finalising the summer shades!!

Note- I have more information on the collection in May 2017 Part 1 Beauty News so I am not going to go into too much detail here.

Release Date 

Mid June 2017. No specific date as of yet



Too Faced Announces Extension to Peach Line + Releases Dates + First Photos

Too Faced is extending the peach line to include new matte items. The collection will include new shadows, blushes, lip products and foundations. The line is going to be exclusive to Sephora.

For us Australian’s, I am unsure if we will be able to purchase the collection unless it comes to Mecca. Sephora AU does not stock Too Faced and only Mecca does. Again the collection is exclusive to Sephora, so we probably won’t get it.

Release Date

17th August 2017 exclusively on Sephora






MAC Fruity Juice Collection Launches in North America on Nordstrom

The MAC Fruity Juice Collection has officially been released for purchase in North America at Nordstrom!! The collection will come to international stores within a few weeks. Australia usually gets here a few weeks after the USA release depending on the collection. Some take longer, but they all eventually do come.

The collection will launch everywhere in USA on the 18th of May and may possibly hit international retailers at this time too. Keep your eyes pealed for the collection at your local retailer, sometimes you may just have to check your MAC site daily until it eventually comes.

picture credit- loveforskincare

Nicole Concilio announces future colab and shows photos

The youtuber Nicole Concilio has announced that she is creating a eyeshadow palette with an unknown brand (not revealed yet). She has sneak peeked us a photo on snapchat and it looks amazing!! Full details have not been released and there is no release date yet

Pic Credit- Trendmood

Morphe Announces New Product

Morphe announced that they are coming out with a new prep and prime spray. No specific dates for release have been announced yet.


Coloured Raine Launches New Highlighters

Coloured Raine has released a line of highlighters called ‘Glow Lighters’. These highlighters come in 8 different shades.

Official Launch Date 

12th May 2017 9 AM PST (available now)

Product Cost

$34.04 AUD – $25.00 USD each from Coloured Raine Online


Huda Beauty Releases Photo Showing Names of New Lip Strobe Products Coming

I mentioned in May 2017 Part 1 that Huda released the first photos of her new lip product! She has released some more and now we have names and can see the shades up close!!

I have to say, these look absolutely amazing!! I will continue to update information on these as it comes.


Natasha Denona New Palette Launching Tomorrow

The new Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette launches tomorrow. The palette contains 15 shades in matte and shimmery finishes.

Product Price

$174.81 AUD- $129.00 USD – note I am deffo NOT buying this, the price is a joke. I thought I would include this though incase anyone else is crazy enough to lol!!

Release Date/Time

May 12th at 12 pm EST, 9 am PST , 2 am Sydney Time at Sephora USA and Beautylish. Note, if your in Australia, get it from Beautylish because you can’t order from Sephora USA and Natasha Denona is not stocked at Sephora AU so the palette will not be available there.

pic credit- tendmood

Kat Von D Announces and Shares Picture of New Product

Kat Von D announced she will be releasing a eye/blush product in the same shade as the popular liquid lipstick shade Lolita

Release Date

No Specific Date but Sometime in June 


Pic Credit- Beauty by Celeste

Urban Decay Releases New Contour Shapeshifter Palette for Early Access at Sephora

Urban Decay launched 2 new contour palettes for early access at Sephora. Each palette contains 9 shades– one side with 5 cream shades and one side with 4 powder shades. Will become available to everywhere and launch in all Urban Decay retail stores very very soon.

Product Price

$60.99 AUD – $45.00 USD


Urban Decay Announces New Product + First Photos

Urban Decay announced that they are releasing an oil perfume product. The perfume has a lavender and orange scent. No specific dates have been released yet.

Release Date

Not Announced yet


Lime Crime Announces New Liquid Lipstick Bundle (Limited Edition) + Shows Swatches

Lime Crime are releasing a limited edition bundle containing 3 liquid lipstick shades

Product Price

The bundle will cost $59.63 AUD ($44.00 USD)

Release Date/Time

Not Announced Yet


I hope you guys liked this post, did you see anything your excited about?? I will continue to update you as new stuff is announced and released!!

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