Anti-Haul May 2017- New/Upcoming Releases That I Am NOT Buying

Heyyyy Beauties

Today, I am going to be talking about products that I won’t be buying and why!!


NOTE- I may get a litttttleeeee sasssy!! Bare with me here

Please don’t get offended if you don’t agree with me, we all have different opinions and likes.

Also this post may obviously get a little negative. I never really write many negative review’s because I only buy stuff  I know I will most likely like, so just remember that while reading. I will say, it’s a little exciting to be writing about what I DON’T like as opposed to what I DO like for once lol.

Let’s get into it babes!!

Anything from the Tarte Make Believe Collection

Unicorns…… SPEW!!!!! I hate this unicorn trend with a PASSION. It is so tacky and immature. Not to mention the products are not special or unique or appealing really. Not much else to say except SKIP!!!


Upcoming Too Faced Clover Palette 

I mean, are Too Faced catering to children now? Is their target audience people that are under 12 ?? This is such a childish looking palette. I hate the packaging so so much. Other than that, the shades are not special for Too Faced but I do like them. It’s mostly the packaging that holds me back, it’s just hideous. SKIP!!!


Becca X Chrissy Teigan Palette 

This is like a small clone of the Jaclyn Hill and Becca palette. So similar that I have no interest in buying. Becca should hire a creative director, its like they are incapable of changing things up a bit.  I’ m bored Becca… I’m not really a fan of Chrissy Teigan either and this palette just does nothing for me. NEXT!!!!


Anything from the New NARS Orgasm Collection 

The products in this collection are pretty, but not unique and WAY overpriced. Again, companies seem to grab onto something and hold onto it with all their might and never let it go. Nars best selling orgasm blush obviously inspired this collection, but it’s getting old. This collection also doesn’t feature anything new– a super sized blush in orgasm (already available), a blush in super orgasm (already available), and 2 liquid blush shades, a lipstick and some lip-glosses. I hate liquid blush and I’m not really into Satin traditional lipsticks.

I dont know, the packaging and presentation is beautiful but the actual products just dont do anything for me. SORRY NARS!!


Upcoming Too Faced Peaches n Cream Matte Palette

Did someone say boring? Did someone say basic? I DID!!! This palette is just so unappealing. Every palette in the world has these kind of shades and it’s not like this palette is a go to matte palette because it doesn’t have half the colours people need. I don’t know, it just isn’t my cupaaaaa tea!!! NO THANKS


Natasha Denona New Sunset Palette

This palette is pretty, but GIRL! THE PRICE!!! IT BLOWS MY MIND. The price for this palette is………..

$129.00 USD–  $173.41 AUD

What a jaw dropper……… Now let me tell you right now, I have chemically analysed the formula and it is NOTHING special. I have analysed soooooo many eyeshadow formulas, and this formula contains pretty much all the same ingredients most do. There is nothing that distinguishes it from other palettes. I don’t know where the price is coming from.. Anway, this is a BIG HELL-TO-THE-NAHHHHH for me!!


Upcoming Tarte Sculpting Palette

Tarte is releasing a new collection, including this sculpting palette with what looks like some shadows. I won’t be buying this because I have all the shades in my collection 100 times already. I can see this being good for someone who is just starting out their collection and wants a universal palette, but for me, it’s just too similar to so many other products. IMA PASS ON THIS!!!


Urban Decay Shapeshifter Contour Palettes 

Urban Decay have released 2 new sculpting palettes- there are 4 cream and 5 powder shades. This palette looks so similar to the above Tarte one and I won’t be buying it for the same reasons. I have 103893 products that I could use instead of this palette and it just doesn’t appeal to me. SORRY URBAN DECAY!!!


Kat Von D Pastel Palette + Alchemist Palette

Kat Von D has two new products- The Alchemist Palette and the Pastel Palette – and I am not going to be buying any!!

The Alchemist Palette contains 4 duo-chrome highlighter shades that can be used as eyeshadows too. It’s basically a rip off of the ABH Moonchild Palette, which has wayyyy more product in it and is more exciting. Certainly NOT buying this! LATER!


The Pastel Palette contains 8 ‘Pastel’ shades. .Kat Von D is literally an artist but her makeup line lacks creativity. This palette just doesn’t call my name in any way. I couldn’t create any looks I would like out of these shades. I dunno, it’s just MEHHHH!!!! No thanks


Upcoming Urban Decay Naked Highlighter

Urban Decay is releasing a illuminator that is suppose to be universal for all shades. To me, it looks more like a powder with no shimmer. Other than that I just have so many shades like this, so deffo DON’T NEED!!!


That’s it for my May 2017 Anti-Haul!!! Let me know what you think of these type of posts and the items I am not going to buy in the comments below!!

 Loveeeeeeee Always,



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