Beauty News June 2017 Part 4 – Important Reminders, Prices for Kylie Summer Collection + ColourPop, Huda, Zoeva, KL Polish, Beauty Blender + More!!

Heyyyyy Beauties

This is Part 4 to my June 2017 Beauty News and Announcement Posts!!


Important Launch REMINDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2017 Collection Launch Reminder + Prices Released

The Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2017 Collection launches TOMORROW

at 3pm PST – 8 am Sydney Time,


Prices have also been revealed!!


Skinny Dip Face Duo Bronzer & Highlighter Palette

$44.66 AUD , $34.00 USD , $30.32 Euro , $45.01 CAD, $26.66 GBP


The WetSet Palette – 4 Glowing Pressed Powders

$81.43 AUD, $62.00 USD , $82.18 CAD , $55.29 Euro, $48.61 GBP


Send Me More Nude Lip Set -Matte Liquid Lipstick Set & Velvet Liquid Lipstick Set

$59.19 AUD, $45.00 USD , $59.65 CAD , $40.13 Euro, $35.28 GBP each


2 x Super Glitter Gloss in Glitz / Glamour

$19.72 AUD, $15.00 USD , $19.88 CAD , $13.38 Euro, $11.76 GBP each


Take Me On Vacation – EyeshadowPalette

$68.37 AUD, $52.00 USD , $68.93 CAD , $46.37 Euro, $40.77 GBP



June Bug Matte Lip Kit – Liquid Lipstick + Pencil

$39.44 AUD,  $30.00 USD , $39.77 CAD , $26.75 Euro, $23.52 GBP


3 x Ultra Glow – Loose Highlighters Tahiti / Santorini/ Fiji

$18.41 AUD, $14.00 USD , $18.56 CAD , $12.48 Euro, $10.98 GBP each


Bundle (includes everything but the Wet Set Highlighting Palette)

$328.90 AUD, $250.00 USD , $331.39 CAD , $222.93 Euro, $196.02 GBP


Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Eyeshadow Palette Launch Reminder

The Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Eyeshadow Palette launches on the 21st June22nd June AU on Morphe Online


Jeffree Star Summer 2017 Collection Launch Reminder

The Jeffree Star Summer 2017 Collection launches on the 24th June25th June AU

at 10 am PST – 3 am SYD time



Now we have the covered the big collections that are coming up, let’s get onto more new products, announcements and updates!!

ColourPop Releases New Shadows!!

ColourPop has released new Summer Shadows!!!

12 x New Pressed Powder Shadows- $6.64 AUD$5.00 USD each

4 x New Super Shock Shadows- $6.64 AUD$5.00 USD each

Available NOW on ColourPop Cosmetics Online

ColourPop Cosmetics Online Site Link

FullSizeRender 136

BeFunky Collagejjj

ColourPop Releasing NEW Eyeshadow Palette

ColourPop is releasing a new Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette that contains 12 new shades. The palette costs $21.01 AUD – $16.00 USD

Release Date

16th June17th June AU at 10 am PST – 3 am SYD time



Zoeva Cosmetics Announces New Upcoming Collection

Zoeva has announced that they are coming out with an all new collection..

New Collection Includes

1 x New Eyeshadow Palette- contains 10 new shades

1 x New Face Palette- contains a highlighter and 2 blushes

1 x New Brush Set

Launch Date

No official launch date announced yet

FullSizeRender 129



MAC Sneak Peak’s New Upcoming Highlighter

MAC Cosmetics have sneaked peaked us a photo of an upcoming product!! They will be bringing back the VERY popular, limited edition shade Whisper of Gilt again with NEW packaging.

No more details announced as of yet


Huda Lip Strobes Launching VERY SOON!!

The Huda Beauty Lip Strobe Launch Date has creeped up on us and it’s nearly here!! The Lip Strobes are pigmented glosses that can be used as lip toppers also. They come in 12 shades and each shade costs $23.68 AUD – $18.00 USD each

Launch Date

22nd June23rd June AU on Huda Beauty Online, will most likely hit Cult Beauty a week or so after this


Kim Kardashian Announces Upcoming Makeup Line

Kim Kardashian has announced she is launching her own makeup line.


Kat Von D Announces + Shows New Upcoming Product

Kat Von D has sneaked peaked photos of an upcoming new lip product!! It looks like a new, intensely metallic lip product of some sort!

No details announced yet

FullSizeRender 133

FullSizeRender 139

Becca Releases Limited Edition Champagne Pop To Celebrate Birthday

Becca has released a limited edition version of Champagne Pop to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the popular highlighter they made with Jaclyn Hill. It has special packaging, has a champagne bottle pressed into the actual product and is only around for a limited time.

Available NOW on Sephora USA Online, will hit stores on the 15th of June

Sephora USA Online Site Link

FullSizeRender 135

PUR Cosmetics Releases New Products

PUR Cosmetics has released some NEW products!!

New Products Include

1 x New Eyeshadow Palette – contains 12 shades and costs $38.51 AUD, $29.00 USD

1 x New Contour Palette- contains 3 highlight and 3 contour shades – $42.50 AUD , $32.00 USD

5 x On Point Eyeliner Pencils – $25.23 AUD , 19.00 USD each

1 x Liquid Eyeliner – $25.23 AUD , $19.00 USD each

Available NOW on PUR Cosmetics Online!!

PUR Cosmetics Online Site Link

FullSizeRender 146

FullSizeRender 140

Gerard Cosmetics Releases New Metallic Liquid Lipstick Shades

Gerard Cosmetics has added 2 new shades to their Metallic Liquid Lipstick Line!!

Rose Gold- Metallic Rose Gold Shade

Vegas- Metallic Gold Shade

$13.28 AUD$10.00 USD each

Available NOW on Gerard Cosmetics Online, will roll out at retailers soon

Gerard Cosmetics Online Site Link


Urban Decay Releases Liquid Illuminating Mix-In-Medium

Urban Decay has released a product called Aura, which are liquid illuminators that can be worn alone as highlighters or mixed with products like foundation to give you a glow.

Available NOW on Sephora USA, will come to Mecca AU soon

Sephora USA Online Site Link


Jouer Swatches of Upcoming Lip Glosses Shown + Launch Date Announced

Trendmood has posted the first swatches of Jouer’s upcoming NEW lip gloss formula and a date for the launch has been announced. There are 14 different colours available and the gloss is described as a ‘high pigment gloss’. Each gloss will cost $22.33 AUD – $17.00 USD each and they are PERMANENT

Lauch Date

21st June22nd June AU at 11 am PST4 am SYD time on Jouer Cosmetics Online


Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Lands at USA Retailers

The ABH Aurora Glow Kit has landed at USA retailers including Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s and Nordstrom. It has 6 shades and costs $40.00 AUD

This Glow Kit will most likely hit Sephora AU in a few weeks-months!


Juvia’s Place Release New Eyeshadow Palette

Juvia’s Place have released their new ZuluEye eyeshadow palette. The palette contains 9 shadows 6 matte and 3 metallic shades.

Juvia’s Place Online Site Link


BH Cosmetics Announces New Eyeshadow Palette

BH Cosmetics has released a new baked eyeshadow palette called the ‘Solar Flare Eyeshadow Palette’. It contains 18 baked shadows.

Cost $21.24 AUD , $15.99 USD

Available NOW on BH Cosmetics Online

BH Cosmetics Online Site Link

FullSizeRender 144

Beauty Blender Announces + Shows New Beauty Blender

BeautyBlender has showed pictures of their new sponge!! It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL marble pink sponge. The limited edition sponge will cost $26.27 AUD – $20.00 USD

Launch Date

3rd July for Sephora VIB Rouge members, 13th July for everyone else + In-Stores

FullSizeRender 130

Pout Case Releasing Worlds First MAKEUP Phone Case!!

A company called Pout Case has come up with the first ever phone case that has a slip for makeup!! The case contains 3 slots for makeup and you can choose between foundation, lipstick or lip balm in different colours.

Available NOW for PRE-ORDER , no official date announced yet

Pout Case Online Site Link

FullSizeRender 138

FullSizeRender 150

FullSizeRender 151


Kathleen Lights Summer 2017 Nail Polish Line Revealed

Kathleen Lights is coming out with 6 all new KL Nail Polish shades for the summer!!

Launch Date

June 20th (June 21st AU) 2017 on the KL Polish site!

FullSizeRender 147

Milk Cosmetics Sneak Peaks New Product

Milk Cosmetics has released a little sneak peak of an upcoming product.

No official details announced yet

FullSizeRender 137

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  1. Reply

    I really need to stop reading your posts 😂 My bank is not a fan😂 I managed to get hold of the Kylie Vacation Bundle last night, and now I’m considering Jeffree Stars collection! xx

    1. Reply

      Tell your bank account I’m sorrrrryyyyy babe! But nothing beats that van pulling up and delivering the goooods haha!!

      Omg I got the bundle too, we are lucky because I’ve heard some people wanted it but missed out because it sold out, GO US!!! I almost had a dilema because yesterday my phone totally stopped working like went blank and I didn’t get it fixed til through the day today. I have my bank app on my phone and I keep money in a savings account AND I totally couldn’t transfer money across because I didn’t have the app bank information on my phone lol!
      Needless to say, my mother wasn’t very happy with me waking her up at 7.30 am asking to borrow $350 AUD hahahah!!!! But it worked out in the end, are you excited? In sooo excited because there are so many products it’s going to be awesome opening it!!

      Around this time the JS and Kylie Summer collections always come out at the same time, so u may as well get it if you can because these massive close together season launches for JS and Kylie only happen in summer and Christmas time (twice a year) so it’s so worth it!!

      I was going to get the vault with the lip ammunition and liquid lipsticks, but now I’m thinking I’m just going to go the liquid lipstick bundle and get the crystal ball highlighter, I don’t wear traditional lipstick much although it’s soooo tempting to get them too!
      I’m praying it’s easy to get the JS stuff and it doesn’t sell out

      1. My problem is that I am way too impatient for it to arrive! I had the website on my laptop and on my phone, and then I had my best friend get it up on his laptop and phone too incase I missed it 😂

        I wanted to get the Wet Set, so I also added that into my basket, but by the time I pressed check out, it was already sold out! It went crazy fast! I had a look on their website earlier, and there wasn’t a lot of products left! Only the bronzer and highlighting duo, and a few lip kits!

        I’m honestly counting down the days until it arrives! I don’t think my mama is too impressed either, since she told me to stop buying makeup and not to get the bundle, but I couldn’t resist!!

        I’ve been looking at the vault from JS, but I honestly think ill just get the highlighter too… I’m not too sure I’d wear all the colours in the vault, but then again, they are eye safe, so can be used as eyeliners! Tough decisions haha!

        I do think it will sell out so quickly which is annoying! I need to be on it again this time!! x

  2. Reply

    That MAC Whisper of Gilt is like please take my money right now (love).

    Pout phone case concept sounds completely idiotic. Has no one thought of temperature issues before developing this product? How well will the makeup stay fresh? O hang on, if they’re an anti paraben party, then they really need good luck on preventing things from growing / deteriorating their product.

    1. Reply

      I know I’m so excited for it!

      Omfg I totally didn’t think of the temperature thing. Phones get so hot and the mess, omg, can you imagine it melting and then next minute mess everywhere? Also, I don’t really get the point. It’s easy enough to put makeup in your handbag and it takes the same effort as flipping out the case.
      With my beauty news posts I only post updates not my thoughts, but the phone case was deffo going into my anti haul post hahaha!!

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