Beauty News July 2017 Part 9- Huda, Melt Cosmetics, Dose of Colours, Jeffree Star, Morphe, Black Moon + More!!

Heyyyyy Beautiessssss

This my Part 9 to my July 2017 Beauty News Posts!!


Jeffree Star Shows Pictures from Upcoming Collection

Jeffree Star has showed us some pictures out of his upcoming Holiday 2017 collection and OMG the packaging is baby pink and glittery!!

No official launch dates known just yet babes

FullSizeRender 837

Huda Shows More Pictures of Upcoming Foundation

Huda has showed us some more pictures of her upcoming NEW foundation line!! The foundation line is called the ‘Faux Filter Foundation’ and will come in 30 shades including a variety of shades for dark and light skin tones. Huda has announced that it is going to be a super full coverage foundation. I absolutely love the packaging, it is very pretty!

No official launch date known just yet, I will keep updating as we get more information

FullSizeRender 750

FullSizeRender 749

FullSizeRender 687

First Lip Swatches of All 30 ABH Lipsticks Shown!!

The Instagramer SOSFORBEAUTY has swatched ALL 30 shades of the ABH lipsticks for us and they are the FIRST full lip swatches of all 30 shades. After seeing these swatches, I am in-love with the shade Orchid, Plumeria, Cotton Candy, Stargazer and Soft Pink!!


SOS For Beauty Instagram Link

pic credit- SOS for Beauty (Instagram Link Above)
pic credit- SOS for Beauty (Instagram Link Above)

Blackmoon Cosmetics FINALLY Reveal The 5th and LAST New Liquid Lipstick Shade!

Blackmoon Cosmetics is releasing FIVE NEW liquid lipstick shades and have been sneak peaking them individually over the last few weeks and we FINALLY have the fifth and last shade!! FINALLYYYY!! I have been waiting a while.

There is no official launch date known as of yet, but it should be announced very soon and we will know the exact dates soon.

Here are the five new shades, they are all so beautiful! They also shared a picture today of a closed palette letting everyone know they are also coming out with a palette!! I will put the picture under the photos of the lipstick shades.


Matte Pale Nude Shade

FullSizeRender 751


Matte Blue Grey Shade

FullSizeRender 555


Metallic Purple Pink Shade

FullSizeRender 556


Matte Deep Purple Pink Shade

FullSizeRender 558


Matte Blackened Purple Shade

FullSizeRender 619

blackmoon 2


Dates Announced for NEW Melt Cosmetics Hot Box Collection Products!

The dates for the release of the NEW upcoming Melt Cosmetics products has finally been announced!!

New Products

1 x Haze Eyeshadow Stack – contains 4 shimmery, metallic shadows

2 x Lipsticks- Mary Jane (Iridescent) and Cherried (Ultra-Matte)

4 x Eye Pencils

3 x Lip Liners

Launch Date

31st July1st Aug AU – on Melt Cosmetics Online – at 12 pm PST  – 5 am SYD Time

FullSizeRender 748

melt bundle

FullSizeRender 677

FullSizeRender 823

melt liner

FullSizeRender 832

Upcoming Hourglass Ambient Palette Shown

A picture of the upcoming new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette has been shown!! The palette has beautiful rose gold packaging and contains 6 hourglass powders.

No official launch date announced yet

FullSizeRender 840

Morphe Releases NEW Products!!

Morphe has released TWO new products!!!

New Products Include….

4 x Bronzer Sticks

The Bronzer Sticks come in 4 shades and cost $7.44 AUD – $5.99 USD

Naturally Exposed- Shimmery Bronze Gold Shade

You Wouldn’t Understand- Shimmery Gold Shade

Look At Me- Shimmery Plum Shade

Centre of Attention- Shimmery Rose Gold Shade



2 x Bronzer Stick Bundles

There are 2 bundles that you can get the bronzer sticks in. Each bundle contains 2 of the bronzer sticks along with a highlighter brush. They cost $19.87 AUD , $15.99 USD each.

Light-Medium Bundle

Contains the shades You Wouldn’t Understand and Centre of Attention



Tan-Deep Bundle

Contains the shades Naturally Exposed and Look At Me



8 x Stick Concealers

The new Stick Concealers come in 8 shades and cost $4.96 AUD , $3.99 USD each



New Morphe Colab Announced Ourfazinali

Morphe is collaborating with the influencer Ourfazinali to create a new liquid lipstick shade!! The shade is called Vinyl and it is a beautiful Matte Red Brown Shade. She has also announced that they will be making a lip liner in a matching shade that will be available when it launches!!

No official launch dates known just yet

FullSizeRender 827

FullSizeRender 828

Dose of Colours

Dose of Colours has revealed some products out of their upcoming Summer Collection!!

Collection Includes

2 x New Blushes- Statemint and Amazemint

2 x Eyedeal Duo’s – each contain 2 eyeshadows

2 x New Liquid Lipsticks- Excitement and Mintea

2 x New Eyedeal Crayons- Compliment and Hint of Mint

Launch Date

31st July1st Aug AU – at 10 am PST – Syd Time – on Dose of Colours Online

FullSizeRender 830

FullSizeRender 842

FullSizeRender 843

FullSizeRender 844

FullSizeRender 845

FullSizeRender 831

Juvia’s Place Items Arrive at BeautyBay!

Juvia’s Place is now being sold at BeautyBay!!

FullSizeRender 826

Another Look At Upcoming Too Faced Unicorn Tears Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick

More pictures of the upcoming new  Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn Tears has been shown!!! The shade is a duochrome shade that shifts between colours, mainly blue and pink. It is going to be released as a part of the Unicorn Survival Kit Set in the Holiday 2017 collection, I am unsure if it will be available individually yet.

I have to say, it is absolutely STUNNNINNGGGGG

FullSizeRender 829


More Sephora X Moschino Photos Shown

More photos of the upcoming Moschino collection with Sephora have been shown!

Collection Includes

1 x Bear Lipgloss Chain with 6 Glosses

1 x Bear Highlighter- contains two shades

1 x Bear Brush Set- contains 5 brushes

1 x Mini Eyeshadow Palette

1 x Bear Eyeshadow Palette – contains 21 shades

1 x Bear Eye Mask

1 x Bear Compact Mirror

Launch Date

August 2017 sometime, will announce when I know

FullSizeRender 833

FullSizeRender 834

FullSizeRender 839

IT Cosmetics Announces NEW Products!

IT Cosmetics has released/announced a TONNE of new products.. And by a tonne, I mean 52!!!!!


New Products Include……..

New Bye Bye Breakout Concealer

Full coverage concealer and drying lotion in one. Suitable for oily/acne prone skin

$35.23 AUD – $28.00 USD each

FullSizeRender 753

FullSizeRender 757

New Bye Bye Breakout Powder

Blemish minimising weightless finishing veil for oily/acne prone skin

 $35.23 AUD – $28.00 USD each

FullSizeRender 754

FullSizeRender 762

New Bye Bye Lines Foundation

Anti-aging, Skin smoothing, Invisible Coverage

$47.85 AUD – $38.00 USD each

FullSizeRender 755

FullSizeRender 756

New Bye Bye Under Eye Concealing Pot

Weightless Smoothing Complete Coverage Concealer

$35.23 AUD – $28.00 USD each

FullSizeRender 759

FullSizeRender 758

New Confidence In A Cleanser Serum

Skin-Transforming Hydrating Cleansing Serum

$34.79 AUD – $28.00 USD

FullSizeRender 760

FullSizeRender 761

New Superhero Brush

4-in-1 Double Duo Brush


FullSizeRender 763

New Bye Bye Pores Blush Shade

Poreless finish airbrush brightening Blush. Sweet Cheeks is new and is a Shimmery Blue Pink Shade

$29.83 AUD – $24.00 USD

FullSizeRender 765

FullSizeRender 764

New Super Hero Liner

24 Hour Waterproof Liner

$29.83 AUD – $24.00 USD

FullSizeRender 767

FullSizeRender 766

New Confidence in a Compact SPF 50 Shades

Skin Transforming Full Coverage solid serum Foundation. Two new shades , Deep and Medium Tan

$47.24 AUD – $38.00 USD

FullSizeRender 768

FullSizeRender 769

New Bye Bye Pores Illuminator

Poreless finish airbrush pressed powder highlighter

$36.03 AUD – $29.00 USD

FullSizeRender 771

New Perfect Lighting Pen

Radient touch magic wand correct, conceals and highlights. Comes in 3 shades – Radient Honey (Custard Colour), Radient Neutral (Pale Yellow) and Radient Light (Peachy Pink).

$36.03 AUD – $29.00 USD

FullSizeRender 774

FullSizeRender 773

New CC Airbrush Perfecting Powder SPF 50

Sheer to Full Coverage Powder. Comes in 7 Shades

$43.49 AUD – $35.00 each

FullSizeRender 775

FullSizeRender 772

New Brow Powder Pomade 

Instant lift, tame and sculpt waterproof brow gel

$29.82 AUD – $24.00 USD

FullSizeRender 777

FullSizeRender 776

New Bye Bye Redness Moisturiser

Skin relief moisturiser for redness/sensitive skin

$59.66 AUD – $48.00 USD

FullSizeRender 780

New Bye Bye Redness Cream Shades

Correcting Cream for redness/sensitive skin. There are TWO new shades in the range

FullSizeRender 779

FullSizeRender 778

New Bye Bye Redness Powder

Redness erasing correcting powder for redness/sensitive skin

$47.22 AUD – $38.00 USD

FullSizeRender 781

MAC New Palettes Coming + Pictures Shown + Dates Announced

MAC Cosmetics is releasing SIX New Palettes!! Each palette contains 8 eyeshadows and 1 highlighter shade.

Mischief Minx Palette

FullSizeRender 782

Prissy Princess Palette

FullSizeRender 783

Basic Bitch Palette

FullSizeRender 787

Rockin’ Rebel Palette

FullSizeRender 786

Fashion Fanatic Palette

FullSizeRender 785

Power Hungry Palette

FullSizeRender 784

Launch Date

3rd Aug – on MAC Cosmetics Online and Ulta

Will arrive at MAC Australia Online and other International MAC Stores Sometime After This


Did you see anything you’re excited about?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!!!!


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