Kylie Cosmetics Birthday 2017 Collection PRICES Revealed (+ Price Conversions from USD to AUD, CAD, GBP and EURO)

Heyyyyy Beautiesssss

Kylie released prices today for her upcoming Birthday Collection and in this post I am going to go through them. I will also be converting the prices from USD into AUD (Australian), CAD (Canadian), GBP (UK) and Euro (Europe). If you have any suggestions for other currencies you want me to include in future post’s, let me know!

Let’s go through it babes!!!!!


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2 x Mini Liquid Lipstick Sets

One Mini Velvet Set and One Mini Matte Set. Each contains 6 shades and is sold SEPERATELY!

$45.15 AUD , $36.00 USD, $44.90 CAD, $27.43 GBP , $30.68 EURO each

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lip sets 1

1 x Lip Kit in Twenty

The Lip Kit in Twenty is a shade and comes with a liquid lipstick and lip liner

$37.60 AUD , $30.00 USD , $37.42 CAD , $22.86 GBP , $25.57 EURO

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JPEG image-5A7566C2CFFB-1

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1 x Bling Lip Kit in Candy

The Bling Liquid Lipstick in Candy is decorated by Rhinestones. I have to say, the price of this BLEW MY MIND and I would’t dream of buying it, but each to their own.

$81.48 AUD , $65.00 USD , $81.09 CAD , $49.53 GBP , $55.39 EURO

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2 x Lip Glosses in Exclusive Shades

There are two Birthday Glosses being released, Cupcake (peach shade) and Cherry Pie (red shade).

$18.80 AUD , $15.00 USD , $18.71 CAD , $11.43 GBP , $12.78 EURO each

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2 x Ultra Glow Loose Highlighters

There are TWO NEW Ultra Glow Loose Highlighters being released, King and Queen.

$17.55 AUD , $14.00 USD , $17.46 CAD , $10.67 GBP , $11.93 EURO each

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FullSizeRender 800

JPEG image-661068271BD5-1

1 x Birthday Book Palette

The Birthday Book Palette contains 9 eyeshadows, 1 blush and 1 highlighter.

$67.69 AUD , $54.00 USD , $67.36 CAD , $41.14 GBP , $46.01 EURO

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FullSizeRender 818

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1 x Brush Set

The Brush Set comes with 4 brushes1 face brush and 3 eye brushes.

$37.60 AUD , $30.00 USD , $37.41 CAD , $22.85 GBP , $25.56 EURO

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1 x Makeup Bag

The Birthday Collection Makeup Bag is pink and glittery with Kylie’s Logo on the  front!

$45.12 AUD , $36.00 USD , $44.90 CAD , $27.42 GBP , $30.67 EURO

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1 x Birthday Collection Bundle

There is going to be a bundle available that contain’s multiple, but not all, of the items

Bundle Includes….

1 x Ultra Glow in Shade Queen   1 x Mini Liquid Lipstick MATTE Set

1 x Birthday Book Palette    2 x Glosses

1 x Lip Kit in Twenty      1 x Makeup Bag

$219.36 AUD , $175.00 USD , $218.32 CAD , $133.35 GBP , $149.12 EURO


1 x King Ultra Glow Highlighter      1 x Candy Blinged out Lip Kit

1 x Velvet Mini Lip Set     OR     1 x Brush Set

If you want to buy the bundle (like I am) but also want some of the items not included, you will have to buy them seperately. I am pretty annoyed that the Mini Velvet Lip Set isn’t in the bundle, and I think she should include the other Ultra Glow too.. Anyway, it is what it is babes.

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1st of August in the USA – 2nd of August in AU

at 3 pm PST – 8 am SYDNEY Time

on Kylie Cosmetics Online

Make sure you check with your own countries time zones (google it, it’s the easiest way). I hate/get anxiety including that information because if I accidentally get the time wrong for you’re country, that’s all on me LOL so deffo check yourself for times.

AS ALWAYS, BE ON TIME BABES!!!! Ya’ll know what Kylie’s Site is like on launch days (MENTAL)!

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What do you have you’re eyes on babes???? Let me know in the comments below!!! Also let me know what you think of the prices!!


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