Beauty News August 2017 Part 8- KKW, ColourPop, Stila, Sephora X Moschino, Nars, Becca + More!!

Heyyyyyy Beautiesssss

This is Part 8 to my Beauty News August 2017 Posts!!


Desi X Katy X Dose of Colors Launches & Sells Out BUT Restock is Announced!!

The Dose of Colors X Desi X Katy Collection launched today and all of the items have unfortunately ALREADY sold out on Dose of Colors Online. The good news is that they have announced they are going to be making more of the collection and a restock will be NEXT month – in September 2017.

Desi X Katy Collection Includes….

2 x Powder Highlighters in Compacts

Fuego & Mirame


2 x Traditional Lipsticks

More Creamier Please- Light Brown Nude Shade

No Shade- Light Nude Shade



1 x Lipgloss

Sheer Clear Nude Shade


2 x Liquid Lipsticks

Hot Fire- Matte Bright Red Shade

Savage- Matte Blackened Purple Shade


1 x Eyeshadow Palette

Contains 4 Metallic Shades


Restock Date

Sometime in September 2017

FullSizeRender 1338

FullSizeRender 1336

FullSizeRender 1339

FullSizeRender 1335

FullSizeRender 1337

Stila 2017 Holiday Set’s Shown

As always, Stila Cosmetics are coming out with set’s for the holidays of 2017 and they have showed some of them online!!

Stila Holiday 2017 Items Include…..

Warm & Fuzzy Mini Liquid Lipstick Set

Contains 3 mini liquid lipsticks in the shades Splendore, Caramello and Beso

$25.33 AUD – $20.00 USD


Play It Cool Mini Liquid Lipstick Set

Contains 3 mini liquid lipsticks in shades Baci, Patina and Bacca

$25.33 AUD , $20.00 USD


Star Studded Mini Liquid Lipstick Set

contains 8 mini liquid lipsticks in the shades Patina (shimmery version), Beso (shimmery version), Perla, Patina (normal version), Aria, Chianti, Rubino and Sogno

$57.00 AUD – $45.00 USD


2 x Glitterati Lip Top Coats

Transcend- Transparent Pink with Multi Coloured Sparkles

Ignite- Transparent Berry Sparkle

$27.87 AUD – $22.00 USD each


1 x Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Mini Set

Contains 3 Liquid Eyeshadows in the shades Diamond Dust, Kitten Karma and Smoky Storm.

$31.67 AUD – $25.00 USD


1 x Big Shots Eye Set

contains 2 products– 1 Huge Extreme Lash Mascara and 1 Waterproof Eyeliner

$31.67 AUD – $25.00 USD

stila hol 21

1 x Matte’ificent Mattes Set

Contains 2 products – 1 Matte’ificent Matte Lipstick in shade Mon Ami + Lip Liner in shade Zinfandel

$22.80 AUD – $18.00 USD

stila hol 21d

There are no official launch dates known just yet babes!!!

FullSizeRender 1247

FullSizeRender 1248

ColourPop x Karrueche She Palette Restock Announced!!

A restock date for the ColourPop X Karrueche She Eyeshadow Palette has been annoounced!!

Restock Date + Time

17th August18th August AU – at 10 am PST – 3 am Syd Time – on ColourPop Cosmetics Online

My Full ColourPop X Karrueche Fem Rosa She Eyeshadow Palette Post Link- ColourPop X Karrueche Fem Rosa Collection Part 1- She Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches


Sephora X Moschino Collection Launch Delayed!!!!

The Sephora x Moschino Collection launch has been pushed back after Sephora released the WRONG date for the restock (it was suppose to launch a few days ago). The whole collection will be now launching NEXT week.

Official Launch Date

18th August on Sephora USA Online. Not sure if this collection is coming to any international stores, I have heard nothing about it so I would assume not.

FullSizeRender 1223

FullSizeRender 1220

KKW Fully Reveals NEW Powder Contour + Highlighter Kits

Kim has finally showed us the inside and swatches of her upcoming new powder highlight and contour palettes. There are going to be THREE different palettes- Light, Medium and Deep-Dark.

All of the kits contain TWO shimmery highlighters and TWO matte contour/bronze shades.

Light Palette


Medium Palette


Deep/Dark Palette


Palette Swatches

FullSizeRender 1357

Launch Date

22nd August23rd August AU – at 12 pm PST – 5 am SYD time – on KKW Beauty Online

Prices of the kits not known just yet

FullSizeRender 1354

FullSizeRender 1353

FullSizeRender 1231

Too Faced Reveals NEW Upcoming Chocolate Bar Palette!!

Jackie Aina has showed us pictures of an upcoming New Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette!! The palette is called the Chocolate Bar Gold Palette and contains 18 shades.

No official details regarding a launch date have been released just yet babes

FullSizeRender 1356

FullSizeRender 1355

Nars Release New Audacious Lipstick Shades

Nars Cosmetics has released 6 new shades into their Audacious Lipstick range. The Nars Audacious Lipstick’s are traditional stick lipsticks that have a creamy finish. The new shades are limited edition and cost $43.07 AUD – $34.00 USD each.

New Nars Audacious Lipstick Shades Include……

nars new 2


Dark Brown Shade with Red Tinge

Nars Aya 1


Light Purple Nude Shade

Nars Dayla 1


Deep Purple Shade

Nars Kirat 1


Orange Brown Nude Shade

nars linda 1


Deep Red Shade

nars louise


Pink Nude Shade

nars vikeke

FullSizeRender 1305

nars new 1

Nars Sneak Peak NEW Upcoming Fall Collection

Nars have also showed us a picture of their upcoming Fall 2017 Collection. As you can see, it looks like a blush, two eyeshadows and some liners.

No more details known just yet babes

FullSizeRender 1306

Becca Announces Upcoming New Highlighter!!

Becca has announced that they are releasing a new highlighter shade. They are doing something unique in that they have showed us two different highlighters and are asking people to vote to see what one is going to be launched. Personally, I find this stupid and wish they would just release both of the highlighters but anyway.

The two highlighters we have to chose from are Smokey Quarts which is a shimmery pink rose gold shade, and Golden Mint which is a shimmery green gold shade.

The chosen highlighter will be announced on the 17th of August. You can vote on Becca’s Instagram Story.

FullSizeRender 1350

FullSizeRender 1359

FullSizeRender 1361

Viseart Sneak Peak New Palettes

Viseart has uploaded a photo showing sneak peaks of some upcoming palettes!! It looks like the palettes on >>> side are eyeshadow palettes that contain 6 shades.

No more information known just yet babes

FullSizeRender 1352

Sephora PRO Palettes Restock

Sephora USA have restocked their PRO Eyeshadow Palettes!!!

FullSizeRender 1309

FullSizeRender 1303

FullSizeRender 1307

Luxie Beauty Announces + Shows New Collection

Luxie Beauty has announced that they are coming out with a Disney Princess Jasmine themed collection. They have showed us pictures but we don’t know EXACTLY what is int the collection just yet, but we will VERY soon.

What we do know is that the collection will be launching sometime in September 2017 babes!!!

FullSizeRender 1304

FullSizeRender 1315

FullSizeRender 1292

Loreal Sneak Peaks New Upcoming Product

Loreal is coming out with a new product called the Infallible Galaxy Stick, which is a multi-use stick illuminator that comes in multiple shades.

There are no official launch dates known just yet, but we should know soon!!

FullSizeRender 1293

Wet N Wild Sneak Peak New Product

Wet N Wild has sneaked peaked a picture of a new upcoming product!! Everyone is guessing that they are colour correcting concealers, but we don’t actually know what they are JUST yet.

FullSizeRender 1316

OFRA Launching NEW Skincare Items

OFRA Cosmetics are launching 3 new skincare items into their range. The items are all face masks including a Revitalising Clay Mask, a Volcanic Clarifying Mask and a Brightening Mask.

Launch Date

23rd August 24th August AU – at 10 am PST – 3 am Syd Time- on OFRA Cosmetics Online

FullSizeRender 1333

ColourPop Releases New Ultra Satin Shade

ColourPop has released a NEW Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick shade into the range. It is called Virginia and it is a deep purple pink shade.

AVAILABLE NOW on ColourPop Cosmetics Online


Morphe X Brittany Bear Colab Launching Tomorrow!!

The Brittany Bear Makeup X Morphe nose contour brush set is launching tomorrow!! The set includes 3 brushes for contouring the nose and are special, 360 brushes. The set will cost $22.91 AUD – $18.00 USD.

Launch Date

15th August 16th August AU – on Morphe Cosmetics Online

FullSizeRender 1341

Did you see anything you’re excited about?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!!


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