Beauty Anti-Haul August 2017 – What I’m NOT Gunna Buy/Why!!! – Moschino X Sephora, Becca, ABH + More!!

Heyyyyy Beautiesssss

I have been meaning to write another anti-haul post, but I have just kept pushing it off to the side but I am finally catching up on it!! If you read my blog frequently, you will know I do Beauty News and Announcement posts every 2-5 days, but in them, I stick to just conveying the information and showing photos of products, as opposed to letting you know if I’m going to get it, like it, or am not going to get it, etc. My anti-haul posts are where I come and share my thoughts on products that have come out/are coming out and let you know WHAT I’M NOT GUNNNNNAAAA BUY!!!

I always like to report on everything in my Beauty News Posts, but I don’t actually LIKE every single thing I talk about in them because so much comes out on a frequent basis that it’s impossible for me to like everything. I am going to try and do these anti-haul posts more regularly, so let me know what you think of them at the end!!

DISCLAIMER I do tend to sound a little petty in these type of posts, but just know, I am really not trying to be negative at all. I am just trying to let you know the reasons why I don’t like a product and I do get a bit sassy without meaning to. Please DON’T get upset if I talk about something you like that I hate, we can all have opinions and I mean no offence what-so-ever!!

Soooo, let’s get into it babes!!!!!!!!

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Sephora X Moschino Collection

FullSizeRender 1417

Holy god. This collection is actually hideous. I have wrote about the immature Too Faced packaging in my previous anti-haul posts (aka, the Clover Eyeshadow Palette), but I honestly think Moschino takes it to another level of ridiculous, and this brand is considered luxury?? I dont understand!! The packaging honestly looks like something you would find at Toy World, and it just looks cheap and tacky.

The only thing that remotely grabs my eye in the collection is the eyeshadow palette, but no matter how much I like the shades in it (which are not all that unique at all, but I do like them), I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it simply because of the packaging. It is so bulky, and immature, I really just can’t deal with it. Jeffree Star was on youtube yapping on about how cute the bear packaging is, and I just thought… What the fuck lol. HARD PASS, Sephora… NEXT!!!!

FullSizeRender 1420

FullSizeRender 1417

MAC X Taraji P.Henson Viva La Glam TAKE TWO

Taraji 3

I absolutely loved the first MAC X Taraji P.Henson Viva La Glam Collection (if you remember, it was a beautiful raspberry pink shade), but unfortunately, I really dislike the shade this time around. I cannot for the LIFE OF ME rock brown lipstick, it doesn’t look good on my pale skin AT ALL, especially this particular shade of brown. I love the packaging, it is the exact same as the last collection and any type of MAC limited edition packaging gets me going, but I know that I just won’t like the shades, so unfortunately, I’m going to pass on this one! I do think it’s good that people with deeper skin colors will be able to wear this more, but for me, I just won’t suit it :( DAMN, MAC!!

FullSizeRender 1409

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette



I don’t think it would be an August 2017 anti-haul without mentioning this product. Even though I am sick to death of hearing about it, I HAVE to add it. I think it’s worth it to note that even before the palette and reviews came out, I knew I wasn’t going to buy it. The shade scheme in this palette is not for me and from what I have seen, you can’t really get too many nice looks out of it anyway. The shades are just not the best, muted green, navy and blue shades are not all that flattering on anyone in my opinion, unless you are a total BOSS at eyeshadow, even then it’s hard to pull off. After hearing about/watching the drama surrounding the palette, I kind of wanted to get it to try it to see what everyone was talking about but I decided against it because I knew I would regret it. The palette has TONNES of fall-out, which is my worst nightmare ever. There is nothing I hate more than getting messy, or messing up product and getting it everywhere, it’s just not for me.

I think we can all agree this palette was an epic fail. If beauty guru’s who do their eyeshadow and makeup everyday, who have tonnes of experience, can hardly get this palette to work, blend out, or look good, me, and anyone else who isn’t a pro, really has no hope in the world. When it comes to eyeshadow, I’m impatient. I don’t want to sit around for hours blending something out that I will probably hate anyway. I have seen beauty guru’s on youtube who have had to wipe their eyeshadow off and try again multiple times and I’m thinking….. Damn, you have some patience, because I WOULD BE DONE AFTER ONE GO!! This palette is just a no-no for me.. Not this time ABH, not this time… PASSSSSS!!


New Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Smokey Quartz

I really like the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector’s, even though they are over-priced, and are highly dupable for affordable products, I really like them especially the original shades like Topaz, Pearl, Moonstone, etc. I think when you have such an extensive range of highlighters, you get to a point where you can’t do that much more. The newest limited edition Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Smokey Quartz is just such a basic, boring shade and it just doesn’t catch my eye, especially for the price of it. Becca, be creative, you are becoming so repetitive that I just roll my eyes every-time. NEXXXXTTTTTTTT!!!

FullSizeRender 1391

Storybook Cosmetics Quill Eyeliner

FullSizeRender 1423

I have to say, I just can’t get into this brand. I understand that they have a large audience of people who like this kind of stuff, but I’m just not one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, I love Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and so on and so fourth, but I like it on my TV, not in my makeup collection. As I said, I know there is a HUGE AUDIENCE for this kind of thing and I’m not saying that it’s not okay to like it of course, but it’s just not my style.

In regards to the Quill Eyeliner, I think it’s a nice concept and a lot of people will like it, but it’s not practical for me in my messy asf makeup room. Storing this looks like it would be a nightmare for me, and I’m just not into it. I like being able to store my small normal, liquid liner in my acrylic cube and getting it out of the way, I just couldn’t make this work. Nice concept, Storybook, but not for meeeeee!! PASSSSSSSS

FullSizeRender 1422

Sugar Pill Cosmetics NEW Ghost Pigment

FullSizeRender 1403

Sugar Pill Cosmetics is releasing a new pigment called Ghost soon, and I’m deffo not buying it. I don’t actually know how many times I have said that I absolutely dislike loose powder pigment products really, really bad. Of course, I like transluscent and setting powder, but loose eyeshadows and highlighters are TOO DAMN MESSY and hard to work with for me. I keep buying loose powder products thinking I may get used to them, and I just never can. They are a fuss and a mess in my opinion and that’s a nightmare for me.

In regards to the shade, I really do like it but it is certainly nothing unique and nothing that I can’t find in my makeup collection already. I think they could of introduced a more exciting product, DO MORE SUGAR PILL, you are capable of more!!!!! For a brand who has built themselves up from making colourful, creative pigments I don’t understand why they would release something so bland and boring…. Hard pass, NEXXTTTTTTTTT!!

FullSizeRender 1404

FullSizeRender 1405

FullSizeRender 1432

Marc Jacobs Fall 2017 Collection

FullSizeRender 1375

Marc Jacobs are coming out with a Fall 2017 Makeup Collection, and just like the rest of their makeup line, the items are basic and boring, and don’t appeal to me. Something about luxury makeup brands doesn’t get me going. Everything is always so boring and I dont know, nothing EVER catches my eye enough for me to buy it. People complain about Kylie Cosmetics and say people buy it for the name, but at least Kylie is creative… Luxury brands just rely on their name and come out with the most boring shit ever. I would rather buy drugstore products than luxury makeup products,  luxury makeup products are a BIG FAIL every single time. I feel like because they have an already established popular brand, they literally put ZERO EFFORT into their items, whereas indy makeup brands have to prove themselves and work hard to make a name for themselves, so they come out with really good stuff. Marc Jacobs, you bore me, ZzZzZzZz…..  NEXTTTTTTTTTT!!

Marc New 1

Pat McGrath Motherland Eyeshadow Palettes



I hate to say, I don’t know who this woman is. I will do my research at one point (I think she’s a makeup artist of some sort) but for now let’s talk about her upcoming permanent makeup collection. She recently announced that she is releasing a permanent line of products (her previous products have all . be limited-edition), and the collection contains multiple items that will be available al the time. The collection includes 3 different eyeshadow palettes, each containing 10 eyeshadows and costing $157.67 AUD  – $125.00 USD EACH!!!!

My main reason for not going anywhere near these palettes is the price, it is honestly an absolute joke. That’s some Natasha Denona type shit, but worse because Natasha Denona has more eyeshadows in her palettes. I’m sorry…. but I dont understand why these unknown people who are ancient in the industry come onto the market and price their items so high when there is NO quality difference between their products and affordable, indy brand products. Honestly, who do these people think they are????? I guess they know because people still fork out money to buy their stuff, but that’s not me. Now I am no prude when it comes to spending money on makeup, obviously. However there is a price point that I just won’t cross for ONE ITEM that isn’t going to be GROUND STOPPING AMAZING and/or innovative, which these palettes are not. Don’t get me wrong the palettes are amazing, but paying $157.67 AUD for a 10-pan eyeshadow palette and a brand name that you really have never heard of is something I’m not going to do. Why would I pay for her name when I don’t know her/am not a fan of her?? I hope that she releases more affordable palettes, and then I might try them. If she is going to have a permanent, successful line, it MIGHT be smart to cater to lower budgets and younger people rather than relying on people who are older, know her and have no trouble forking out hundreds for a 10-pan palette. Pat McGrath, Ima need you to come back down to reality, 10000% HARD PASSSSSSSSSSSSSS… NEXTTTTTT!!

Pat 4

Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Stowaways 

FullSizeRender 1439

Is benefit Cosmetics experiencing drops in sales?? I cannot for the life of me understand why they would create such a basic, boring and down-right ugly collection. For one, if I was any one of these beauty influencers, I would be asking for a re-shoot. All of the photos are so unflattering and just horrible….

In regards to the actual products, there is nothing new. If I wanted to buy these products, I would buy the full sized, normal one. I don’t really have much more to say in regards to this product because its just so……… MEH……. This was a big fail in my opinion. DO BETETR BENEFIT, YOU ARE BORING!!!!!!!!!!

FullSizeRender 1436

That is the end of my Anti-Haul for August 2017!!!! I could probably keep going, but I don’t want this post to get too long. Did you see anything here that you are also not buying?? What other products are on your anti-haul list??? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!!

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