Desi X Katy X Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick in Hot Fire Review + Swatches

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Desi Perkins and Katy (LustreLux) recently collaborated with the makeup brand Dose of Colors to create a limited edition collection and today, I am going to be talking about and swatching the liquid lipstick in the shade Hot Fire

Desi X Katy Lip Products Include.........

Hot Fire Liquid Lipstick

No Shade Lipstick

More Creamier Please Lipstick

Over The Top Gloss

Hot Fire Liquid Lipstick Description, Review + Info (With Swatches)

Product Description

Hot Fire is a Bright Orange Red Shade with a matte finish. It has a medium consistency and applies kind of tacky and sticky but easily glides all over the lips. I actually like the slight tacky consistency/texture because the product grabs to the lips well, but it can look kind of patchy and streaky when you’re in the middle of applying it. As you build it up and keep applying and smoothing the product over, it goes fully opaque and doesn’t require much work to get even at all. It is very matte but does have a tiny bit of transfer. This transfer is very minimal and it is not sticky, wet or messy, just a little tacky.

In regards to how it looks on the lips, Hot Fire is flattering and makes the lips look plump, and doesn’t sink into fine lines (some liquid lipstick’s fall into the cracks in the lips and they can make the lips look super wrinkly). Instead of sinking in, it smooths over the top of the lips and sets, which I love because as I said, some liquid lipsticks tend to exaggerate every single line which isn’t a very nice look especially when you pair that with a matte finish. I really like how this shade looks from both far-away and up close.

I really like the colour of Hot Fire. It is such a beautiful red orange shade that will look good on every skin tone, and most people like a red-lip so I think it's good that they included a universal shade in the collection.

I didn't buy the other liquid lipstick from the collection (Savage) because it was a really really deep, purple black shade that I knew I wouldn't like, so I think they have balanced out the shade selection by adding a red product, especially when you consider that they added two nudes in traditional lipstick form and a clear gloss (review on them coming up).  Even though I do love the color, it certainly isn’t anything unique and there are a variety of exact dupes out there. In saying this, I really don't think there is much room in the industry for unique lipstick shades, everything has been done a million times by this point, which isn't bad because there is only so much you can do and only so many colors and pigments you can mix to produce unique results. Still, I thought it would be worth it to add that there are a million shades out there like this, so if you miss out and you really want Hot Fire for it's color and not it's packaging or because it's a collaboration item, don't freak out, you can find so many similar shades.

Applicator Quality

The applicator in the liquid lipstick is a nice, medium sized doe-foot that works with the formula really well. The tip of the applicator is a perfect size for lining the lips, meaning you don’t need a lip pencil to get precision, which is pretty much a must for me when it comes to liquid lipsticks. The applicator a company chooses to use in their liquid lipsticks plays a massive part in the application of the product and some applicators are better than others, and I am very happy with the applicator in this shade.

Wear/Lasting Power

Hot Fire lasts on the lips for hours, it's staying power is good. It wears the same as all liquid lipstick’s and does end up dry and crumbly after a while, but that’s just what you get with liquid lipsticks. The wear/feel/comfort level of Hot Fire after a period of time is in the medium range, it's not too bad but you can certainly feel discomfort and it does go clumpy and yucky.

I thought I would note that no fully matte liquid lipstick by ANY brand will stay perfect or be comfortable. The ingredient that makes formula’s matte - Isododecane- is used for it’s amazing ability to coat the skin in a waterproof barrier, meaning no moisture can absorb into the skin which means no moisture can rub the lipstick off, which is why matte formula’s stay on the lips so long. Isododecane is the mechanism matte products work on but even though it is amazing at helping products to stay matte, it has some negative effects on the skin.

The waterproof barrier Isododecane creates obviously suffocates the skin and prevents it from breathing, leading to dryness and crumbling. It also prevents water/moisture being drawn in, which is the only way human skin can be moisturised (water is drawn in, water=moisture). Essentially, a liquid lipstick with Isododecane in it (which 98.7% of liquid lipstick formula’s contain) dehydrates your lips by blocking out moisture, and the uncomfortable feeling that occurs is a result of this and can’t be helped. The point here is that although this liquid lipstick feels uncomfortable on the lips, the majority of them do (I do have a post on Isododecane, but I thought I would skip over it here).

My Overall Thoughts

All in all, I am very happy with this shade. The packaging is amazing, I like the color and the formula is really nice and I like how it doesn't sink into the lines on the lips. The shade isn't unique though, and the formula isn't either so it's just up to you to decide whether you want the product or not. I am not sure that I would of bought this if it wasn't a collaboration only because I do have so many red liquid lipstick's it would be a bit pointless, but nonetheless, it is a beautiful shade.

I am now going to show you some swatches of Hot Fire, and then insert an overall ranking table which will help you get a better understanding of how the product sits as a whole

Hot Fire Liquid Lipstick Swatches

Hot Fire Overall Ranking/Summary

Let me know what you think of the Hot Fire Liquid Lipstick in the comments below babes!!!!!!!!

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