Live Glam Kiss Me September 2017 Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches

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Today I am going to be talking about and swatching the Live Glam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick's for the month of September 2017!!!

Live Glam Sep 2017 Intro pic 1

Live Glam Sep 2017 Intro 1


Live Glam Promisuous END NEW 1


Promiscuous is a light pink nude shade that has a matte finish. Live Glam describes the shade as a 'peach toned nude' shade, which is accurate for the most part but I do find it more pink toned than orange toned. I found that it came up more orange based in arm swatches, but on the lips it has more pink tones, which could have something to do with the color of my lips and skin, which are fair (the shade might come up more orange on darker skin). The consistency of the formula is the same as the matte shades from previous months. This is good because it tells me that as a whole, the formula of the Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick's are consistent across the range, meaning I know what to expect each time. The consistency has a lightweight, creamy feel to it and is a nice medium between extremely thick, and extremely thin. I am a big fan of this formula, it is really good to work with and feels nice on the lips.


The shade applies extremely well with no streakiness, patchiness and no tugging. It just glides on in one swipe and is easily built up to full pigmentation without any trouble. It is fully opaque, pigmented and has a high color pay-off. Promiscuous is extremely flattering on the lips. It doesn't sink into fine lines but instead smooths over them, giving the lips a nice plump, full appearance. The doe-foot applicator that comes in the liquid lipstick works extremely well with the formula and spreads the product over the lips so precisely.

Even though the finish is matte, it is one of those shades that will have a tiny bit of transfer, and that feels slightly tacky. It isn't uncomfortable though, and the transfer level is low. Nonetheless, it's still there, and you can feel a slight bit of stickiness that doesn't dry down. I would describe the comfort level as being in the medium range, it's not the worst and not the best, but I do think that it leans more towards the best rather than the worst. The light consistency  of the formula does make it way more comfortable than a lot of liquid lipstick's on the market, and as a whole, it doesn't feel annoying or heavy. The shade has high longevity and lasting power, and it stays on the lips for hours.

I absolutely love the color of Promiscuous. It is such a beautiful nude pink shade that is right up my alley. The formula is amazing, the shade applies perfectly, and I couldn't ask for more. Promiscuous is a WINNER for me.

Live Glam Promisuous Arm 4 lab white

LiveGlamPromosciousLip1Collage1 LABELLED


Live Glam Happily Ever After End Pic 1


Happily Ever After is a coral pink shade with a matte finish. Live Glam describes the shade as a 'pretty pink off-nude' shade, which I find weird because I wouldn't class it as a nude at all, but I can see where they are going because it does have light tones to it. The shade came up a lot darker in arm swatches than on the lips,


The consistency of Happily Ever After is the exact same as the first matte shade I talked about. It is very light and creamy and it applies to the lips perfectly. It isn't too thick or too thin and feels light and comfortable while still giving maximum color pay-off. Just like the first matte, it has high pigmentation, is fully opaque and isn't streaky or patchy. The doe-foot applicator works extremely well with the product and disperses it evenly onto the lips. In regards to how it looks on the lips, it completely flatters them and doesn't sink into fine lines.

The formula (again, just like the first shade) is completely matte but it does have a tiny, tiny bit of transfer and does stay slightly tacky and sticky on the lips. I don't have a problem with this because it is so minimal, but it is noticeable. The shade has high staying power and will stick to the lips for hours.

Overall, I absolutely love this shade. Pink shades like these are some of my all time favourite, go-to lip colors, so I am very happy with Happily Ever After.

Live Glam Happily Ever After Arm 2

Live Glam Kiss Me Happily Ever After Lip 2 COLLAGE LABELLED


Live Glam Single AF End Pic 1


Single AF is a pale nude shade with a sheer, glossy finish. The consistency of the gloss is extremely thin and gel-like. It is a very lightweight and thin consistency that is less thick than most glosses on the market. For comparison, I recently reviewed the Fenty Beauty Gloss, and in that post I let you know that it has a thick , gel like consistency that is in the medium range, and Single AF is the opposite of that in terms of the thickness of the product. 


Even though the consistency of the gloss is extremely thin, it does have pigmentation and shows up on the lips. It's not fully opaque, and is clear in a way, but it does have a nice nude tint to it that is noticeable. There is no glitter or shimmer in it, and it is just full pigment without any sparkles. The gloss applies to the lips very well with the doe-foot applicator, and even though I did have to build it up on the top lip a bit to get it fully even, it applied much better and easier than a lot of glosses do.

Single AF feels comfortable on the lips and isn't overly sticky or tacky. You can rub your lips together while wearing it without that globby, sticky feeling. It is not transfer proof and does rub off, and it has low staying power. It doesn't stick on the lips for long at all, and even if you dont eat or drink, it will come off. When it fades away, it doesn't get all messy and I would be confident enough to wear it out even if I couldn't check in through the day because as I said, it just fades away with no fuss.

The gloss looks extremely pretty on the lips and makes them look fuller and plumper. You can wear it alone for a natural look, or apply it over coloured lip products to create a nice effect. I love glosses like this because they make the lips look so hydrated and plump, and will suit skin tones of all types. All in all, I really love this shade.

Live Glam Single AF Arm 2

Live Glam Single AF Lip Collage 1

swatch comp title

Live Glam Sep 2017 Lip Swatch 1

Live Glam Sep 2017 Lip Swatch 2

Live Glam Sep 2017 Swatch Comp 4

Live Glam Kiss Me 2017 Sep Swatches 4

Live Glam Kiss Me 2017 Sep Swatches 5

What do you think of the September 2017 Kiss Me Liquid Lipsticks?? What is your favourite shade?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!!


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