Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Traditional Lipsticks Review + Swatches (x8 Shades)

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The Jeffree Star Lip Ammunitions are traditional stick lipsticks that come in multiple shades. Each shade contains 3.3 grams (0.12 fluid ounces) of product, has a shelf life of 12 months and is made in the USA.

The formula of the lipsticks is consistent across the range, which means that each shade performs the exact same, give or take tiny, tiny differences. This is always the case with Jeffree Star Cosmetics, his other products also  have consistent formula's, which is extremely important to me because if I get one, I know how the rest will work.


The Lip Ammunition Lipsticks have a Satin finish, which is a cross between a matte finish and creamy finish.. The consistency is thick and creamy. The thickness of the formula means that the lipstick's flatter the lips and don't sink into fine lines. However, I also think that this thick consistency makes the lipsticks a bit hard to apply. They have low spreadability, and they tug on the lips a lot. Once you get that first layer of pigment onto the lips, it becomes so much easier to even it out and build it up, but when applying the first layer it feels like chalk sliding across the lips with a lotof resistance.

I don't have that much of a problem with this because as I said, it is easy to build up and once it is built up, you are good to go, but youNEED to make sure that you are not winding the lipstick up fully, or it will most likely snapin half when you're applying it. I thought that the tugging of the lipsticks might be the top layer of the new ones, so thankfully I purchased 2 when they first launched, and I can say that even when the top, harder layer of the lipsticks is worn down and used, it doesn't get easier to spread. The two that I previously had and have used didn't apply that much easier, maybe a tiny bit but I do think the low spreadability and high resistance of the lipstick's is a result of the creamy, hard formula.

Staying on the subject of application, I want to quickly mention the packaging. I do feel like it is a tiny bit cheap, and when you're winding the product up, it feels like it is close to breaking. I don't know exactly what it is, but I feel like the twisty bit that you use to wind the product up is too tight, and it kind of clicks, so you have to make sure your being gentle with it.


The lipsticks all leave a stain on the lips, meaning that even though they do transfer onto thing's (fingers, teeth, hands, straws, everything), they stay put and have a long lasting power, especially for a traditional, stick lipsticks. I really wasn't expecting them to last so long throughout the day. When I was doing my wear/lasting power test, I noticed that the lipsticks start of really wet and creamy, and after 30 minutes or so, they turn into a nice, dry, stain-like finish. I am not sure if this is the formula, or if this is a result of the creamy, wet, top-layer transferring off and leaving behind a nice residue, but I am impressed and it looks good.

Here is a comparison picture of Baby Spice, which is the shade I used in my first wear test. As you can see, after a few hours, the lipstick leaves behind a nice, stain.  The bottom shot is 4-5 hours after initial application, the top is after initial application.



Usually, I wouldn't be game to wear lipstick's like this out when I couldn't keep checking and touching up, but I would be confident enough to wear these out because they really cling to the lips and don't get messy.  They feel super comfortable, both when they are creamy and when they are more dry, and even though you can feel that it's there, it's not overly annoying at all.

As I mentioned above, the thick, creamy consistency of the lipstick's means that they look really, really nice on the lips, and don't make them look overly glossy, or patchy or wrinkly. In regards to the shade range, I am a massive fan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink lip shades, but if you don't like pink, I am not sure you will like the shade range because there is a lot of pink's and not a lot of other colors.

All in all, I am impressed with the Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Lipsticks, and when/if he releases more, I am deffo going to be interested in them!!!!

I am now going to go over and swatch each shade on the lips and arm, and provide some information on how each shade performs!!!!

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Ex-Supermodel is descried by Jeffree Star as a 'Soft Nude Pink Shade', which is accurate to me but I would leave out the nude part. It has a Satin finish and a thick, creamy consistency. The consistency isn't extremely wet and leans more towards the dry side, but does have a bit of dampness to it. Ex-Supermodel has high color pay-off/pigmentation, and is extremely bright on the lips.

This shade applies to the lips well, and it doesn't tug as much as some of the other shades. Nonetheless, you will still get a tiny bit of friction when you apply, so just make sure that the lipstick isn't wound right up to the top. It does transfer and isn't matte, but it feels super comfortable on the lips.

In regards to the color/shade, I absolutely love it. I am a massive fan of pink lip colors, and this shade flatters the lips and complements my skintone perfectly.

Ex-Supermodel Swatches

Jeffree Star Lip Ammo Ex Supermodel Lip Swatch frame labelled

Jeffree's Girl

Jeffree's Girl is a hot pink shade that is a cross between barbie pink and fuchsia. It has a Satin finish and a thick, creamy consistency. This shade was extremely hard to apply, and tugged on the lips with more resistance than the above shade (Ex-Supermodel). Again, once the top layer was built up, application was easy.

Jeffree's Girl has high pigmentation, is fully opaque and isn't patchy or streaky. It is a bit brighter than some of the softer pink shades in the range, so applying lip liner prior to application is required, more-so than the other shades. Once that top layer is on, you can layer product on and everything becomes easier.

It wears the same as the other shades, leaving behind a nice stain on the lips, although it does transfer onto things like the teeth and fingers, and anything else that comes into contact with the lips like straws. It does have a tiny bit more transfer than the rest, which is likely a result of how much brighter it is. I don't know if it has more transfer so to speak, or if it is just more noticeable because it is bright. In regards to how much I like the shade, I do like it but I prefer some of the other shades.

Jeffree's Girl Swatches

JS Lip Ammo Jeffree's Girl Lip Pic 1 Original FRAME labelled


Starfish is a Rosy Pink Shade that has a Satin finish and a thick, creamy consistency. It applies the same way to the lips as the other shades, but it is slightly easier to apply than Jeffree's Girl (above). It isn't extremely different though and you will feel some resistance and tugging when applying it, so be careful.

Starfish lasts on the lips for hours, leaving behind a nice stain residue that is comfortable to wear and for the most part, dry.  In regards to the color of Starfish, I absolutely love it. This shade is deffo one of my favourites, I love how it's not too bright but not soft either.

Starfish Swatches


Beauty Pagaent

Beauty Pageant is a Soft Pink shade that has specks of glitter dispersed throughout. The glitter particles have a frosty, white shine to them, which looks amazing mixed in with the soft pink pigment. I have to say, the formula is like nothing I have ever tried.  I am so used to metallic liquid lipstick's, and this is SO different to them, that I was shocked. The consistency of this shade is the same creamy consistency as the rest, but it feels thiner and drier.

The glitter is built into the lipstick, so when you apply it, you do feel tiny bits of sand-like grains. These grains feels dry, and you can tell that they are dispersed throughout the actual pigment and are NOT loose, so there is no fall-out at all. In regards to comfort, you can feel grains everywhere and as I said they feel dry, so it can be a little bit uncomfortable and very noticeable.

Even though it's not the most comfortable finish, this shade is absolutely, and UTTERLYbeautiful!! Metallic Liquid Lipsticks tend to coat the whole entire lips, and can be hit or miss in terms of how they look on the lips, and how flattering they are. The lighter consistency of this shade means that the product doesn't completely drown out the entire lips, and it gives them such a shimmery, pretty, subtle appearance. Even though the pigmentation is high, the lips look super natural because the pink shade is so light, and the glitter particles are so soft and sparkly. I would say that the pigment to glitter ratio is even, which means that the glitter doesn't drown out the pigment and the pigment doesn't drown out the glitter.

Beauty Pageant applies exactly the same as the other shades, although as you can image, is grainy and feels like sand as it slides across the lips. It is slightly more buildable and takes less effort to spread and apply than the other shades. It does still have resistance though and it still does tug when applying.  It transfers less because it is such a  light shade, but it also fades from the lips quicker and has lower staying power than some of the other shades. I have to say, I absolutely ADORE this shade and it is my favourite one by far! I really, really hope Jeffree makes more of these.

Beauty Pageant Swatches

Jeffree Star JS Lip Ammo Beauty Pagent Lip Swatch 1 frame labelled

Ice Cream BLVD

Ice Cream BLVD is an extremely light, pale, lavender pink shade. It has a thick creamy consistency and a Satin finish. It applies the same as the other lipstick's except it is slightly easier to spread, and has slightly less resistance.

The shade is super, super pigmented and bright, and is kind of pastel looking in a way. It does look nice on the lips, although it is a bit too pale. I do like shades like these, but different skin tones react/look differently with pale pink's like this, so I am pretty sure this colour won't be a hit among many.

Ice Cream BLVD Swatches


Baby Spice

Baby Spice is a Rosy Pink Shade that has magenta tones. It has a thick, creamy consistency and a Satin finish. It works exactly the same as the above shades. It is hard to spread on the lips and tugs on application, but it is easy to build up. It is fully opaque, pigmented and doesn't settle into fine lines on the lips, giving them a plumped effect.

In regards to the shade, I absolutely love it. It isn't too light or too bright, and it's just stunning.

Baby Spice Swatches



Gargoyle Swatches

Champagne Tears

Champagne Tears is a 

Champagne Tears Swatches

Swatch Comparisons


My Overall Thoughts

As a whole, I have extremely enjoyed playing with these babes and I love every single shade that I swatched. None of the products are bad, which is good because sometimes lipsticks in ranges have different formula's and work differently, and some are hit and miss. Jeffree Star's formula's are consistent and always perform the same, and this is the case with the Lip Ammunitions.

I do think that he should extend the shade range of these lipstick's because they have a really nice formula and I LOVE how they wear down, but there are not all that many shades to choose from. Some people may be turned off pinks, which dominate the collection, and there is not a lot of variety. However, as you can see from the swatches, each pink shade is SO different, and personally, I am in-love with the pinks in the collection because pink shades are my JAM, especially light, pale pinks.

As for the glitter shade - Beauty Pageant - I hope Jeffree gets in the lab and makes me more because it is one of the prettiest lip shades I have seen in a while and is so lightweight and sparkly.