MAC Cosmetics X Nicki Minaj Lipsticks in Pinkprint & Nicki’s Nude Review + Swatches


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MAC Cosmetics recently collaborated with Nicki Minaj to create 2 lipsticks and today, I am going to be talking about and swatching them!!

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MAC X . Nicki Pinkprint title

Nicki X MAC Pinprint Product Pic new11

Pinkprint is a Midtone Creamy Pink Shade with an Amplified Finish

Pinkprint Swatches

MAC X Nicki Pinkprint Arm Swatch NEW

MAC X Nicki Pinkprint Lip 1 Labelled


The MAC X Nicki Minaj Lipstick in Pinkprint is an extremely pale, soft pink shade. It has an Amplified finish and a very thick, creamy consistency.

I think I should note that MAC Cosmetics Lipstick's (the one's that come in black packaging) come in multiple types of finishes and textures - matte, retro matte, lustre, satin, amplified, frost, cremesheen and glaze- and each perform and look differently. The textures perform differently from one another, but every single lipstick in one group of textures work the exact same and the formula is always consistent, meaning all the mattes work the same, all the satin's work the same and so on.


MAC Amplified Lipsticks are the most creamy type of finish in the range. When comparing them to Cremesheen, which is the closest thing (in terms of creaminess), Amplified lipstick's are more pigmented, deliver full coverage and are not sheer at all. All of these thing's apply to Pinkprint. It is super pigmented, glides on the lips so easily and delivers an extremely intense color pay-off. 

The Creamy formula of Pinkprint means that the lipstick glides onto the lips with minimal effort, and you don't experience any resistance or tugging like you do with a lot of more dry formula's.  It doesn't apply streaky or patchy and it is fully opaque on the lips. I sometimes get scared of creamy shades because they can make the lips' look wrinkly, but the Amplified lipstick's are different and flatter the lips, and this shade is absolutely stunning. I will say though, the formula does tend to cling to any dryness on the lips, and light nude shades like this make it more noticeable, so make sure you scrub the lips prior to application.

In terms of comfort, the formula is thick so you can feel it but it is extremely comfortable and isn't annoying. It doesn't have a long lasting power, and does transfer from the lips (onto hands, drinks, anything). It doesn't wear bad though and it just leaves the lips without making a mess.

All in all, I absolutely love this shade, it is a beautiful pinky nude and I tend to gravitate towards and loveeeee pinky shades like this!!


MAC X Nicki Pinkprint pic 3

MAC X Nicki Nicki's Nude Title

MAC X Nicki Pinkprint Product pIC 1

Nicki's Nude is a Soft Coral Pink Shade with an Amplified Finish

Nicki's Nude Swatches

MAC X Nicki Nicki's Nude Arm 2

MAC X Nicki Nicki's Nude Lip 1 Labelled


The MAC X Nicki Minaj Lipstick in Nicki's Nude is a pretty pale coral shade. The lipstick has an Amplified finish, and works the exact same way as Pinkprint.

It applies to the lips super easily with no resistance, meaning you don't have to fight the product to apply it all over the lips. It is fully pigmented, isn't streaky or patchy and it delivers a full coverage, full colour, bold lip. It transfers and doesn't stay on the lips long, but it doesn't get messy or uncomfortable to wear.

I thought this shade might be too orange toned for my liking, but I actually love it because it is a soft orange shade. One shade darker and I might not like it, but it is a perfect tone for me and I love this shade too!!


MAC X Nicki Nicki's Nude Pic 2


MAC X Nicki Swatches 1

MAC X Nicki Swatches 2

MAC X Nicki Overall Thoughts

MAC X Nicki Lipsticks 1ff

Overall, I absolutely LOVEEEE the MAC X Nicki Minaj Collection Lipsticks!! The nude shades are my favourite tones and shades of nudes to wear, so I am extremely happy with the shade selection, although I'm not sure everyone else will be as these shades are pretty light, and not everyone likes light shades.

MAC X Nicki Lipsticks 1ff

The formula is consistent between BOTH lipsticks and they perform the exact same way, which is a good thing. Both lipsticks are super comfortable, extremely pigmented and doesn't apply to the lips patchy or streaky. What I LOVEEE about these lipsticks is that they don't tug on the lips when applying, and you don't have to apply layer after layer.

MAC X Nicki Lipsticks 1ff

The packaging is soooooo pretty. Both lipsticks are the same color on the inside as the outside packaging and the packing is sturdy. The last traditional stick lipstick's I reviewed was the JS Lip Ammunitions, and in that post I mention that his lipsticks feel like they are going to break and that the twist top was tight and clicking. In comparison, the packaging of MAC lipstick's is the opposite and is so sturdy. When you twist them, they don't feel tight and the material is quite obviously high quality. I also love the fact that they are in special packaging, I am soooo in-love with the MAC packaging that is all one colour!

All in all, I am SOOOOO happy with these lipstick's and I will get good use out of them!!


What do you think of the MAC X Nicki Lipsticks?? What one is your favourite?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!

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