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Rihanna recently launched her own cosmetics brand called Fenty Beauty and today, I am going to be talking about, swatching and showing you photo’s of the highlighter in the shade Trophy Wife 

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Trophy Wife is a Shimmery, Glittery Gold Shade

Trophy Wife Swatches

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Trophy Wife is a bright, gold highlighter that has a thin, powdery consistency with a lot of fine, glitter particles dispersed throughout. The highlighter is literally one of a kind, and I have not come across any other highlighter quite like it in my time beauty blogging and trying multiple highlighters from various brands along the way. It has high pigmentation and delivers an opaque, intense glow .

I would say that the ratio of pigment to glitter leans towards more glitter than pigment, but it’s hard to say because the shade is so intense and has a bright yellow color. If the highlighter was all glitter and no pigment, you would only see tiny bits of glitter but as I said, it seems like the glitter to pigment ratio is pretty even, give or take.My point here is that Trophy Wife has more glitter in it than most highlighters so you may be shocked when you first get it, but it’s truly beautiful!!


In regards to application, I did have to play around a bit to find the best method and technique to use with the unique, glittery formula and consistency of Trophy Wife. I didn’t get the highlighting brush that Rihanna launched because I have ten million brushes, so I did have to experiment and play around with my own brushes to see which one would give me the best result.

I found that Trophy Wife applied best with flat, buffing brushes that have relatively tight, packed-together bristle. Here is some examples of buffing brushes with packed bristles that work well with glitter highlighters like this……

Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife Best Brushes 1cf

trophy wife side 2

The above brushes have the ability to apply products to the face with way more precision than other brushes with looser bristles. I usually apply highlighters with a fan brush, but because fan brushes have such loose bristles, slightly uncontrollable bristles, the  glittery consistent of Trophy Wife just doesn’t work well with them.

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You can use a fan brush to intensify and build up the highlighter once you have already packed it on, but if you try and pack it on from scratch with a fan brush, you are going to get a lot of fall out all over the face and you won’t get a lot of colour pay-off in the places you want. Think of it….. The formula is very light and glittery, so when you are dusting it over the face with a fan brush, it’s just going to fly everywhere. The ABH A17 Highlighting Brush worked best for me, but there are so many other similar brushes that you can use, just look for tightly packed bristles that you can control as opposed to fan brushes and others like them.

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Fluffy Eyeshadow Blending Brushes also work really well with Trophy Wife because they are more narrow and disperse product precisely to the cheek area. The fluffy brushes also work well when applying Trophy Wife to the eye area. This shade is SO BEAUTIFUL as an eyeshadow!!!!

Another thing I noticed is that you need to apply the highlighter in swiping motions, not patting motions.You can see what I mean in the video below, but when you are using patting motions, the glitter goes everywhere. When you use swiping motions however, the highlighter applies perfectly and precisely in one place, and the glitter doesn’t fall everywhere. Here is the video so you can see what I mean before I continue…

trophy wife side 2

As you can just image, when you are patting the highlighter onto the cheeks, you are giving the product room to fall everywhere. It will pretty much bounce everywhere every–time that you pick up the brush to pat again. When you use swiping motions however, the product has no room to go anywhere except where you want it, and you are not lifting your brush up enough to give it room to fly anywhere.

There is no denying that this highlighter is different than anything on the market, and some will love it and others will hate it, but I am seriously IN-LOVEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am someone who loves intense highlighters, and this is sooo intense and so flattering. It also works as a BEAUTIFULLLL eyeshadow! Fenty Beauty has seriously killed it with this highlighter and I want MORE shades in this formula!!

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What do you think of the Trophy Wife Highlighter?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!!


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