Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette Full, In-Depth Review!!

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Huda Beauty recently released her new eyeshadow palette - the Desert Dusk Palette- and today, I am going to be fully reviewing and analysing each shade, and the palette as a whole. This post is pretty long because I talk about each shade in-depth, and then provide my overall thoughts on the palette as a whole after that. If you want to scroll to my final thoughts and not read about each shade, just scroll down to the end!!

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I will also link these at the end so you can read this first.

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Overall Conclusion + Palette as a Whole

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Huda DD Arm Swatch Single Collage 1

Huda Eye Swatches 1aa

Huda Desrt Sand new pm 1

Huda Shade 1 Swatch1

Huda Desert Sand Eye Swatch collage 1frame

huda desert dusk siderrr

Desert Sand is a Creamy Yellow Shade with a Matte Finish. It has a soft powdery consistency and for this reason, does have a tiny bit of kick up/fall-out. The fall out level is in the medium range and it's certainly not as bad as it could be, but you do get a little bit of dust kick up when you tap your brush into it.

Desert Sand does have pigmentation, but you do need to build it up a lot to see it, especially on my pale skin. This shade will most likely come up better on someone with darker skin than me, but because this shade isn't far off my actual skin-tone, it just doesn't come up on me. Although it does have some color pay-off, it is such a light shade and it's hard to see it.

HudaDesertDuskPP2gf SIDE

When I first looked at it, I thought it might be good for eye preparation,  and as a base color on the lid to help other shades go on better. However, I found that because it was so close to my skin tone, it didn't work very well for either of these things.

For one, it doesn't set the eyes very well and doesn't give them a nice, caked up appearance. When I'm prepping my eye area, I use concealer first, and then I set with a powder and what it does is give the eyes a 'cakey' feel/look, which makes eyeshadows go on SO MUCH better and it leaves the eye area looking so clean and cut. As I said, Desert Sand just doesn't do the job for me and I would prefer to prep with a slightly darker, brighter powder.

huda desert dusk siderrr

  Secondly, it isn't anywhere near as bright or pigmented to be a good lid base shade. Instead of coating the lid and giving a nice, opaque finish that is perfect for layering other shades on top of, it just kind of blends into the skin on my lid. It doesn't really show up and is a bit more yellow toned than I like on the lid. When you apply a yellow based shade to the lid first, instead of helping other shades look better or brighter, it makes other shades look worse and can give them a yellow tint.

huda desert dusk siderrr

Additionally, Desert Sand is not bright or pigmented enough to look good on the lid alone, and it is way too light to be a good transition shade (people with darker skin might like it in the crease, but even then, it's not going to do much at all).

This means that I can't find any use for this shade, none. I can't use it to prep the eyes (I could, but I would rather something else), I can't use it as a base on the lid and I can't wear it alone in the crease or on the lid. If this shade wasn't in the palette, I would have absolutely no problem with it because I won't reach for it much, if at all. I think that it would of been better to swap Desert Sand for a pure white shade, which everyone could get use out of.

All in all, Desert Sand has a good formula and works well but the shade/tone of it just isn't my favourite and as I said, I just can't think of anything I could do with it. I do think a shade like this is needed in all palettes, but the specific tone is just too yellow based for me and I really just can't make it work on my skin.

Huda Desert Sand Collage1

Huda Musk Title PM NEW 1

Huda Shade 2 Musk Swatch1

Huda Musk Eye new 11

Huda Musk Side1

Musk is a Cool Toned Light Brown Shade that has a soft, powdery consistency. Just like Desert Sand, which also has a soft matte consistency, Musk does have a bit of fall-out and kick up when you tap your brush into the pan, but it's nothing crazy and I would say the fall-out is in the medium range.

Huda Musk Side1

This shade has medium pigmentation and you do have to build it up on the eyes for it to show through. The good thing is that it builds up relatively easily and blends out extremely well. I think because it does blend out so well, you do have to spend more time building it up because it just blends out like a dream and is fairly light in terms of color, so it tends to blend into the skin a little too much.

I can say that if you are going for a really bold look and you want to have a well defined crease, you will have to use another, darker shade on top of it. Musk does work extremely well as the first crease transition shade, but will be too light for some people to want to use it alone in the crease.

Personally, I really love using this shade alone in the crease because it gives the eyes a beautiful, subtle, flash of definition without adding too much pigmentation. However, I am extremely light skinned and the shade is already very light on me, so I am pretty sure that it may blend out too much on darker people's skin and not show through at all, just like Desert Dusk (the above, creamy yellow shade), did on my light skin.

Huda Musk Side1

What I LOVE about Musk is that it is the ONLY brown toned shade in the palette that doesn't have neutral, or red-based, undertones. It frustrates me when palettes only come with red-based crease/transition shades because I really DO NOT want to have a warm look every single day, and I do prefer and reach for cool-toned shades more.

Musk is my go-to shade to use in the crease when I wan't to avoid the red shades and neutral looks.  What I have found is that when you use red-toned crease shades, the look ends up being very similar to the last look you created. There is only so much in terms of differences that you can do with them. When you have cool-toned transition shades however, you can create A VARIETY of different looks because they don't totally dominate the whole look like red-toned shades do.

I am glad Huda put Musk in the palette because without it, there wouldn't be as many possibilities in terms of producing different looks. However, I would of loved it if she put at least one darker, cooler-toned brown shade in the palette, which would of worked amazingly in combination with Musk. Oud (shade 6) does have less red-tones than the other brown matte transition shades, but it does still have some slight red undertones. In summary, I would certainly say that as a whole, the palette lacks cool toned matte shades, and I really like Musk because it is the only shade I can go to all the time when I want to avoid red (which I tend to want to avoid frequently).

Huda Musk Collage 1

Huda Shade 3 Eden new pm pic 1

Huda Shade 3 eden single swatch 1 labelled

Huda Eden Eye Swatch 1

HudaDesertDuskPP1f EDEN STAR

Eden is a Light Orange Peach Shade with a soft, powdery, matte consistency. It has the same soft consistency as the last two mattes (Desert Sand and Musk), and just like them, it does have a tiny bit of fall-out and kick up when you dip your brush into it. The fall-out is nothing too crazy and again, it is in the medium range. You just have to make sure you are tapping the excess off your brush before you apply it, and I don't find that it has much fall out on the face, but when you dip the brush into the pan you will get a bit of kick-up. The kick up/fall-out of this shade really doesn't worry me in the slightest but I think it's worth mentioning.

HudaDesertDuskPP1f EDEN STAR

Eden has a medium pigmentation/colour pay-off and medium opacity, and it is highly build-able. You can build it up to give you full pigmentation very easily, you just have to apply, dip back in, apply, dip back in, a few times.  The high build-ability, and high blend-ability of this shade makes it an amazing crease/transition shade. It just blends out extremely well in the crease, and you can use it and build it up to be your main crease color, or you can use it as a first or second transition shade to give you more definition and to create a gradient effect.

Eden can be used on the lid also, but because the consistency of it is so soft and the finish is matte, it is best used wet on the lid. You can deffo wear it on the lid alone by packing it up dry, but to really make it pop, it applies better when you wet your brush by spraying it with spray fix plus or dampening it with water. When you apply it dry to the lid, little bits of powder do seem to fly around a bit, but it can certainly work as a lid shade especially if you build it up dry and then wet your brush and pack it on wet. Using this method intensifies the color, and you can pretty much use any matte on the lid by doing this.

HudaDesertDuskPP1f EDEN STAR

In terms of what brush works best with Eden, fluffy blending brushes work amazing with it in the crease. For the lid, synthetic shader brushes work the best. Usually I would pack a matte shadow onto the lid with a flat shader with natural hairs (like the MAC 239 Shader Brush), and then pack it on wet with a synthetic flat shader brush (like the MAC 249 Shader Brush), but I found that a synthetic flat brush works best when packing it on dry AND wet. This is just because the consistency of so soft, and natural hair brushes are not going to stick the shade to the lid like synthetic hair brushes will.

All in all, Eden is an amazing shade and I really like it. You can get so much use out of it and it is a PERFECT crease shade. It is pigmented, and is so easy to build up to give you the intensity you want. It blends like a dream, and you don't have to fight the shadow for it to work, it just blends beautifully and works really well on the eye.

Huda Eden Collage 1

Huda Shade 4 Amber PM PIC 1


Huda DD Amber Crease Pic 1f

HudaDesertDuskPP1f AMBER SIDE

Amber is a warm, medium red brown shade with a Matte finish. It has the exact same soft, powdery consistency as the last 3 mattes I talked about, and performs the exact same way as they do. It is pigmented, but is not extremely pigmented straight away, so you do have to build it up but the good thing is it is extremely easy to build up.

HudaDesertDuskPP1f AMBER SIDE

You don't want matte, transition shades like Amber to be extremely intense straight away and you do want them to be build-able, so the pigment level of it is perfect in my opinion. The soft consistency of Amber means that you will get a bit of kick-up when you tap your brush in, but this fall-out mainly happens in the pan and I didn't notice any fall out on the actual face (you do have to tap of the excess prior to applying though).

Amber works extremely well with the other mattes in the palette - it can be used to make the lighter shades deeper, or can be used under darker shades (like Oud and Saffron) to create a nice deep, gradient effect in the crease. It also looks really good in the outer corner of the lid and crease and when you apply it there, it deepens and defines the eyes.

All in all, this shade has been a dream to work with. It has just the right pigmentation, is so easy to build and blends out amazingly.

Huda DD Shade 4- Amber collage1

Huda Blood Moon pm title


Huda DD Look 1 New Pic 2gv


Blood Moon is a bronze shade that has a Pressed Pearl (Shimmery) finish. When you look at this shade in the pan, it looks way more red based than it comes up on the eye, and at first I thought it was a full bronzy gold colour until I noticed that it does come up slightly red aswell. The consistency of Blood Moon is a soft, gritty, shimmery powder that has some kick-up and fall out, but not much at all especially if you are using a synthetic flat shader (or concealer) brush to apply it.


Blood Moon has a very high pigment level, and it works and applies to the eyes and lid extremely bright and opaque using ALL methods (i.e, fingers and brushes, with a dry brush and with a damp/wet brush). Sometimes shimmer shades NEED to be applied wet (or sprayed with fix plus) for them to pop out and have a metallic, high colour finish, but this shade is not one of them because as I said it works with all methods and DOESN'T need to be wet to get it to high intensity. However, when you use it wet it does go brighter, and I usually apply shades like this with my fingers, and then I pack it up with a brush, which gives maximum intensity.

Im regards to where Blood Moon is best placed, I absolutely love it as a lid shade, and as an undereye liner shade. It looks absolutely amazing smoked out under the eyes, and makes the eyes shine! It also looks really nice all over the lid, or put in the inner and outer corner and into the crease to create a beautiful, bronzy eye with a tint of red.

All in all, this shade is absolutely beautiful. It is so pigmented and it takes literally no effort to build it up. It is versatile and can be used for many purposes, and as I said, it looks amazing under the eyes.

Huda Blood Moon collagr 3

Huda OUD PM 1

HudaOudArm12Huda DD Oud Outer Cprner 1Labelled

HudaDesertDuskPP1f OUD1

Oud is a matte, deep red brown shade. It has some purple tinges to it and I would say that it leans slightly more towards purple, but there is no denying it does sway red and I would class it as a warm toned brown rather than a cool toned brown shade. Oud has the same soft, powdery consistency as the rest of the mattes (with the exception of Amnetyst, which is more dry and seems to be pressed harder than the rest of the mattes, more on this below). Oud shares the same fall-out level as the soft mattes and works the exact same way as they do.

HudaDesertDuskPP1f OUD1

Like I have said when I have talked about the previous mattes in this row, I would class the fall-out and kick up level as medium, and while it is nothing bad and something you can live with, when you did your brush int he pan, you will experience a tiny bit of kick back, so make sure you tap softly at first while you get used to it.

Oud is an amazing crease shade and works really well with the other matte crease/transition shades in the palette. It can be used in combination with the other shades in the crease, or can be built up alone and worn as the only crease shade. It is a nice shade to use to define the outer corner of the lid and crease, and when you build it up there, it defines everything.

HudaDesertDuskPP1f OUD1

What I love about Oud is that it is the ONLY other slightly cool toned brown shade in the palette (apart from Musk, which is shade 2 and the coolest transition shade in the palette). Oud does have a lot of red tones, but it also has slightly purple tones which distinguishes it from the other red toned transition shades in like palette.

When you use Oud in combination with Musk, you can create a look that isn't going to be warm or red toned. Something that annoys me (which I mentioned when I talked about Musk) is that when palettes have too may red toned matte shades, you start to reach a road block in terms of different looks you can create. If there was an even number of cool toned crease shades vs warm toned crease shades, you could create so many more looks. Warm toned shades tend to dominate the look and can make them look the same, whereas cool toned transition shades don't dominate the look so much.

All in all, Oud performs really well and is pretty much an absolute dream to work with. It has high colour pay-off but it is build-able and blends really, really well.

Huda Oud Collage 1

Huda row 1 eye swatch title

Huda Row 1 Eye swatch1

Huda Celetial Title1


Huda Celestial over lid 1

Huda Celestial Star1s

Celestial is a Duo-Chrome Topper shade that has a yellow base and light pink/purple reflects. In the pan, Celestial looks way more red based than it actually is, and when you put it on the eye, it is certainly more yellow based with pink sparkles. The consistency of this shade is a gritty, shimmery/glitter that has bigger particles than most traditional shimmers.

Huda Celestial Star1s

Celestial is intended to be a lid topper and a shade you apply over other shades to give a gradient effect, but like all of the duo-chrome topper shades in the palette, it can be worn alone and is pigmented enough and has enough colour pay-off to perform well as an intense lid shade. I will say, I do prefer this shade on the lid alone because when you wear it on the top of other shades, it kind of blends in and is very subtle.

Other than performing as an amazing full lid shade, Celestial looks nice and applies super brightly when you cut the middle of the lid with concealer, apply it and apply a darker shade (like Oud) on the outer and inner corner of the eyes. It can also be added over the top of full lid colors, which won't give you too much colour, but will intensify the glitter in your look!

All in all, Celestial works perfectly in terms of the formula. It is easy to work with, applies brightly wet or dry, and just generally works well. I just don't think the yellow base is a good idea because it just blends into the other colours on the lid, which takes some of the intensity away!

Huda Celestial Collagre1

Huda Shade 8 Nefertit 1


Huda Look 5 Nefereti Pic 1dd

Huda Nefertiti Star1sh

Nefertiti is a soft gold shade that has a Pressed Pearl (Shimmery) finish. The consistency of Nefertiti is a gritty, shimmery powder. What I mean by gritty is that the fine particles in it are slightly larger than typical shimmery shadows from other brands are (all of Huda's shimmer shades have this consistency).  For this reason, the shade does have a bit of fall out but it's nothing crazy.

Huda Nefertiti Star1sh

Nefertiti looks really good in multiple places on the eye. It is amazing as an full lid shade, and it applies directly to the eyelid so easily and pigmented using multiple methods. For example, it works dry, it works wet, it works with synthetic shader brushes and it works with the fingers, delivering a high colour pay-off no matter what method you use. I like to apply Nefertiti to the lid with my finger, and then go in with a flat shader brush to build up the intensity.

  It is also a good shade to put in the middle of the lid between darker colors to create a beautiful, halo-like gradient effect, and looks amazing on the lower lash line and as a brow.inner corner highlight shade.

All in all, Nefertiti looks amazing in multiple places on the eyes so is very versatile in that aspect. It applies really well , is easy to build up to the intensity you want and delivers a very opaque, high colour pay-off.

Huda Nefertiti Collage 1

Huda Twilight pm 1


Huda New Lime Crime Look 1sn

Huda TwilightStar1shf

Twilight is a pale lavender shade with white, blue and purple reflects. It has a Duo-Chrome/Topper finish and has a soft, gritty powdery consistency. Just like the other shades, it does have a bit of fall-out and kick up when you apply it, but it's nothing bad.

Huda TwilightStar1shf

Even though it is a duo-chrome shade, it applies SOO pigmented and can be worn alone because it is so intense. You don't even have to wet your brush to get high colour pay-off, you just get it straight away (of-course when you do wet your brush prior to applying, you can build the intensity up even higher), but it's certainly not necessary which is a big bonus because most shimmery shades require some help from time to time.

Twilight looks amazing in soooo many different places on the eye. It is absolutely stunning to wear all over the lid alone, and pretty much goes with every single other shade in the palette.

For example, if you want an intense, deep look you can combine Twilight with any of the deep and darker mattes/shimmers in the palette. If you want a soft look, you can wear Twilight alone or pair it with other light shades. It just works so good with every shade and there is honestly so many possibilities for this shade.

Huda TwilightStar1shf

Twilight also looks really nice as a lower lash line smokey shade, as a brow bone highlight, as an inner corner highlight, and pretty much everything else.

I have to say, I think this shade is my FAVOURITE in the palette. Every-time I look at the palette, my eyes go straight to this shade and I had to pull myself away from it in order to try out the other shades lol!! It is just such a beautiful, pigmented, glittery shade that looks amazing on the eye.

Huda Twilight Collage 1

Huda Shade 10 Amethyst Title 1



Huda Amethst Collage 133


Amethyst has a harder, more dry consistency that the other matte shades, which is most likely due to the fact it is a purple shade which can be hard to formate and perfect, especially in a matte finish. In terms of differences between all of the matte shades in the palette, Amethyst is the only matte that is different to the rest and the consistency is extremely more dry than the others which have an extremely soft feel. The harder consistency of Amethyst means that unlike the other mattes, it has virtually no fall-out or kick-up at all. It also means that you have to dig into the pan to coat your brush harder than you do the other shades.

In terms of pigmentation and colour pay-off, it is build-able and you can build up the intensity to give the shade full opacity, but it is certainly more bright in the pan than it comes up on the eyes. I tried Amethyst on multiple places on the eye, and I found that it works well as a lid shade, a crease shade and an undereye liner shade.


On the lid, Amethyst can be built up to give a nice, pigmented finish, but the intensity really comes when you wet your brush and apply it. I did apply it all over the lid dry at first, but it just wasn't giving me what I wanted so I decided to wet the brush and when I did, it come up way more pigmented and like I wanted it. It was also patchy, and kind of streaky even though I kept building it up and blending it around. I think the best method of using Amethyst on the lid is to build it up dry, and then go in and pack it up wet. Even then, you might want to put one of the duo-chrome shades over the top of it just to give the eyes more colour because it can look dull. In saying that, Amethyst works amazing as a base lid shade when you want to create a nice purple based look, and I find it extremely handy for that reason.


In the crease, Amethyst works slightly different than it does on the lid. It is nowhere near as bright, and I found that I really had to keep going in and building it up multiple times before I started to get the colour pay-off I wanted. Even then, it didn't come up quite as pigmented and bright as I wanted even though I had dipped back in and built it up close to 15 times, but it did come up pretty well and does work good in the crease. If you are expecting it to look the same on the eyes as in the pan you will be disappointed though. I think because I expected it to be a bright purple that I was let down by the opacity of it.

Amethyst also works really, really well under the lower lash line as an eyeliner shade. It is extremely easy to build up pigmentation here, and gives the eyes some definition and colour. It looks good ran under the lower lash line with other purple shades, but it also looks good here when you create totally different looks. For example, if you create a really bronze eye with the palette, you can run this on your lower lash line which will give the look a pop of colour and contrast with the colours on your upper eye area.


All in all, I am happy with Amethyst but I do wish it performed slightly better. I found that I had to take heaps of time building it up to how I wanted it, and I just had to keep going back and fourth and back in fourth, which got quite annoying at times. Even then, it didn't come up as bright as I wanted it to. I think this is because looking at it in the pan, you form an expectation of the level of pigmentation you want and how you want it to look on the eyes, and then when it doesn't come up exactly that way, it's a bit of a let down. However, I think this shade is essential to the palette, and it DOES work but takes a little more effort. Other than Eden, the matte orange shade, there is no other matte coloured shade and because Amethyst is in the palette, you do have many more options in terms of creating different, distinguishable looks than you would if it wasn't in it.

Huda Royal PM 1


Huda Royal Lid 1

HudaDesertDuskPP1fSS royal STAR

Royal is a Deep Violet Shade with a Pressed Pearl (shimmery) finish. The consistency of Royal is a gritty, shimmery powder and it feels the exact same in texture as the other Pressed Pearls in the palette.  Royal has extremely high pigmentation, and applies to the eyes fully opaque with or WITHOUT spray fix plus or wetting the brush, which is a massive plus for me because not all shimmery shades have such a high color pay-off and do require a wet brush to pack up to full intensity. One swipe of Royal on the lid will fully coat it and it is extremely easy to apply. It looks the exact same on the eye as it does in the pan.

HudaDesertDuskPP1fSS royal STAR

In regards to what brush works best, I found that on the lid, synthetic flat shader brushes work really well, and packing it on with the finger also works amazingly. To get full intensity, I like to apply it with my finger and then go back and pack it on with a brush, but if I want full precision, I will use the brush alone. There is absolutely no reason to apply it wet, but if you want to you of course can. For applying it under the eyes on the lower lash line, I also found that using the tip of a flat synthetic brush gave the best colour pay-off as well as giving full precision.

All in all, Royal is a beautiful, pigmented and fully opaque shade that looks absolutely stunning all over the lid and on the lower lash line. It is one of my favourite lid shades in the entire palette and I have nothing bad to say about it because it performs extremely well.

Huda Royal Collage 2


Huda Retrograde Arm 2

Huda Retrograde alone 1d

HudaDesertDuskPP1fSS retrograde

Retrograde is a Duo-Chrome/Topper shade that has a burgundy base and purple, green and silver reflects. The consistency of Retrograde is gritty, shimmery and powdery and it has more glitter particles in it than actual pigment. As you can see in the above picture of Retrograde on the lid alone, the burgundy, purple base is clearly visible, and you can see that the glitter particles sit on top of this. When you apply it over the top of other shades however, the base doesn't come up much and you can really only see the fine glitter particles. Before I applied this alone, I used it on the top of a deeper shade on the lid and was shocked by how sheer it was in comparison to Twilight (the light purple, duo-chrome shade that I talked about above), which applies extremely pigmented when you apply it over other shades.

HudaDesertDuskPP1fSS retrograde

This doesn't really matter because the shade performs perfectly as a topper, but when you apply it over other shades, just expect glitter and not much actual pigment. This can be a good thing because it means that Retrograde can be applied over the top of other shades without totally messing it up and changing the colour and just adding little specks of glitter instead.

All in all, Retrograde performs well, has nice glitter reflects and can be applied all over the lid and worn alone or added to the top of colours on the lid to add a pretty glitter effect. However, I have to say that this shade is one of my least favourite just because I don't really reach for it much and much prefer the other duo-chrome shades. Still, the shade is beautiful and can turn a look from dull to pretty and sparkly.

Huda row 2 eye swatch title

Huda Row 2 eye swatch1

Huda Cashmere pm 1


Huda Look 13 Cashmere pic 1

HudaDesertDuskPP1fSS cashmere

Cashmere is a Silvery, Champagne shade that has a Pressed Pearl (shimmery) finish. It has the same soft gritty, shimmery consistency as the other pressed pearl shades and does have a tiny bit of fall-out when you dip a brush into the pan. It applies to the lid extremely pigmented, and is fully opaque. It can be worn all over the lid alone, used in combination with other shades on the lid and can be applied under the eyes as a lower lash eyeliner.

HudaDesertDuskPP1fSS cashmere

Just like the other pressed pearl shades, it works best when applied with the finger and/or a flat synthetic concealer or eyeshadow brush. You do NOT need to wet the brush to make it intense and fully pigmented, but it does work to brighten the shade when you do. You might also have to build the shade up once or twice, but when you build it up it looks beautiful.

What I really like about Cashmere is that it is totally different than the pink and purple shades in the palette, and produces a completely different, smokey, light gold look. This gives the palette more variety in terms of the different, distinguishable looks you can create with it. I have to say, this shade wasn't the first my eyes were drawn too, and it wasn't until after I had tried most of the shimmer/toppers that I actually applied it and I was surprised by how much I actually do like it.

Huda Cashmere Collage 1

Huda Shade 14 Angelic PM1


Huda Angelic Eye Pic n2

HudaDesertDuskPP1fSS angelic

Angelic is a light pink shade that has a Pressed Pearl finish. Unlike the other Pressed Pearl (shimmery) shades, it has yellow reflects dispersed through-out it, giving it a beautiful, duo-chrome finish even though it is classed as a Pressed Pearl and NOT a duochrome/topper shade. Angelic works in the exact same way as the other Pressed Pearls, and has the same soft, gritty and powdery consistency with a tiny bit of fall-out.

HudaDesertDuskPP1fSS angelic

The pigmentation of Angelic is really good, and the shade applies fully opaque to the eye area. I did find that it worked way better and applied smoother and more pigmented more quickly using the finger, but it does work with a brush too. The only difference is that you do have to build it up and pack it on more with a brush than the finger, which is nothing bad but will take more time.  I think when you apply the product with the finger first, and then go in and pack it up with a brush, it will take less time and is a really good method for making eyeshadows pop. I do recommend using a flat synthetic shader or concealer brush when applying this shade because anything with natural hairs won't stick it down as well. While it's not necessary, when building it up with a brush it might be best to slightly wet or spray your brush, but you will be able to reach full pigmentation without it, it will just take a tiny bit longer to build up.

HudaDesertDuskPP1fSS angelic

Even though Angelic looks amazing alone, it also looks really nice over the top of other eyeshadows on the lid. The yellow duochrome reflects that are imbedded in the light pink pigment gives other eyeshadows a hint of shimmer when you apply it over them. This looks beautiful on the lid and gives the eyes a nice halo effect, especially when dabbed in the centre of the lid.

I am extremely impressed with this shade. It performs extremely well, is fully opaque and pigmented and looks absolutely beautiful packed on the lid alone, I have to say, this is one of my favourite shades in the palette and I will wear this constantly on the lid as a simple, easy, one-shade look.

Huda Angelic collage 11

Huda Cosmo PM1


Huda DD Palette Look GLITTER 17d

Huda Cosmo Glitter Eye Look 1d

Huda cosmo111

Cosmo is a Pure Glitter shade that has a red base and purple, yellow, pink and purple reflects. It has an extremely gritty, rough consistency and feels like the typical pressed glitter. Cosmo does have a lot of fall-out, as you can imagine, but it's not AS bad as I initially anticipated it would be. However, there is NO denying that you should probably apply it before foundation because you will need to go in and clean things up.

In terms of application, Cosmo does adhere to the lid without glitter glue, but I found that when I applied it without glitter, little particles kept jumping around everywhere every-time I moved my eyes in the slightest. This means that while it is stuck to the lid , it is not probably sticking to it properly because it flings around, so using glitter glue is the best option although it's not necessary.

Huda cosmo111

The ratio of pigment to glitter leans more towards the glitter side, and it's only when you use Cosmo alone on the lid or use glitter glue that you start to see the red base that is dispersed throughout the glitter (or the glitter throughout it). When you layer Cosmo over the top of other shades on the lid, you don't see as much red pigment and you see more glitter. At first, I used this over the top of a shade on the lid and I thought that it had absolutely no pigment and only glitter, and it wasn't until I tried it alone that I noticed it does have some red pigment to it. Even when I applied Cosmo over lighter shades on the lid, it didn't come up as red as it does when it's applied alone, which is a good thing in my opinion because it means you can use it over pretty much any shade and it won't dominate or alter the pigmentation/colour too much.

Even though I love this shade and it performs well, I try and avoid it as much as I can because it's just so messy. This just isn't with this glitter, all cosmetic glitter's are messy and I don't like using them all the time. Still, I think it's good that Huda added this shade into the palette because it gives you a lot more options, and is there when you want to create a nice, glittery look.

Huda Cosmo Collage1

Huda Turkish Delight PM 1


Huda turkish1

Turkish Delight is a red, burgundy shade that has a Pressed Pearl (Shimmery) finish. It has the same soft, powdery consistency as the other Pressed Pearl shades, and works pretty much the exact same way as the rest do. Turkish Delight has full pigmentation and opacity, and applies to the eyes extremely brightly and you do not need to use spray fix plus or wet your brush for it to pop up.

Huda turkish1

This shade looks beautiful on the lid, and really nice on the undereyes as liner too. The best brush to use is a synthetic shader/concealer brush, I like to apply first with my finger, and then start to pack it up using a brush. If you want Turkish Delight to pop even further, adding spray fix plus to your brush will do the trick but again, it's not necessary and it shows up extremely pigmented without the help of spray fix plus.

All in all, Turkish Delight is extremely pigmented, performs exceptionally well and looks really nice on the lid. It complements most of the other shades in the palette and looks good on the eyes alone or in combination with other shades. This isn't my favourite colour though. I don't like red-based, warm looks very much and this shade is extremely warm. Nonetheless, it is a good quality eyeshadow!

Huda Turkish Delight collage

Huda Saffron Title 1

Huda Saffron Arm 2

Huda Saffron Over Amber in Crease 1

Huda saffron

Saffron is a red brown shade with a Matte Finish that has the same soft, powdery consistency as the other mattes in the palette (except Amethyst, which is drier). It has a bit of fall-out, but it's nothing crazy and nothing to worry about.

Huda saffron

Saffron applies extremely well to the eyes, and has extremely good blendiability and build-ability. It is pigmented and opaque, but not too pigmented which is good because you can build it up in the crease little by little instead of getting a massive colour pay-off straight away, which can be hard to blend out. I did find that it comes up more brown on the eye than it does in the pan, and while I wasn't bothered by that it's something to take note of.

Saffron works really well with the other shades in the palette, especially the other red-based, brown matte shades. When you apply Saffron over the lighter red-brown shades (amber and oud), or even the orange shades (Eden & Blazing), it deepens everything up and gives the look a finishing, defining effect.  It performs really well and is an amazing crease shade. I do think it is pretty similar to Amber, even though it is certainly more red based, you could most likely build Amber up to look similar to Saffron, so I am not sure if this shade was necessary for the palette but nonetheless, it's a good shade.

Huda Saffron Collage 2

Huda Blazing pm 1


Huda Blazing in Crease 1

Huda blazing 1 starshff

Blazing is a bright, pure orange shade with a soft, matte consistency that is the same as the other mattes in the palette (again, except for Amethyst). It performs extremely well, blends out on the eyes absolutely perfectly, and has a high colour pay-off with high opacity. This shade is one of my FAVOURITE matte shades in the palette. It just looks so amazing in the crease area, it and can be worn alone or added over or under other shades to give a gradient/defined effect. Just like the other mattes, it works best in the crease with a fluffy blending brush.

Blazing also works on the lid, but like it's paler, orange sister (Eden - shade 3), it does take a bit of patience to build up here. I recommend using a synthetic brush dry to build it up, and then going back in with a wet synthetic brush (spray fix plus or water) to make the colour pop. Even then, I do prefer Blazing as a crease shade, but it can certainly be worn on the lid and look good, especially when you add a duo-chrome shade on top of it.

All in all, Blazing performs amazing on the eye, blends extremely well and can be built up to whatever intensity you want it to be. It has a high colour pay-off, and is just a good shade to work with in general.

Huda Blazing Collage 2

Huda row 1 eye swatch ttle

Huda eye swatch 222 row 2

Huda eye swatch title

Overall Review/Conclusion Under Swatches!! Keep Scrolling :)

Huda Eye Swatchs 5

Huda Arm Swatch 6

Huda Overall 111

The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, which has 18 eyeshadows in 4 different finishes and is a pretty good, valuable palette for the price. Each shade performs extremely well, and I found that the palette doesn't have any extremely horrible or bad shades. Only 1 shade in the palette - Desert Sand, which is shade 1- was ranked lower than 6.5, and the only reason I ranked it so low is because it looked extremely sheer on my pale skin. It came down to preference and how ,much I liked the shade, and the low ranking wasn't due to performance, just preference. This means that every shade performed and ranked extremely well and I really did not have trouble with any of the shades. They are all very useable, and are pretty much a dream to work with, with the exception of Cosmo (the pure glitter shade), that get's quite messy.

I am now going to talk briefly about how each finish performed. Remember, there are 4 finishes in the Huda Desert Dusk Palette - Pressed Pearls, Mattes, Duo-Chrome Toppers and a Pure Glitter

Mattes Shades (x8)

Desert Sand, Musk, Eden, Amber, Oud, Amethyst, Saffron and Blazing

Huda Mattes1


The 8 matte shades in the Desert Dusk Palette all perform extremely, extremely well. Each one - except for Amethyst- has the same soft, powdery consistency and work the same way on the eye. Amethyst , which is the bright purple matte shade, has a more dry, hard consistency and in comparison with the other matte shades, is harder to build up on the eyes and is slightly patchy and less pigmented. However, it still works and you just have to spend some more time building it up. It certainly isn't a bad shade, but is different to the other mattes which is probably because purple shades can be hard to formulate.


In terms of application, all 8 matte shades work beautifully in the crease, and they blend out so effortlessly with a fluffy blending brush. They also look really good in the outer corner to add definition, and can be worn on the lid. Some shades are more pigmented than others and will require more building up. For example, the two orange shades - Eden and Blazing - tend to be more pigmented upon first application, whereas the other shades require a bit more building up.

All in all, the matte shades in the palette are a breeze to work with, and I can get good use out of each and every shade (with the exception of Desert Sand, which is too light for me). The downside is that I wish that there was less red-toned, warm mattes and more cool toned, brown mattes. Musk is the only cool brown shade, and the rest are very warm. Oud is the only other slightly cool brown shade that I can use with Musk and use when I want to AVOID red, but even then, it has red and purple tones and isn't fully cool. The colour set-up is great for people who like warm shadows in the crease, but I really prefer cool brown shades over red's because I just don't like warm eyeshadow looks all that much.

DUO-CHROME Shades (x3)

Twilight, Retrograde, Celestial

Huda duo 2


The Duo-Chrome Topper shades in the palette are very glittery and sparkly, but have a base pigment and a tint of colour to them. I found that Twilight is more pigmented than Retrograde and Celestial, and looks better on the lid alone, but each Duo-Chrome comes up fully pigmented and bright on the lid. I was NOT expecting the duo-chrome shades to actually be so pigmented and look so good on the lid alone because in my head, I imagined really sheer shades that would only come up on top of other shades, but thats deffo not the case so I was pleasantly surprised.

Pressed Pearl Shades (x6)

Nefertiti, Angelic, Royal, Turkish Delight, Blood Moon and Cashmere

Huda Pressed Pearls 1


The 6 Pressed Pearl Shades in the palette share the same soft, gritty and shimmery consistency. They are all extremely pigmented and apply to the eyes with full opacity, and you do not need to use spray fix plus to get them to show up, which is common with other shimmery eyeshadows on the market.

I did find that Angelic, Cashmere and Nefertiti have some duo-chrome reflects to them, and Blood Moon, Royal and Turkish Delight are one colour and have no reflects. At first I did think the first 3 were duo-chrome shades because they have that nice, reflective effect to them but they are deffo classed as Pressed Pearls and you can tell because they have a more opaque finish than the duo-chromes do, and they don't have any visible sparkles in them.

Every single Pressed Pearl shade is absolutely beautiful on the eyes. I find that they look the best all over the lid, and applied under the eyes as lower lash eyeliner. They have such a high colour pay-off, and there is not ONE shade that I dislike.

Pure Glitter (x1)

The 1 Pure Glitter shade in the palette - Cosmo - performs the same way as any pressed glitter in a palette does. It is messy, but it applies to the eyes really well.

Huda Pure Glitter

In terms of the colour selection/theme of the palette, I do have a few things to say. For one, I found that there were way to many red-toned/warm crease and matte shades, and not enough cool toned, matte crease shades. For example, Musk is the only cool brown shade in the palette that has a matte finish, and there are 5 matte warm, red and orange shades which is annoying to me. I am someone who prefers cool shades WAY more than red shades, I just can't wear them everyday. I think instead of adding Saffron or Amber, which are pretty much the same red brown shade with Amber just being slightly lighter, Huda should of picked one and then added a deep cool brown shade. You really do not need this many neutral/warm shades in one palette when each one is going to pretty much look the exact same way on the eyes anyway.

Another thing that annoyed me a bit was the number of glittery shades. The duo-chrome topper shades are very glittery, and most of the shimmer shades do have a bit of glitter too- like Angelic and Nefertiti. It does gets to the point where you are sick to death of glitter and want to create something without it, but after a while you do run into road blocks in terms of the different looks you can produce that do not involve glitter or the duo-chrome shades. After using the palette for a while, I am kind of sick of glitter at this point, but I am sure once I have a break I will be loving it again but still, it can be annoying so take that into consideration. If you do not like glitter, you will not like this palette because it is full of glitter.

All in all, as you can see, you can get so much use out of the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette. All of the shades perform extremely well on the eyes, and there is enough variety for you to be able to create 14+ different looks. I think when palettes are priced in the mid range like this palette is, you have to be able to get multiple, distinguishable looks out of it, and Huda's palette has lived up to that. Even though I get slightly annoyed with glitter and want more cool toned matte shades, there is no denying that this palette is very unique and extremely beautiful and it works perfectly. I am a big fan!!


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Huda Arm Swatch 6

What do you think of the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!

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