Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Lip Swatches + Individual Shade Ratings & Comparisons – x 34 Shades!!

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JS Velour LL PM Title 1

Jeffree Star has a massive range of Liquid Lipsticks and today, I am going to be swatching 34 shades on my lips and ranking them!! I am going to go over each shade individually, and then at the end you will find comparisons!

This post will be continuously updated as Jeffree releases new shades (which is constantly).


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I’m Nude is a Matte Pale Peachy Nude Shade

I’m Nude Swatches


JS I'm Nude Lip Label

JS I'm Nude Collage 1

JS Mannequin Title

Mannequinn is a Matte Pale Brown Orange Nude Shade

Mannequinn Swatches

Mannequin JS

JS Mannequin Label

JS Mannequinn Collage 1

JS Nude Beach Title

Nude Beach is a Matte Pale Orange Shade

Nude Beach Swatches

JS Nude Beach Arm 1

JS Nude Beach Lip Label

JS Nude Beach Collage



JS Butt Naked Title

Butt Naked is a Matte Light Peachy Nude Shade

Butt Naked Swatches

JS Butt Naked Arm

JS Butt Naked Lip Label

JS Butt Naked Collage

JS Hunty Title

Hunty is a Matte Pale Brown Nude Shade

Hunty Swatches

JS Hunty Arm

JS Hunty Lip Label

JS Hunty Collage

JS Crysanthemum Title

Chrysanthemum is a Matte Pale Pinky Nude Shade

Chrysanthemum Swatches

JS Crysanthemum Arm 1

JS Crysanthemum Lip Label

JS Crysanthemum Collage

JS Pussy Whipped Title

Pussy Whipped is a Metallic Orange Nude Shade

Pussy Whipped Swatches

JS Pussy Whipped Arm

JS Pussy Whipped Lip Label

JS Pussy Whipped Collage

JS Doll Parts Title

Doll Parts is a Matte Muted Pink Shade

Doll Parts Swatches

JS Doll Parts Arm 1

JS Jeffree Star Doll Parts Label

Doll Parts Collsge 1


JS 714 Title

714 is a Matte Light Coral Pink Shade

714 Swatches

JS Rose Matter 714 arm

JS 714 Lip Label

JS 714 Collage

JS Candy Ass Title 1

Candyass is a Metallic Soft Pink Shade

Candyass Swatches

JS Candyass Arm

JS Candyass Lip Label

JS Candyass Collage

JS Flamboyant Title

Flamboyant is a Metallic Warm Pink Shade

Flamboyant Swatches

JS Flamboyant Arm

JS Flamboyant Lip Label

JS Flamboyant Collage

JS Watermelon Soda Title

Watermelon Soda is Matte Bright Coral Shade

Watermelon Soda Swatches

JS Watermelon Soda Arm 1

JS Watermelon Soda Lip Label

JS Watermelon Soda Collage

JS Rose Matter Title

Rose Matter is a Matte Dusty Pink Shade

Rose Matter Swatches

JS Rose Matter Arm 1

JS Rose Matter Lip Label

JS Rose Matter collage

JS Calabasas Title

Calabasas is a Matte Dusty Pink Shade

Calabassas Swatches

JS Calabasas Arm

JS Calabasas Lip Label

JS Calabasas Collage

JS Dreamhouse title 1

Dreamhouse is a Metallic Hot Pink Shade

Dreamhouse Swatches

JS Dreamhouse Arm 1

JS Dreamhouse Lip Label

JS Dreamhouse Collage 1

JS Prom Night Title

Prom Night is a Matte Hot Pink Shade

Prom Night Swatches

JS Prom Night Arm 1

JS Prom Night Lip Label

JS Prom Night Collage 1

JS Masochist Title

Masochist is a Matte Red Hot Pink Shade

Masochist Swatches

JS Masochist Arm 1

JS Masochist Lip Label

JS Masochist Collage

JS Anna Nicole Title

Anna Nicole is a Matte Red Blue Shade

Anna Nicole Swatches

JS Anna Nicole Arm 1

JS Anna Nicole Lip Label

JS Anna Nicole Collage

JS Blow Pony Title

Blow Pony is a Matte Pastel Purple Shade

Blow Pony Swatches

JS Blow Pony Arm 1

JS Blow Pony Lip Label

JS Blow Pony Collage 1

JS Virginity Title

Virginity is a Matte Pastel Pale Purple Shade

Virginity Swatches

JS Virginity Arm 1

JS Virginiy Lip Label

JS Virginity Collage 1

JS Scorpio Title

Scorpio is a Matte Muted Grey Purple Shade

Scorpio Swatches

JS Scorpio Arm 1

JS Scorpio Lip Label

JS Scorpio Collage

JS You Better Work Title

You.Better.Work is a Matte Bright Deep Purple Shade

You.Better.Work Swatches

JS You Better Work Arm

JS You Better Work Lip Label

JS You Better Work Lip Collage 1

JS Androgyny Title

Androgyny is a Matte Deep Brown Red Nude Shade

Androgyny Swatches

JS Andrognyny Arm 1

JS Androgynyn Lip Label

JS Androgyny Lip Collage

JS No Tea No Shade Title

No Tea, No Shade is a Metallic Purple Brown Shade

No Tea, No Shade Swatches

JS No Tea Arm

JS No Tea No Shade Lip Label

JS No Tea No Shade Collage

JS Celebrity Skin Title

Celebrity Skin is a Matte Red Brown Nude Shade

Celebrity  Skin Swatches

JS Celebrity Skin Arn

JS Celebriy Skin Lip Label

JS Celebrity Skin Collage

JS Posh Spice Title

Posh Spice is a Matte Light Chocolate Brown Shade

Posh Spice Swatches

JS Posh Spice Arm 1

JS Posh Spice Lip Label

JS Posh Spice Collage

JS Gemini Title

Gemini is a Matte Red Brown Shade

Gemini Swatches

JS Gemini Arm

JS Gemini Lip Label

JS Gemini Collage

JS Leo Title

Leo is a Matte Red Brown Shade

Leo Swatches

JS Leo Arm 1

JS Leo Lip Label

JS Leo Collage

JS Family JEWELS Title

Family Jewels is a Matte Red Brown Shade

Family Jewels Swatches

JS Family Jewels Arm

JS Family Jewels Lip Label

JS Family Jewels Collage

JS Domanatrix Tite

Domanatrix is a Matte Deep Chocolate Brown Shade

Domanatrix Swatches

JS Domanatrix Arm 1

JS Domanatrix Lip Label

JS Domanatrix COLLAGE

JS Unicorn Blood Title a

Unicorn Blood is a Matte Deep Red Shade

Unicorn Blood Swatches

JS Unicorn Blood Arm

JS Unicorn Blood Lip Label

JS Unicorn Blood Collage

JS Breakfast at Tiffanies Title

Breakfast at Tiffanies is a Pastel Light Mint Green Shade

Breakfast at Tiffanies Swatches

JS Breakfast at Tiffanies Arm

JS Breakfast at Tiffanies Lip Label

JS Breakfast at Tiffanies Collage

JS Venus Flytrap Title

Venus Flytrap is a Matte Bright Pastel Green Shade

Venus Flytrap Swatches

JS Venus Flytrap Arm

JS Venus Flytrap Lip Label

JS Venus Flytrap Collage

JS Crocodile Tears Title

Crocodile Tears is a Matte Deep Green Shade

Crocodile Tears Swatches

JS Crocodile Tears Arm

JS Crocodile Tears Lip Label

JS Crocodile Tears Collage

JS Queen Bee Title

Queen Bee is a Matte Bright Yellow Shade

Queen Bee Swatches

JS Queen B Arm 1

JS Queen Bee Lip Label

JS Queen Bee Collage

JS Swatch Comp Title

JS Velour LL Swatch Comp new 1

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick Arm Swatch 2

JS Velour LL Swatch Comp new 3


JS Velour LL Swatch Comp new 2


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