Live Glam Kiss Me November 2017 Liquid Lipstick’s- Bae, Soulmate and Girlfriend Review + Swatches

Live Glam Kiss Me November 2017 Liquid Lipstick Description + Product Info

This month the Live Glam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick Subscription Service came with THREE ALL matte liquid lipstick's - Bae, Soulmate and Girlfriend. Each liquid lipstick comes with 2.8 ml (0.09 ounces) of product and is made in the USA. 

For more in-depth information on the Kiss Me Service, read my first blog post on them where I explain the service in detail (I will link this at the end too) - My Live Glam Kiss Me July 2017 Post Link

I am now going to describe & swatch each shade on the lips and arm, and then I will show you swatch comparisons!!


Bae is a Matte Peachy Red Shade. It has a thick, liquid consistency and applies easily to the lips with no resistance or tugging. It doesn't look patchy or streaky, and is extremely easy to work with. I did find that this shade dried down a bit slower than the next shade (Soulmate), but slightly quicker and more fully than the last shade (Girlfriend). 

At first, I expected Bae to be more orange based on my skin, but it ended up being a bit more red-toned than I thought. For this reason, this shade is my least favourite. I tend to gravitate more towards orange peachy nudes and it's rare that I LOVE a red-based nude. In saying this, Bae is a nice shade that performs well and I expect people who love red nudes to love this!

Bae Swatches

Live Glam Bae Arm Swatch

Live Glam Bae Lip Swatch

Bae Ranking/Rating Table



Soulmate is a Matte Muted Pink Shade. It has a thick, liquid consistency and glides onto the lips extremely easily. It isn't patchy, doesn't go streaky and it is fully opaque and pigmented. I found that Soulmate dried down quicker and was more transfer proof and matte than the other two shades, which seemed to dry down way slower and transferred a bit. For this reason, it did feel a little less comfortable than the other two, but was less messy and looked better on the lips. 

I absolutely LOVE this shade and it is my favourite one this month. I LOVE LOVE LOVE soft, pink nudes like this, and Soulmate is a perfect mix between a nice baby pink shade and a muted, mauve pink shade.

Soulmate Swatches

Live Glam Soulmate Arm Swatch

Live Glam Soulmate Lip Swatch

Soulmate Ranking/Rating Table



Girlfriend is a Matte Raspberry Pink Red Shade. It has a thick, liquid consistency and like the other two, is extremely easy to apply and doesn't look patchy or streaky. It is fully opaque and pigmented, and flatters the lips. I found that this shade was the one that dried down the least, and transferred the most. As you can imagine, because it is a fairly deep shade, this can end up quite messy quite quickly. I am not sure that I would be confident wearing this anywhere that I couldn't keep checking my lips in the mirror because it could turn into a horror story pretty quickly.

Despite this, I absolutely LOVE the colour of Girlfriend. It is a beautiful mix between a bold pink red shade, and a soft raspberry shade. 


Girlfriend Swathes

Live Glam Girlfriend Arm Swatch

Live Glam Girlfriend Lip Swatch

Girlfriend Ranking/Rating Table


Kiss Me November 2017 Swatch Comparisons + Galleries

Live Glam November 2017 Liquid Lipstick Swatches- Bae, Girlfriend & Soulmate

Live Glam November 2017 Liquid Lipstick Swatches- Bae, Girlfriend & Soulmate

Live Glam November 2017 Liquid Lipstick Swatches- Bae, Girlfriend & Soulmate

Kiss Me November 2017 Liquid Lipstick Swatch Gallery

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My Overall Thoughts on the November2017 Kiss Me Liquid Lipsticks

I did like the shades this month, but I found that I like Soulmate and Girlfriend more than Bae. 

Bae is a Peachy Red Matte Shade, Soulmate is a Muted Pink Matte Shade and Girlfriend is a Raspberry Pink Matte Shade. All of the shades perform and work the same way- they have a thick, liquid consistency, work well with the doe-foot applicator and don't apply streaky. The only thing that distinguishes Bae from the other two in my opinion is the actual color of it. I was expecting it to be more of an orange nude, and not so much of a red nude, which I tend to dislike. Soulmate and Girlfriend are right up my alley and are shades I really gravitate towards a lot, but as I said, I don't like Bae that much. In saying this, it's certainly not a horrible shade, and it just comes down to preference. 

Overall, I am happy with the subscription service for November, and I am going to stay signed up to it! 

What do you think of the Live Glam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick's for the month of November 2017? What is your favourite shade? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!

Where to Buy Live Glam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick's??

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