ABH Prism Palette Eyeshadow Look/Tutorial 1- Smokey Galaxy Eyes

ABH Prism Palette Look 1- Smokey Galaxy Eyes

Today I am going to be showing you and running through a step-by-step on this look I created using the ABH Prism palette!!!

Products Used....

ABH Prism Eyeshadow Palette

Napoleon Perdis Matte Eye Ink Liner

Benefit They're Real Priming Mascara

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Benefit Rollerlash Mascara

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Gravity

Hourglass Surreal Lights Ambient Palette

Ella Bache SPF 50 Foundation in Medium Beige

KVD Lock It Concealer Creme

KVD Lock It Foundation

Nars Radient Creamy Concealer

MAC 217 Fluffy Blending Brush

Spectrum B04 Fluffy Angled Brush

Spectrum A18 Precision Crease Brush

Morphe M502 Fluffy Blending Brush

Spectrum A18 Oval Concealer Brush

Spectrum B03 Buffing Concealer Brush


STEP 1- Eye Prep

To start of the look, I prepped the eye area. This part can be broken down into three main steps....

STEP 1- Applying Concealer or Eye Primer

First I applied the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade () all over the lid using the doe-foot applicator it comes with. The doe-foot applicator the Nars Concealer comes with is perfect and the fact that the consistency of it is very light and creamy (and not liquid and very wet), makes it perfect for prepping the eye area. If the doe-foot applicator wasn't as narrow and stiff as it is, and if the consistency was more liquid than cream, I would of applied the concealer using a flat synthetic brush to avoid mess, but that's unnecessary with this concealer which is why I love using it. 


STEP 2- Blending Out Concealer or Eye Primer

Next I started blending the concealer out using a Spectrum B03 Buffing Concealer Brush. I blended it out on the lid and made sure that I started to blend it up towards the crease and brow bone area so that them area's would get prepped too. I absolutely love the Spectrum B03 Brush for this because the bristles make it easy to blend everything out without making a mess. It also takes less time. If you were to use as smaller brush, you would risk getting concealer everywhere and this may not be a problem for people who do the brows after eyeshadow, but I do the brows before I even prep the eye area (straight after foundation). Using a smaller brush would also take significantly longer to blend out, which can be annoying and is why I have bought multiple Spectrum B03 Brushes because nothing beats them for blending out concealer on the lid and eye area (in my opinion). 


STEP 3- Setting the Area with Powder

After blending out the concealer, I applied a layer of matte powder in my skin tone over the top. You can use any matte powder for this, but I used a powder from my Hourglass Surreal Lights Ambient Palette that was released last year. Adding powder over the top will take away any tackiness that is left over from blending out the concealer. You want the area to be matte so that when you go to apply shades in the crease, you don't get tugging on the brush from any stickiness. You can use any type of powder brush to do this step. 


STEP 2- Crease Work (Lure)

To start in the crease, I applied the shade Lure, which is a muted brown shade that has slight purple tones - into the crease using a fluffy blending brush (specifically, the Morphe M502 brush). I started off with little product on the brush and kept going back in using back and forward swiping motions to build it up to the intensity I wanted.

STEP 3- Crease Work (Parallel)

After applying Lure , I moved on to applying Parallel (shade 9), which is a matte brown colour, , into the crease. This step can be broken down into 4 main parts....

STEP 1- Applying Parallel using Angled Blending Brush

To deepen the crease, I started to add Parallel over the top of Lure. For this part, I used a Spectrum B04 Fluffy Angled Blending Brush.

STEP 2- Building up Parallel using Angled Blender & Connecting Outer V

Using the same Angled Blending Brush, I continued to build up Parallel in the crease and started to connect the Outer part of the Crease to the end of the lid (aka, the 'Outer V' area). 

STEP 3- Blending Parallel out using Fluffy Blending Brush

After building up the intensity with the Angled Brush , I went in with a clean Fluffy Blending Brush to blend things out more. Obviously, as I applied and kept going back and fourth with the Angled Blender in the step above,  it blended the eyeshadow to some degree but I felt like I wanted it to be a bit more blended which is why I went in with a Fluffy Crease Brush. Any fluffy blending brush will do for this step, but I used a MAC  217 Blending Brush. 

STEP 4- Applying& Building Parallel again with Angled Blender + Blend Under the Eye

After blending everything out with the Fluffy Blending Brush, I noticed that it blended it a little TOO much, which frequently happens but is good because it has blended the eyeshadow. It just needed a bit of a top up to define things, so I went in with the Spectrum Angled Blending Brush. As I was applying it and blending it into the crease and Outer V, I started to run the brush underneath the eyes and on the lash line to create a smokey effect. 

STEP 4- Applying Sticky Base on Lid

After I finished in the crease for now, I applied the Too Faced Glitter Glue on the lid to act as a base for the colour I put on over it. Doing this makes the pigment stick to the lid better and come up brighter. I applied the Glitter Glue with a small synthetic Spectrum A18 Brush.


STEP 5- Applying Dimension to the Lid

After applying the glue, it's time to move onto the lid!! This step can be divided into three parts....

STEP 1- Applying Dimension to Lid with Bigger Synthetic Shader Brush

First I applied Dimension (shade 8) over the top of the Too Faced glitter glue on the lid. I used a large synthetic/concealer brush and sprayed it with a bit of spray fix plus after coating the brush. I used patting and swiping motions to disperse it all over the lid. With this brush, I focused mainly on the centre and inner part of the lid.

STEP 2- Applying Dimension to lid with Smaller Synthetic Shader Brush

After applying Dimension on the lid with a larger synthetic brush, I went in with a smaller synthetic brush to fill in any gaps I missed that the larger brush couldn't get to. Again, I sprayed the brush with spray fix plus after coating it with product. 

STEP 3- Applying Parallel + Obsidisan into Outer V Area with Angled Blender

After applying Dimension to the lid, I went back to using the Angled Blending Brush and applied Parallel with a little bit of Obsidian to the outer V area. I also blended back up into the crease to make everything come together. 

STEP 7- Finishing Touches

After I had finished with the lid, I moved onto the finishes touches which can be broken down into 4 parts....

STEP 1- Applying Black Liquid Liner

I applied black, matte liquid liner to my lash line


I used 3 types of mascara's including....

STEP 2- Applying Benefit They're Real Lash Priming Mascara

I applied the Benefit They're Real Mascara Primer to the lashes

STEP 3- Applying Benefit Roller lash Mascara

I added the Benefit Roller Lash mascara over the top of the primer

STEP 4- Applying Benefit They're Real Mascara

Lastly, I applied the Benefit They're Real Mascara over the top of the Rollerlash mascara


Simplified Step By Step.....

In-Deoth Step By Step.....

Final Look Photo Gallery


What do you think of this look?? Have you tried the ABH Prism Palette?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!

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