Jeffree Star Platinum Ice Highlighting Palette Product Info, Description, First Impression + Arm Swatches

Jeffree Star Platinum Ice Highlighting Palette Description, Product Info

The Jeffree Star Platinum Ice Pro Highlighting Palette contains 6 shimmery powder highlighters- 2 of which are original shades (Ice Cold + Lavender Snow) and 4 that are brand NEW shades. Each shade contains 7.0 grams (0.24 ounces) of product, giving the palette a total of 42 grams (1.44 ounces) of product. The highlighters have a shelf life of 12 months and are made in the USA. 

The formula has an extremely light and powdery consistency that has hardly any fall-out or kick up... Straight away, I can tell that I won't be getting my full, in-depth review out very quickly because it has already been a hassle to get some of the shades I have tried so far to come up on the face (for reference, so far I have used Pink Chill & Canary Bling) ..

This is a common with highlighting palettes in some cases but more-so with this palette. I always find that I have to look at my face under various different conditions/lights to actually see how a highlighter is showing up because different lighting and mirrors will tell you different things which can be so confusing. This is due to their reflective properties but it can make it hard to accurately see how a product looks. Again, I really do have to play with this palette WAYYYY more until I can say if I like it or not, and most of the time my first impressions change as I dig into the product!


$53.09 AUD , $40.00 USD , $51.26 CAD . $29.91 GBP , $33.92 EURO

Now let's move onto the arm swatches babes!!!

Shade 1- Ice Cold

Ice Cold is a Shimmery White Pearl Shade

Ice Cold Swatches

Shade 2- Glacier

Glacier is a Shimmery Frosty Blue Shade

Glacier Swatches

Shade 3- Lavender Snow

Lavender Snow is a Shimmery Lilac Griege Shade

Lavender Snow Swatches



Shade 4- Alien Ice

Alien Ice is a Shimmery Frosty Green Yellow Shade

Alien Ice Swatches

Shade 5-Pink Chill

Pink Chill is a Shimmery Frosty Pink Purple Shade

Pink Chill Swatches

Shade 6- Canary Bling

Canary Bling is a Shimmery Frosty Yellow Shade

Canary Bling Swatches

Platinum Ice Palette Swatch Comparisons

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