Jeffree Star Holiday Collection 2017 Velour Liquid Lipsticks- Medusa, Mermaid Blood, Christmas Cookie, Poinsettia, Berries on Ice, Santa Baby, Human Nature + First Class Review + Swatches

Jeffree Star Holiday 2017 Velour Liquid Lipstick Description + Product Info

Jeffree Star recently released 8 NEW Velour Liquid Lipstick shades as part of the Holiday 2017 collection. The lipsticks contain 5.5 ml (0.19 fluid ounces) of product (the same as the permanent shades do), have a shelf life of 12 months and is made in the USA.

The packaging is, as always, exclusive to the collection and this year it is glittery, pink and absolutely stunning. The glitter is of-course built into the plastic tube and doesn't feel rough. It is so frosty and pretty and reminds me of snow!



8 x Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Christmas Cookie

Christmas Cookie is a Matte Pale Red Nude Shade. It has a thick, liquid consistency and a fully Matte finish. I found that this shade applied and performed the same way as the permanent Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick nude shades do. It is easy to apply, isn't streaky or patchy and takes virtually no effort  or finessing to apply evenly and fully opaque. 

In terms of the colour of Christmas Cookie, I am kind-of underwhelmed simply because  I have tried almost every single Jeffree Star nude liquid lipstick, and a million by other brands, so to me it's nothing special but it is certainly a beautiful shade. 

Christmas Cookie Swatches

Human Nature

Human Nature is a Deep Red Brown Red Shade that has a thick consistency and a fully Matte Finish. This shade applied perfectly, was extremely easy to work with and wasn't streaky or patchy. It has a fully opaque colour pay-off and is one of those shades that make your lips looks so plump because it really sinks right into the lines in the lips. 

I absolutly love this shade, it reminds me of some of my favourite JS shades - Androgyny and Celebrity Skin- but it's also extremely different to them, and it's just a beautiful shade!

Human Nature Swatches



Medusa is a Matte Blackened Grey/Purple Shade. It has a thick, liquid consistency and a Matte finish. I did find that this shade was pretty streaky upon first application but when I started rubbing it in, it got way better. I did notice that it came up WAY more streaky in the arm swatch, and even though it was patchy to work with the end result is good. 

I absolutely love deep shades like this and I will be wearing this a bit I can tell!!!

Medusa Swatches

Mermaid Blood

Mermaid Blood is a Matte Deep Blue Teal Shade. It has a matte finish and a thick, liquid consistency. The colour of this shade is absolutely stunning, and while I can't exactly call it unique (I found a nearly exact dupe in Sugar Pill liquid lipstick in U4EA, picture below), it is such a beautiful shade and it has more green and blue tones than U4EA, which has less blue tones. 

This shade is extremely easy to apply and isn't streaky, patchy or transparent. Some of the darker shades in this collection, and the darker shades in the JS permanent range, are quite streaky, some more than others. You just really have to work them in. I was surprised that Mermaid Blood had next to NO streakiness and applied better than I expected. It has a fully opaque finish and I love it!


Mermaid Blood Swatches

Mermaid Blood VS Sugar Pill U4EA


First Class

First Class is a Metallic Bright TRUE GOLD shade. It has a Metallic finish and a thin, creamy consistency. This shade is one of a kind and I can't get over how bright it is.

I will say, First Class was slightly streaky and not fully opaque on first application, and even though it did come up bright I found that I had to apply an extra layer to get it poppin'! When I added the extra layer it went fully opaque and just looked more filled in (pics below).This shade is crazy as a liquid lipstick on me, but I am deffo going to be playing with it on the eyes and as lip art!!


First Class Swatches

One Layer...

Two Layers...

Berries on Ice

Berries on Ice is a Matte Deep Raspberry Pink Shade. It has a Matte Finish and a thick consistency. As you can see in the swatch below, this shade is quite streaky.

When you first apply it, quite like Medusa, it is noticeably patchy and you have to work it into your lips, but once you put in the work and blend it in, it sets to such a bold, deep raspberry colour and I am here for it!

Santa Baby

Santa Baby is a Deep Raspberry Shade that is similar to Berries on Ice but has warmer pink tones in it. Just like the former, it applies quite streaky and does take a bit of work to get it fully opaque, but once it sets and dries, its worth it.

I absolutely love this shade!!

Santa Baby Swatches



Poinsettia is a Frosty Bright Red Shade that has a Metallic finish and a light, creamy consistency. This shade was extremely easy to work with and just blended right onto the lips with no trouble. It wasn't sheer, patchy or transparent and was fully opaque. 

This shade performed way better than the other metallic in the collection - First Class- and it didn't take anywhere near as much effort to get fully pigmented, and I didn't need a second layer like I did with First Class. 

Poinsettia Swatches

Holiday 2017 Velour LL Swatch Comparisons

My Overall Thoughts on the Holiday 2017 Liquid Lipsticks??

Although some of the shades are a tiny bit harder than normal to apply and a bit streaky, I am LOVING the colour theme of this year's collection. I really love dark shades because they make my eyes pop, and there are so many deep, beautiful shades in the collection that I will get so much use out of.

 My favourite shades are Berries on Ice and Santa Baby because they are such beautiful, deep raspberry shades. I also LOVE Mermaid Blood and Medusa. 

All in all, I absolutely love every single shade in the Holiday 2017 collection, as always done well!!

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