KKW Ultra Light Beam Powder in Iridescent Over Liquid Lipsticks

Heyyyyy Beautiessss

Today I am going to be showing you the KKW Iridescent powder over liquid lipsticks. In my last post, I let you know my first impressions on the product, and did all of the swatches, but I said I need to play around more until I give you my full review. This post still isn’t the full review, and I’m trying to play with it on my face and cheeks (the powder), because I mentioned, it has more pigment than glitter and is hard to show up. It shows up beautifully over lip products though, so I thought I would show you.

Iridescent Powder Swatches + Over Iridescent Gloss

KKW Iridescent Arm swatch 1

KKW Iridescent Powder Lip Label

Iridescent Over Diamond (JS)

KKW Iridescent over Diamond Lip Label1

Iridescent Over Diva (JS)

KKW Iridescent Over Diva Lip Label


Iridescent Over U4EA (Sugar Pill)

Iridescent over U4EA Lip Label

Iridescent Over Nathan (JS)

KKW Iridescent over Nathan Lip Label NO

Swatch Comparisons

kkw iridescent over lip swatch c 1

What do you think of the KKW Powder in Iridescent over Liquid Lipsticks?? Let me know in the comments below babes!! Here is a link to my first post on the product…

KKW Ultra Light Beams & Gloss First Impression, Description + Swatches in Iridescent and Bronze