ColourPop Element of Surprise Eyeshadow Palette Description, First Impressions + Arm Swatches

ColourPop Element of Surprise Eyeshadow Palette Description, Product Info + First Impressions

The ColourPop Element of Surprise Palette is an eyeshadow palette that contains 12 pressed powder eyeshadows in matte, metallic and duochrome finishes. Each shadow contains 1.05 grams (0.037 ounces), giving the palette a total of 12.60 grams (0.44 ounces) of product. The palette is made in the USA and has a shelf life of 12 months.

The formula of the eyeshadows is just like the formula in their other eyeshadows and individual pressed shadows, which is really good. The mattes are extremely pigmented, easy to work with and blend extremely well. I really love ColourPop's matte eyeshadow formula, they have certainly aced it in terms of quality . The metallics/shimmers are also very pigmented and easy to work with. They deliver a high colour payoff, and are extremely good. I do have to play with this more and do some looks, which I will write another post about when I finish, but so far I love this palette!

The palette costs $20.37 AUD - $16.00 USD- and can be purchased from ColourPop Cosmetics Online.

I am going to be doing a full review post with looks using this palette soon, so stay tuned!! Here are the arm swatches

Row 1 in Palette

Shade 1- Feels

Feels is a Metallic Soft Opalscent Pink Shade

Shade 2- Late Night

Late Night is a Metallic Copper Shade with Gold Duochrome Reflects

Shade 3- Silk Sheet

Silk Sheet is a Matte Purple Fuchsia Shade

Shade 4- Rayon

Rayon is a Metallic Dark Coral Shade with Blue-Green Duochrome Reflects

Row 2 in Palette

Shade 5- Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow is a Matte True Peach Shade

Shade 6- Subdue

Subdue is a Metallic Lavender Shade with Blue-Green Duo-Chrome Reflects

Shade 7- Opulent

Opulent is a Metallic Bright Hot Pink Shade

Shade 8- Labyrinth

Labyrinth is a Matte Dusty Pink Shade

Row 3 in Palette

Shade 9- Blank Canvas

Black Canvas is a Matte Deep Maroon Shade

Shade 10- Sea Stars

Sea Stars is a Matte Medium Yellow Brown Shade

Shade 11- Details

Details is a Matte Smokey Burgundy Shade with Hot Pink Glitter

Shade 12- Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind is a Metallic Bright Burgundy Shade

Element of Surprise Palette Swatch Comparisons