Tarte Shape Tape (Matte) Foundation Review

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Tarte Cosmetics have a foundation called the Shape Tape Foundation and today I am going to be talking about it!!

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General Product Information/Details

The Tarte Shape Tape Foundation is a Matte Liquid Foundation that contains 30 mL (0.101 ounces) of product.  It has a shelf life of 6 month and is made in Canada. Each shade costs $54.00 AUD – $39.05 USD and can be purchased from Tarte Cosmetics Online.

Tarte shape tape foundation pp1

Available Shades/Shade Range

There are 21 shades in the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation range.

The shade range for this foundation is pretty bad and when it was first announced, did stir up major backlash online for the lack of deep shades, which is true. As you can see below, there is only a couple really deep shades, and a lot of medium-light shades. Tarte mentioned that they are working on deeper shades, so let’s hope they do!

tate stf

Swatches in Light Neutral + Light-Medium Honey

tarte st foun swaych 1

Consistency/Coverage/Best Applied With

The Consistency of the foundation is creamy and liquid. It is more on the liquid side than creamy side, but I can still feel some creaminess to it.

The Coverage is pretty much full. If you apply small amounts, it could be described as medium, but once you add a fair bit of product, the coverage is so good. and deffo high.


tarte ss ap1as

The Tarte Shape Tape Foundation comes with a doe-foot applicator, just like the Shape Tape concealer but it is a bit bigger. This applicator may not be everyone’s favourite, but I absolutely it. It is extremely handy and very convenient. I have been using this foundation to do touch-ups when I’m doing lip swatches and it makes it so much easier.

All in all, i LOVE the applicator in the Shape Tape Foundation.

tarte ss ap1

Tarte shape tape foundation pp1

Longevity/Lasting Power/Wear Test

To test the lasting power and wear of the foundation, I checked my face in the mirror 4 times in 2 hour intervals and described what I thought, equaling 8-hours of total wear.

Wear Test with Time Intervals

Tarte shape tape foundation pp2s

Time Applied- 7.38 AM

Thoughts on Application-The foundation glides onto the skin precisely using the applicator. It blended into the skin perfectly using a Flat Kabuki Brush and it blended out to such a full, even finish

First Check In  9.38 AM

After two hours, the foundation was still fully on and still gave full coverage. It hadn’t settled and looked really good ,  just like when I first applied.

Second Check In- 11.38 AM

After four hours, the foundation looked the same as before. It still  had high coverage and was sitting on the skin perfectly .There was no settling or creasing and none had warn off

Third Check In- 1.38 PM

After six hours, the product still had coverage, and had barely come off. However, I could see oxidation and breaking up of the product, which caused a bit of creasing and settling. This creasing is not bad at all, but is slightly noticeable.

Fourth Check In 3.38 PM

After eight hours, the foundation has settled and oxidised slightly more. It still looks extremely well though. The coverage is still high, and it has worn through the day perfectly.

Tarte shape tape foundation pp3

Lasting Power/Wear Conclusion

The Tarte Shape Tape Foundation is extremely good.  All day (eight hours) it stayed on perfectly, only oxidising and slightly after 6 hours. It stayed fully high coverage, and hardly moved on the face. All in all, I think the Shape Tape Foundation has good lasting and wear power.

Tarte shape tape foundation pp3

Chemical (Formula Analysis)

Cyclopentasiloxane, water/aqua/eau, methyl methacrylate/glycol dimethacrylate crosspolymer, isododecane, butylene glycol, acrylates/dimethicone copolymer, PEG/PPG-18/18 dimethicone, phenyl trimethicone, magnesium sulfate, PEG-10 dimethicone, 1,2-hexanediol, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, disteardimonium hectorite, isopropyl titanium triisostearate, kaolin, phenoxyethanol, propylene carbonate, tocopherol, triethoxysilylethyl polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), iron oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499).

The Tarte Shape Tape Foundation formula contains 21 ingredients– 4 of these are pigment ingredients and the rest are base ingredients. According to the Ingredient Safety Breakdown (EWG Health Ratings), 96% of the ingredients are ranked as low risk, and 4% of the ingredients are ranked as a moderate risk. The product contains NO high risk ingredients. Additionally, the formula is paraben, sulfate and alcohol free.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 aat 9.47.49 pm

Tarte shape tape foundation pp1aacd

The formula isn’t packed full with extremely beneficial ingredients like we see in skincare. There isn’t much to talk about seeing as the other ingredients serve a specific function in the makeup of the foundation with little to no benefit to the actual skin.

Tarte shape tape foundation pp1aacd

One of the really good ingredients in the formula is Tocopheryl, or Vitamin E.  Tocopheryl is an antioxidant that does many things, including protecting the skin from free radicals in the air and acting as an anti-aging and moisturising agent, among more. Titanium Dioxide is the other beneficial ingredients in the formula, and it protects the skin from the sun and UV rays.

The Preservatives used is Phenoxyethanol, which is a good preservative for brands to use to avoid using parabens. Phenoxyethanol has some risks, but not as much as parbens do.

All in all, the Tarte Shape Tape has a good formula, and doesn’t contain any dangerous, harsh ingredients. The beneficial ingredients in the formula include Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Titanium Dioxide. There are no extremely toxic ingredients, and the formula is good. Specifically, it contains 96% high quality ingredients. ad ZERO toxic ones.

Tarte shape tape foundation pp2

Marketing Analysis

Is this product marketed accurately?

To assess if marketing is accurate, I looked up what claims Tarte uses to sell the foundation and then made up questions that I set out to answer to test the accuracy.

Tarte describes the foundation by saying…

“Kiss the pretty filter goodbye thanks to this vegan & oil-free foundation that feels weightless on skin while providing a full-coverage airbrushed matte finish inspired by our iconic shape tape concealer”

  • Flawless full coverage with airbrushed matte finish
  • Absorbs oil & shine
  • Helps refine pores
  • Won’t flake or cake
  • Vitamin E helps nourish

Questions I Have After Reading Marketing

Tarte shape tape foundation pp2s

Does the foundation feel weightless on the skin??

Hmmmmmmm, no. All foundation’s sit on the skin and you can feel it, unless your wearing an extremely light formula. The consistency of the foundation is pretty thick, and you do feel it when it’s on the skin, especially when you are buffing the product into the skin with a sponge or flat topped foundation brush.

No, it’s not weightless on the skin in my opinion.

Does it provide an airbrushed, matte finish?

It does provide a matte finish but an airbrushed finish? hmm. …I don’t know how you could describe it as airbrushed. When you apply it, you are literally packing the foundation into the sikin. You can’t compare the packing motions used with foundation , to the spray-like airbrush. Also the formula is thick , and isn’t lightweight in the slightest.

Tarte shape tape foundation pp2s

The foundation doesn’t provide an airbrushed finish, but is matte.

Does the foundation absorb oil and shine?

The Shape Tape Foundation does absorb shine and light. The formula has an ingredient in it called Isododecane, that prevents water absorbing, into the skin, resulting in a dry finish. This ingredient is in all matte products around the world, and is the basis for the functioning of matte products.

Yes, the foundation is matte, and controls oil and shine, especially when you pack it into the skin.

Does it refine pores?

No product on earth is ever going to eliminate pores completely, and this foundation didn’t give me miracles and I didn’t expect it too. Whenever your packing foundation into the face you are refining the poses.

I did notice that my skin was even and my pores minimised. and it looked great, but don’t wish for a miracle.

Is it cakey or flakey?

Tarte shape tape foundation pp2s

I think with any foundation that is matte, you are going to get a a bit cakey. I like this finish , but I’m sure no everyone does. Tarte does have an alternative hydrating formula, so if you hate cakiness get that one. As for the flakey description, I think that’s inaccurate and I didn’t experience any flakiness at all.

Is Vitamin E in the formula? Does it nourish the skin?

Tocopherol (or Vitamin E), is in the formula and is actually one of the most beneficial one in it. Tocopherol has many, many benefits, including moisturising and hydrating the skin, preventing damage from UV rays, heals wounds and can act as an Anti Aging ingredient.

Yes, Vitamin E is in the formula and des nourish and hydrate the skin, as well as preventing sun damage and healing wounds.

Summary/Overall Thoughts

tarte ss ap1a

First of all, let’s talk about the applicator in the foundation. I love how convenient it is, and I would die without it when doing lip swathes. After I wipe off one shade, I dab a  bit of this on, buff it in, and then I can keep going. The applicator is also good for using all over the face, and it provides precise , even application. It makes touching up easier too. Not everyone will like the applicators, but I love them.

The foundation wears nicely on the skin, with only a tiny bit of oxidation and creasing through the day. It has a high lasting power and is one of those products you can wear all day.  The Shape Tape Foundation has an extremely good formula, with no toxic ingredients. It’s marketing claims are slightly over exaggerated, but that’s expected.

All in all, I like the Shape Tape Foundation and I would recommend giving it a try! Personally, I am going to keep using it, especially during lip swatches!!

What do you think of the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation?? Let me know in the comments below!!!

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Tarte shape tape foundation pp1aacd

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