Beauty News Mid January 2019- Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, ColourPop, KKW Beauty + More!

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This is part 1 to my January 2019 Beauty News + Announcement posts!! I will warn you, this is a big post because there is so many new products being released and so many products coming up. 

Note- the majority of the pictures are from Trendmood’s instagram, I just like to put them in a different format. Trendmood is basically the queen of beauty updates so that’s why most of my information comes from her. I do try to get images from the brands website when I can, which is usually when I am talking about new items that have been released. If you want updates in real time on Instagram, definitely check her out. I will link her instagram at the end, but it’s probably best to just search ‘trendmood‘ on instagram so you can follow without having to log in from the browser (like safari) that the link will take you to.

Now let’s get into it babes!!

Kylie Cosmetics Released New Products

Kylie has released new bronzers, highlighters and blushes. There are 6 bronzers, 6 highlighters and blushes. There are also 3 more traditional lipsticks and lip liners that have been added too the collection. 


 There are six new highlighters. Each highlighter costs $27.95 AUD – $20.00 USD


There are six bronzers, which are Kylie’s first bronzers being released. Each one costs $25.14 AUD – $18.00 USD


There are also six new blushes. Each one costs $25.14 AUD – $18.00 USD

3 x Matte Lipsticks + Lip Liners

The last new products Kylie has released are 3 matte traditional lipsticks and 3 lip liners. The Lipsticks cost $23.74 AUD – $17.00 USD and the Lip Liners cost $16.76 AUD – $12.00 USD. The three lipsticks can also be purchased in a bundle for $62.85 AUD – $45.00 USD and there is another bundle containing all Lipsticks and all Lip Lip Liners, which costs $104.75 AUD – $75.00 USD. 


AVAILABLE NOW on Kylie Cosmetics Online Site

Kylie Announces Valentine’s Day Collection

Kylie has sneak peaked her new upcoming Valentines Day collection. The picture is of an eyeshadow palette so we know there is going to be one (unless it’s a highlighting/blush or bronzer palette). She should show us the whole thing within the next couple of days! I will probably do a full post when she does show us all of the items. 

KKW Beauty

KKW Beauty is releasing a new red lipstick and lip liner, with special packaging. The lipstick and lip liner have a creamy formula and will cost $25.12 AUD – $18.00 USD, and the lip liner will cost $16.75 AUD – $12.00 USD.

Release Date

January 25thJanuary 26th AU- at 12 PST7 am SYD time – on KKW Online

Huda Beauty Announces First Collaboration

Huda Beauty is collaborating with Jacquelinef143, who is a Bollywood actress. The collaboration is going to include new exclusive pairs of fake eyelashes. I think there is going to be more lashes in the collection but Huda just hasn’t showed them yet. 

Release Date

29th January – 30th January AU- on Huda Beauty Online. I’m unsure of the time, Huda usually doesn’t announce it. 

Morphe Released New Complexion Products

Morphe Cosmetics have released 30 concealers and 60 foundations, which is crazy and so good, having a large shade range is always good. They have also released 15 pressed powders and a primer. 

Morphe Fluidity Foundation

Morphe markets this foundation as full coverage. It comes in 60 different shades and costs $37.69 AUD – $27.00 USD. 

Fluidity Concealer

Morphe markets this concealer as full coverage. It comes in 31 different shades and costs $19.55 AUD – $14.00 USD. 

Filter Effect Finishing Powder

Morphe also released 15 pressed powders. Each powder costs $25.14 AUD – $18.00 USD. 

Equalizer Foundation Primer

Finally, Morphe released a primer to apply before foundation. It costs $25.14 AUD – $18.00 USD

AVAILABLE NOW on Morphe Cosmetics Online

ColourPop Releases New Palette

ColourPop has released a new palette called It’s My Pleasure. It contains 9 eyeshadows in shimmery and matte finishes and has a purple theme. It costs $16.75 AUD – $1200 USD.

AVAILABLE NOW on ColourPop Cosmetics Online

ColourPop Announces New Product

ColourPop has announced that they are releasing MASCARAS! This is a whole new product for ColourPop as they haven’t released any in the past. There are 7 different colours – Red, Pink, Yellow, Teal Green, Deep Blue, Purple and of course, Black. 

Launch Date

24th January – 25th January AU – at 10 am PST – 5 am SYD Time – on ColourPop Cosmetics Online

OFRA Announces new product

OFRA Cosmetics is releasing a new lip product that they call Flexi Slick. It is a cream product but has the pigmentation of a liquid lipstick apparently. There will be 5 shades and they will retail for $26.54 AUD – $19.00 USD each.

These lip products are being sometime in February 

Lime Crime Releases New Product

Lime Crime has released a new eyeshadow palette called the VenusXL2 palette. The palette contains 18 shades in 4 different finishes- Matte, Matte Sparkle, Glow and Metallic. It costs $82.95 AUD – $58.00 USD and can be purchased from Lime Crime Online and Ulta. 

For the record, I live in Australia and think $82.95 for this palette is ridiculous  (I usually don’t give opinions in my posts but I just had to say this)

Too Faced Upcoming Collaboration

Too Faced is doing a collaboration with Erika Jane from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We haven’t seen any sneak peaks of what it is just yet, but I’m sure we will soon!

Viseart New Palette

Viseart is releasing a new eyeshadow palette. It has nine eyeshadows with 5 Mattes and 4 Metallics. 

Release Date

Sometime in February, no official date as of yet

Melt Cosmetics Launches New Collection 

Melt Cosmetics have released a new collection called the Blueprint Collection. It includes an eyeshadow stack, liquid lipsticks and a bundle. 

Eyeshadow Stack

The new Eyeshadow Stack contains 8 eyeshadows in matte, metallic and shimmery shades. It retails for $67.30 AUD – $48.00 USD.

Liquid Set Lipstick

There are three liquid lipsticks in the collection. Each lipstick costs $26.64 AUD – $18.98 USD. 


Fuse is a Neutral Peachy Beige shade


Earthing is a Neutral Grey Beige Shade


Circuit is a Deep Blue Shade

Blueprint Bundle

You can also purchase the whole collection in a bundle. The bundle contains all items and retails for $109.36 AUD – $78.00 USD

Armani Beauty Spring 2018 Collection Shown

Armani Beauty is releasing some new items including lipsticks, glosses and powders in beautiful new, pink packaging. 

Launch Date

Sometime in February 

Note- Pic’s from Sugakokondo Instragam

Sugakokondo Instragram Link

Beauty Bakerie Releases New Product

Beauty Bakerie have released a 6 Makeup Brushes, which are pink! These include….

Angled Liner Brush

Costs $11.23 AUD – $8.00 USD

Deluxe Powder Brush

Costs $19.65 AUD – $14.00 USD

Foundation Brush

Costs $16.84 AUD – $12.00 USD

Stippling Brush

Costs $16.84 AUD – $12.00 USD

Contour Brush

Costs $16.84 AUD – $12.00 USD

Concealer Brush

Costs $14.04 AUD – $10.00 USD

AVAILABLE NOW on Beauty Bakerie Online Site

Makeup Geek Releasing New Products

Makeup Geek is releasing nine new individual eyeshadows into their collection. They have so far shown 5 of the new shades and will reveal the other 4 soon. There is no official date as of yet but we should know soon

Pixi Beauty Releases New Products

Pixi Beauty have released HEAPS of new skincare items, which are now available on their website. These items include new serums, cleansers, tonic’s and lotion’s, etc.. All items can be purchased from Pixi Online, and I’m sure they will pop up at Pixi retailers soon. 

Zoeva Shows New Collection

Zoeva has announced that they are launching a new collection. The collection includes an eyeshadow palette that contains 10 shades, a highlighter and 3 eye crayon liners. 

Eyeshadow Palette


Eye Crayons

Launch Date

28th January – 29th January AU- on the Zoeva Online Site

Did you see anything you want and are considering buying? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!

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