Jouer Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches x 5

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Jouer Cosmetics have a range of liquid lipsticks and today I am going to review them, and then do swatches on my lips 

Jouer LL PP1a

Jouer Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Description/Review

The Jouer Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick’s come in multiple shades. They each contain 6 ml (0.21 fluid ounces) of product,  have a shelf life of 12 months and are made in the USA.

The formula is a light creamy, mousse type consistency. Every single shade I tried was fully opaque and not streaky. Like any matte liquid lipstick, it is drying and gets uncomfortable at the end of the day but it deffo isn’t the worst liquid lipstick formula I have tried.  The liquid lipstick’s have no smell to them (which I like) and are not irritating on the lips. They have a perfect drying time and don’t dry too fast or too slow.

All in all, I  like the Jouer Liquid Lipstick’s!. Are my favourite, no. Do I reach for them much, no, but overall I do like them.

The Lipstick’s cost $23.54 AUD ($18.00 USD) each and can be purchased from Jouer Cosmetics Online or at Cult Beauty

Now, let’s get onto the applicator quality and then the shades and swatches babes!!!!

Jouer LL PP3

Applicator Quality

The Applicator that comes in the Jouer Liquid Lipsticks is a nice medium sized doe-foot. The size of the applicator tip is good  but I  have a very slight issues. The handle of the wand is so short and square, and it makes it a tiny bit harder to apply. They do disperse  product evenly though and they are not streaky (the shades I tried anyway)


Shades + Swatches

I am going to swatch 5 5hades in the collection

Jouer LL PP2


Buff is a Matte Orange Nude Shade

Buff Swatches


Orchid is a Matte Baby Pink Shade

Orchid Swatches


Lychee is a Matte Pink Coral Shade

Lychee Swatches



Melon is a Matte Nude Pinky Shade

Melon Swatches


Cassis is a Matte Baby Pink Shade

Cassis Swatches


Fruit Le Passion

Fruit Le Passion is a Matte Bright Pink Shade

Fruit Le Passion Swatches


Snapdragon is a Metallic Purple Shade

Snapdragon Swatches


Swatch Comparisons

What do you think of the Jouer Liquid Lipsticks? Have you tried any of them? What is your favourite shade out of the ones I swatched? Let me know in the comments below babes

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