Beauty News, Announcments + Updates!


This is the page where I sort and categorise all of my content regarding new makeup releases and beauty news + announcements!



In the calender below, you will find information on upcoming beauty products and details about their launch date, etc. You can navigate through the calender by day, week, month and year (although I have just started the calender, so you won't find any entries past a year old just yet).

If you want to see full details about an entry in the calander, click on it and you will be taken to a page with the full details with more images, etc (as you hover over the events in the calender below, a pop up summary will come up), but if you want to view it on one page, just click it!!

Below the calender is a link to my page where I post all of the LATEST, NEWEST products that have just been released.

Under the link to my recent launch page is a list of all my beauty news full posts from newest to oldest

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