My Face/Skin Specifics, etc FAQ Page

On this page you will information, specifics and FAQ on my skin and face, etc!!


On the skin type spectrum (variables on the spectrum being normal , dry, sensitive, oily + combination), I sit right at normal and slightly at combination.

I would say that I lean more towards normal because my skin is not overly sensitive, it isn't overly dry and I am certainly not oily (at all). However, I do suffer from eczema at times, and when it flares up (which is rare because I do stay on top of it, but it does happen), I do experience dryness. This usually occurs if I accidentally wipe area's too many times with makeup wipes (like when I am swatching 10 eyeshadows on my eye in one day), or if I (god-forbid) leave any sort of makeup on my face overnight.

These dry patches clear up very easily for me with cream, but I do have to be conscious of harsh products and wiping my face too much. For this reason, my skin type may be described more as 'Combination', but most of the time it sit's in the normal range and I don't experience oiliness at all. 


I have fair-medium skin with neutral undertones. My undertones do run more towards cool than warm, but I do have a bit of warmness. I tend to be more cool in winter and more warm in summer, but nonetheless do run more towards cool than warm.

I do find that because my undertones are so neutral, I can work will multiple shades of foundation, and match up to each pretty good. This gives you an idea of how neutral I am - being in the middle of the spectrum means that I can match foundation's without much trouble.

Here are some pictures showing you my skin-type. I have also swatched my go-to shade of my favourite foundation to give you an idea. NOTE- I do fake-tan every single week, but don't tan my face. If you ever see arm swatches, please remember that I do wear fake-tan on my body.


I have a ROUND eye shape