Eye Product Page!!

Heyyyyyy Beautiessss

This is my eye product page where all of my eye posts (full review & swatch posts) are categorised and put together on one page, in one place!!!

I have created these pages so that viewers can navigate my site easier and find thing's that they want to find, quicker and with less fuss!! It is also good to see everything in one place and in a better format. You can navigate by reading all of my eye product posts from newest to oldest (scroll down), or you can categorise posts into 4 categories - Individual/Single/Pan Eyeshadows, Eyeshadow Palettes, Brow/Lash/Liner and Glitter. If you want to read all posts from newest to oldest, just scroll down!

Thanks for reading beauties and I hope you find what you need!! XOXOXOXOOXOXOX



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