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On this page you will find FAQ and information about my blog and general thing's like that!!! I will continuously update this page xo



However, in order to figure out what style I wanted to use, and because I like to be SUPER IN-DEPTH and INFORMATIVE, you could say my review's are more directed towards someone who really does want to get good value, good use and good variability from what they buy. People that don't have an unlimited makeup budget, and want to know what they are getting, and exactly what they can do with something before they buy it. 

I am a makeup collector and, of-course, blogger. I buy everything and things that I do not need. I have repeats of everything and a lot of makeup sits in my vanity, un-loved and un-used. However, I know that this isn't realistic (or very smart) for everyone, so I like to be very informative so that people who do not want to spend LOADS of money can pick what they will need most. This is why in my eyeshadow posts, I like to swatch each shade on the eye alone. 

I know that a lot of other people are collectors, and collectors will ALSO be able to get a good idea from my posts (swatches, review, photos, etc), if they want something. If you are a collector, and you are wondering why I include so much information, just know that I am doing it so that people can really determine if a product is worth buying!!


For eyeshadow palette posts, I always post a first impression/arm swatch post first, and then I post a full, in-depth, shade by shade review post with multiple looks AND swatches of each shade on the eyes after I have finished playing with it (this process takes time as I really use the palette a lot . before I'm ready to publish the full review).