On this page you will find FAQ and information on the equipment I use, as well as the methods and ways I do things, etc!!

Information regarding my set-up and variables/conditions

When doing my makeup/analysing products, I look in a small-sized desk magnification mirror with two sides. One side is magnified/zoomed extremely close in, and the other side has a normal view with no magnification. Once I have did everything in my mini mirror, I get up and look in my wardrobe mirror to see how it looks from there. The wardrobe mirror produces the far-away result, the mini mirror is tiny and therefore shows the face up-close. I also make sure I view my face in different lighting - one from a lamp with yellow lighting, one from a light with white lighting and then I turn them both off to look in natural lighting.

I do this process so that I can see exactly how the product is going/looking from all angles, to produce a thorough review. Please take into consideration that I may observe things that you may not due to all these different variables.


The MAIN camera that I use for almost everything - taking makeup photos (of the faces, eyes, eyeshadow looks, lip swatches + full looks, as well as product photos, etc) is my Cannon Powershot SX510 HS DSLR.

The SX510 model is sooooo old and out-dated and I got it YEARS AGO (it is currently not available as Cannon have updated their line millions of times since the SX510 was released). When people say DSLR camera's last forever they are not lying because my SX510 is still kicking on and working perfectly, so I have no need to upgrade yet. The only thing that is slightly annoying is it is hard to find accessories - for example, shutter release controls, etc. This is just because it is so old in the line, but other than that the camera still takes perfect shots.

I should also mention that the SX510 does not have interchangeable lenses, meaning the lens you get is the one you use and you can't change it. This is no problem for me because I take up-close shots and currently do not have any use for fancy lenses.


I have TWO tripods that I use frequently - the Slik S640 3-Way Tripod and the JOBY Flexible Tripod.

The Slik S640 3-Way Tripod is a video tripod that is also PERFECT for photos. I do use it for photos and not video's, but of-course, it works with both. I use this tripod a lot when I am taking full faced pictures, and up-close shots of my eye. It has a nice pan-and-lock swivel head, meaning I can lock it in positions that are perfect. This is REALLY handy when I am getting close up eye shots that I want to be a certain angle (for example, I can fix the tripod to be on a better angle for one eye, etc). I am going to do a full review/demo on this Tripod, so stay tuned for that. 

The other Tripod I use is the JOBY Flexible Tripod. As the name suggests, this tripod has flexible legs. I do find it to be a tiny bit little for my Cannon, but once I get it in a good position it's great. I also use this as a monopod because you can kind of twist the legs together into a straight line. This tripod is also perfect for eye shots and gives you extra stability (to stop hand shaking). 


I do use flash photography, but I also make use out of a few lighting systems, although they are not necessary..

I have a diva-ring light that is dimmable, and comes with clip on filters. I have to say. I was expecting diva lights to be way better. They have so much hype, and while I do love the light, it tends to be WAY to light, or WAY to yellow, even when I dim it it's so difficult to get a nice light. I HATE too much white light, it wrecks photos so much.

Flash is my jam. Lighting set-up is just a bonus.